Friday 6 December 2013


  Just you keep on bombing those nigger children, Barry, my dear friend.
I will, Nelson, I certainly will, wherever they are, I'll rain hot shit down on their little nigger heads. 
Tonight, my gfellow motherfuckers, I feel the world's pain,  the world's loss.  Every innocent child I ever killed, every village I bombed;  every raghead niggerbastard I tortured, Nelson was my inspiration.

Christ almighty, things are tough, you turn on PBC 1 and it's Tony Blair, pontificating to his former biographer and personal arselicker, Jon Sopel,  about Nelson Mandela;

  Just you keep on bombing those nigger children, Tony, my dear friend.
I will, Nelson, I certainly will, until my dying day, if I can.  There's always plenty of wars to commission, for the right price.

As you know, Jon,  Nelson was a great personal friend and an inspiration to all of us in the war stroke torture business.  That'll be twenty-five thousand pounds, please.

PBC2 has former Cairngorms National Park snowshoes monitor and utter cunt, Danny Alexander, telling the fuckwits in the QT studio that they gotta work until they drop, it's the right thing for the country. Because of all the debt, you know,  the debt that's  that's really all your fault.  For voting Labour, all those years.  It was very naughty of you and you must all take your share of the blame. And it doesn't help to blame the bankers.

 For whom I wish to work, when I leave govament, which will be very soon, one way or another.  And anyway, I took a paycut when I came into govament.  Not a paycut, actually  I took a massive taxpayer-funded rise, but in a spirit of all-in-it-togetherness declined a couple of per cent of it,  which, luckily, I can retrieve through my exes.  And now, like most people in the snowshoes hospitality industry, I bump along on  about three grand a week. so I won't take any lectures on living in the real world.  I thought somebody'd run up to him and punch him in his fat, horse-shitting, ginger face

How on Earth can it be that someone like Alexander is in goverment, what happened, is this the vengeance  of Gordon Snot, his bloodied,  nail-bitten claws of Doom directing our affairs by default,  bequeathing us a poltroon like  Danny Boy; how bad do things have to be before someone like Alexander gets to work in the fucking Treasury and the entire nation doesn't die from laughing -  Darling, get me an ambulance, this comedian's on again, he'll kill me, he will, talkimg through his arse, like that,  he hasn't a fucking clue, has he, babbling away there.  

And   the greatest living human being is finally dead.  It's not often, only once, in fact, that I have agreed with the dreadful Whisky Maggie.  Nelson Mandela, like Gerry Adams and Marty Kneecaps,   was a terrorist and it's not  in Tony Blair's gift  or anyone else's gift to unterrorist any of them. Nelson Mandela might have been a terrorist in a good cause, but they all say that, don't they, people who plant bombs?  Apartheid  was a shit system.  But now that it's run by black bastards instead of white bastards does that make it OK? 

 Is it OK, now,  for black cops to shoot unarmed black miners, just because Mandela is out of jail?

 Was it OK for blacks, inspired by Mandela's former Mrs, to burn other blacks to death? 



It can't be wrong, because Mrs Mandela has never been sent to jail for inspiring the mass immolation of her opponents, or the beating  to death of her schoolboy soldier, Stompie; party animal, Nelson, has never condemned her,  he  won't now.

Tutu, Archbishop Gob

And why is it the right of this gobby little prick to forgive all these monsters, black, white and brown? Truth and Reconciliation, horseshit,  no business like showbusiness

And is it OK, in Nelson's Rainbow Paradise, for black cops to drag a black to his death, obscenely, handcuffed to the back of their truck?

Never mind, Nelson, fancy another glass of champagne with Naomi Campbell, some bent diamonds, perhaps, blood diamonds, they're called, dunno why, must be the colour.


 Bob Geldof and David and Victoria Beckham are coming to party with you  tomorrow. And President Spunky Bill,  they all dig you.
 People of South Africa, I feel your tits, I mean pain,
aw, shucks y'all know what  I mean, you black folks're cleverer than we give you credit for. Right, who's got the cocaine?

