Tuesday 19 May 2020

Ground Control to Monty Donn

Ground Control to Monty Don
The testimonial silver's gone
The circumstance here's pretty thin
The sun comes out when I go in

On the way home from spinning class she pops into the deli for artisan gossip. He stays in the car, leafing through a high-end coffee bean catalogue. Their dream is to open up a roastery in the Kewsick Area
Get your hedge cut
Get your fuckin' hedge cut
Get your hedge cut
Get your fuckin' hedge cut
Stop meeting friends
And cut your hedge

Thank you to mr bungalow bill. Chapeau


Bungalow Bill said...

I am hopeless with modern popular music which is my loss, but this outfit was recommended and I’ve followed them for a while. I think Mr I may have liked them, if he didn’t know them. It’s not the musicIanship you go for, obviously. For What Is Chatteris, National Shite Day and Man of Constant Sorrow (With a Garage In Constant Use) are special but there’s lots more.

Anonymous said...

Trumpton Riot always made me smile, Mr BB.


mrs ishmael said...

I don't think mr ishmael knew their work - leastwise, he never played them to me. I loved the lyric, mr bb - just seemed so relevant to now - and to me - stop talking and get your hedge cut!

mongoose said...

I had heard of them but not heard their stuff, or not paid attention perhaps. It shows wit, doesn't it? And they're not on the edge of the preachy abyss. I shall have a listen to some more. Thanks, mr BB.