Saturday 19 June 2021

A Nightingale Didn't sing in Leicester Square

 Scotland has been busy celebrating their nil nil victory, ably egged on by a triumphalist BBC Radio Scotland.
Even I, a person on whom the finer, even grosser, detail of the beautiful game is entirely lost, watched quite a chunk of the match between my two countries, before boredom drove me to Gardener's World. Now, there's a soporific show for a Friday evening - live, or on iPlayer, it never disappoints - Monty mooing over the latest eco-sustainable gardening fad - No Plastic! No Peat! Don't cut your grass! and his team of presenters, all of whom viscerally hate Monty in the way that the crew of the United Star Ship Enterprise hate, loathe and detest Captain Jim Kirk; guaranteed to have one dropping off for a pleasant snooze before it is time to climb the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire.
I digress. Scottish fans had fun. So abysmal is their football performance that a draw is to them an astounding, unbelievable, utterly delightful victory. After roundly insulting their hosts in song and trashing Leicester Square, they've cleared off hame to Glasgae.

It's an instinct - make as much mess as possible to show your superiority. Harris does the same by peeing on the urine of other male dogs, as he patrols the mean streets of Kirkwall.
On Friday, Wee Sturgeon  told the Tartan Army to "follow the rules in London" to avoid spreading the covid virus. She told them to be Ambassadors for Scotland and respect their London hosts. She said: "I would abhor and condemn unreservedly any anti-English chants. Racism, xenophobia, anything like that is not to be tolerated."
Well, they paid you not a blind bit of notice - so what's your next move? Build a wall round fucken Glasgow? Or - here's a thought - stop whipping up anti-English sentiment. 



Bungalow Bill said...

The painted horde did rather well, drinking and puking and suchlike against the walls of Covid Prissiness. Bravo and encore the Barbarians.

It will be the proles with their intransigent rituals, as George noted, who defeat the eugenicist, human-hating Improvers.

mrs ishmael said...

It could be seen, mr bungalow bill, by conspiracy theorists, not that I am one, that the Tartan Army were unleashed to invade London as a biological weapon.
George Who? Or Who George? Intriguing quotation.