Friday, 21 August 2009


This is PM with me, Eddie Smug, and in the news tonight, that Lockerbie shit, and the bomber al Megrahi getting a hero's welcome in Tripoli, even though Mr Millipede and President Obamalama both said it was naughty.

I am joined now by Kirsty Jock from the Lockerbie Cover-up Studies Department of Strathclyde University, Kirsty what would you want to know about this business, should there be a public enquiry? Well the first thing Eddie, that we'd want to know, is why all the important people were warned off the how is the weather there, in Glasgow? And could you say something a bit less controversial, like why a public enquiry won't work....and that this really is the end of the matter? Well Eddie, it does stink to high heav......Thanks to Kirsty Jock. there in Glasgow.

I'm joined now by Professor Hans Koechler who is an expert in all this shit; Professor, what's your thought on a public enquiry? Well the first thing is that the UK Government are all crooks, especially Millpede, the foreigh secretary doesn't understand the separation of powers and is quite happy to boss the courts around and withold evidence all at the behest of Cinton....But, professor......and they have no right to withold the Lockerbie evidence either, forensic evidence, sworn witness statements.....But professor....and a public enquiry should ask why all the prosecution witnesses were paid huge sums of money by the Americans after thay had testified the right way....and should ask why the Scottish judges so mistried this matter that they allowed a whole load of bollocks to be admitted in evidence, nonsense about clothing which could have come from anywhere and why the identifying witness had been shown a photo of Megrahi to help him make the identification....Yes, professor....and who were all the Americans, crawling all over the place, unidentified, looking for who knows what but since the British government is up to its arse in this cover up from the word Go, and since they simply do not or do not choose to understand the separation of powers there is no chance that we'll ever get to the bottom of this. Thanks, professor, that's what my employers wanted to hear.

On Broadcasting House this weekend, some gobby fuckpig will be showing-off and a load of wankers in the studio will be laughing themselves silly at his or her lame jokes. Do join them, it's your license money.

This has been PM, the voice of the government, sorry, the nation. Have your say on the PM blog, where we can moderate it in advance, so it's more like our say. The closing headlines are that President Obama is still jolly angry and American families are still angry that the man who killed their relatives has gone home and that even if he didn't kill anybody at all Justice demands that he be jailed for life and life should mean life. Justice, that's what it's all about, not guilt or innocence. On tonight's Any Planted Questions Simon Heffer of the Daily Telegraph

on why anyome accused of a crime should be hanged. I have been Eddie Smug. Rally round the flag Y'all.


caesars wife said...

nice one stanislav , did you catch Alex Salmond on today program ??

Milliband was similary piss poor "quasi judicial" I ask you .

call me ishmael said...

Can't handle today, I'm afraid, mr cw, it's just too early for all that shit, too sensitive a soul, but I can imagine it vividly. Pray for me.

caesars wife said...

It will pass into history , dont fret stanislav , prayers sent

lilith said...

Most disturbing to hear Eddie Smug referred to as "Edward" Smug in the trailers for Any Questions last week.

call me ishmael said...

I missed that, Lilith, but increasingly I just turn it off; like many, i suppose, I had a visceral loyalty to Radio Four, they just don't have any to me.