Friday, 7 August 2009


The Kelvin McKenzieites are out in force over this dreadful old tosser, Biggs and his gabshite son, Michael, surely a more useless, self-aggrandising fuckwit than Calum Best and that's saying something.

Friends of Jack Mills, as they term themselves, would have us, as a society, wring every millisecond of vengeance out of this waste of space, Biggs, would have him guarded around the clock by smug idle bastard screws, right up until death, as though the jails weren't already bursting, as though the screws had nothing else to do, as though the rest of us wanted to see this grim spectacle run its miserable course, as though any of that's going to bring Jack Mills, the Great Train Driver, back, or comfort his ghost, as though the denial of a week or two's clemency to this worthless wretch, makes the rest of us better citizens. Prats.

They should all take their tabloid morality and fuck off to Israel or Saudi fucking Arabia, punitive fundamentalist bastards; they do an eye for an eye there, don't they, let them go and join-in with a stoning, get their hatred off their chests.

To continue jailing a dying eighty year old is not the mark of civilised justice but an abhorrence, Biggs is of no account in this debate, it is we who would be lessened by his detention.


Anonymous said...

Another weary-old-head-shaking feature of this fiasco has been Jack Straw's efforts at gauging 'public opinion'. Reminds me of nothing so much as a particularly clumsy child's efforts to 'pin the tail on the donkey.'

Unfortunately for little Jackie, the country is so fucked-up that no-one can tell the head from the arse any more.

caesars wife said...

rock llyods , still on economic blood letting patient death trial , RBS not so hungray in 3 years tripartate failure leech should fall off into condo in bahamas , public will cheer as ruin celebrates , gods miracle , of turning work into debt at wedding in corporate bilderberger HQ .

jack straw helps nation thing bank robbery not so bad by letting real bank die in blighty and hopes people will not demand death penalty for ecnomic ruin polices

Dark Lochnagar said...

I agree, Ishmael. Funny thing in Britain, you can kill your Granny and you get 3 years but rob some money particularly from the state and you are banged up for years.

call me ishmael said...

The funny thing is, Mr caesar's wife, that I understand every word you write, how does that happen?

It is, as you say, Mr DL, the disparity as much as anything, which rankles, a working-class blagger gets thirty years and Fred Goodwin gets sixteen million pounds for larceny on a much grander scale; I wonder how many old folks, older than Jack Mills was, have had their lives ruined by spiv banker-knights; the whole legislature ransacks the public purse and, Oh Fuck me, the system which allowed them to do so must be changed,it was the system which was criminal, whilst they go unpunished; the warmongers smarm and slither trough oceans of blood and guts to pensions and peerages but the main thing is we must punish Ronnie Biggs unto death and probably. if Simon Billy Bunter Heffer had his way, post mortem, too, dig the bastard up, like Oliver Cromwell.

We are a nation of Ragged Trousered Philanthrapists, more ready to turn on and savage our own than to utter a word against our tormentors; but in its pursuit of an eighteenth-century status quo skymadeupneswandfilth behaves abominably.

I thought, Mr Edgar, that Straw's behaviour was so characteristically opportunistic as to not need mentioning, here, really, we've done him at length, only, unfortunately, not to death but yes, his public agonising over what was a straighforward ethical judgement does define the fiddling while Rome burns posturing of the whole shower of filth.

caesars wife said...

I can only impersonate which I hope will be not too harshly judged