Tuesday 2 June 2015



 Well, said Chardonnay Singh, a survivor of the Alton Towers disaster,     Oi feel loike I bin on an emotional rollercoaster. knowharramean?  

To be honest you dunt expect this sorta thing, not when you'm bringing' the babbies on an obviously dangerous ride, loike what this one is, you expect 'em to be safe, even though it int.  Wotchamean, I 'ave been on a rollercoaster ride?  Is that what one a them is?  D'you know what,  I fawt  an emotional rollercoaster only 'appened to people on  the telly, loike, on Jeremy Kyle.  Can't believe it's happened to me.   



mongoose said...

Hate fucking roller-coasters too. I still haven't recovered from being the one 140cm+ adult in this family who therefore had to accompany all the urchins on all of their various rides. Horrible madness.

call me ishmael said...

I do still expect one of the survivors to say it was a real emotional rollercoaster. I hate the fucking things, too; customers must be stark, raving mad, fucking death cultists. Who weould do that shit? Unkess they were out of their fucking minds. I'd rather walk on the wings of a fucking aeroplane than ride one of those things.

Alphons said...

They are a bit like real life....full of ups and downs with no real benefit at the end of it all.