Tuesday 29 June 2021

Evensong: Love Chronicles


Love Chronicles is the second studio album of Scottish folk artist Al Stewart, released in September 1969.
Love Chronicles was notable for the 18-minute title track, an anguished autobiographical tale of sexual encounters that was the first mainstream record release ever to include the word "fucking". It was voted "Folk Album of the Year" by the UK music magazine Melody Maker and features Jimmy Page and Richard Thompson (listed as Marvyn Prestwick) on guitar. Richard was there with three other members of Fairport Convention: bassist Ashley Hutchings, guitarist Simon Nicol (listed as "Simon Breckenridge") and  drummer Martin Lamble (as Martyn Francis) You'll have to wait until 16 minutes and 37 seconds in for that ground-breaking "fucking" - but it is a journey worth taking.

 16:37 "And where I thought that just plucking the fruits of the bed was enough, it grew to be less like fucking and more like making love."


ultrapox said...

so "jimmy page" is really an alter ego of jimmy hendrix, right?

mongoose said...

Hmm. Not to my taste that one, mrs i, but never mind, you're still batting about 8 out of 10.

I see that the traditional scandal one w/e before a vote has borne some fruit this time.

mrs ishmael said...

Thanks, mr mongoose - doing my best, here.
The Great Hancock Disaster seems to have allowed Labour a tiny majority - but there's something going on with the Muslim vote that defied expectations.