And where is the progress in the fact that Nelson's party, the ANC, is a bunch of thieving, murdering, anti-democratic  bastards, every bit as bad as the former ruling regime, South Africa, today, is a dangeroulsy violent shithole, corrupt from top-to-bottom

de Clerk, unseating himself.
What is it, then, Mr de Wotsit, that a president actually does?
It's axiomatic that politiciasn, even amateurs, like Mandela, will rewrite history in the flaming tail lights of their own dazzling comet.  In the matter of the so-called Cold War, Thatcher bathed in the mad, stuttering  comedian, Reagan's starlight, as he awarded himself imaginary Oscars for bringing down the Berlin Wall.  It was as though Gorbachev, Change's bold instigator, had played no part in that momentous period.  FW de Clerk, the man who released Mandela and vounteered the end of white minority rule, has been Gorbacheved.

I was and remain sceptical about Mandela's greatness, upon what is it based, lots of people go to jail;   if it is a matter of him serving quite a time in jail, well, here at home we have Harry Roberts, who has served nearly fifty years in jail, despite being given a recommendation of thirty years, for killing some cops, an act of criminal terrorism if ever there was one.  There is no forgiveness, no celebrity, no hope for Harry,  Harry's never going to be prime minister, no matter how well prison qualifies him for the job, as it did Mandela.  I don't know how many people the early ANC killed, how many cops, but unlike as in poor old Harry's case, in the end it didn't matter.

If it is suggested that Mandela sprang from jail with a well-rehearsed plan for a new nation, well, that's bollocks, as is the very idea of placing in charge of a vast, troubled nation a man who had been banged-up away from society for decades,  I mean,  who in their right mind'd do that shit.  Oh Yeah, I wanna be governed by that bloke who's been looking at four walls  and wanking himself off for thirty years.  Of course it didn't happen, did it, how could it,  the great statesman could ony ever have been a marionette figurehead, bleating about peace and love, what the fuck would he know of running a country. No, fronting-up a ganster take-over, that was his game  And having parties, always with the parties, President Mandela

And if it is the suggestion that the people of South Africa no longer live in insanitary townships, brutalised by cops, 


well, one would have to argue that in many ways - save for the enfracnhisement of people who are expected to vote only for the ANC - South Africa is worse now than it was when Nelson Mandela was in prison.  I don't know, I haven't visited but that's the way it seems, a nasty shithole for most, a paradise for a few wealthy people of all races, including the Mandela franchise-hungry family.                   

N'kose sikelele, Africa, my arse.

A lazy, stupid and  corrupt  MediaMinster will feast on this for days, maybe weeks, the PBC will fly a regiment of gobs to Jo-burg and  send seaoned corespondents up-country, so's we don't miss anything; it'll be as though Christ was ascending to Heaven. Mr Tiny Speaker will declare the whole house in mourning for God's giggling, black messenger,  for GlobaCorp's willing stooge. 

And the black childen will still die for lack of an aspirin, a dressing or a glass of water;  the black children will still be burned by Freedom's sticky, clinging napalm and the black children will continue to be batoned and macheted by their elders, as the UN sighs wearily  and  rifles the petty cash.

Move along, now, nothing to see here,
bread and circuses is all.



Mike said...

At least we have had some time to prepare for this - its as if he's been dying for ages. Even so, I don't have the stomach to read the news today - what with Nigella as well. Too much.

yardarm said...

Danny Jesus shit the Christing bed Alexander. One day he`s chasing wind blown crisp packets around the Cairngorm Visitor Cntre but he`s only in the Treasury to make Osbum look good. In a sane world he wouldn`t be handing round the biros at a parish council meeting and how the fucking little prick could even open his gob without being laughed out of the studio shows how our apathy to these bums is only encouraging them.

And they`re all jumping on Death`s bandwagon with Mandela. Barry Autocue called him Madiba, like he knew him. Cunts all.

Caratacus said...

Looking forward to the day that McGuinness' soul is dragged screaming to the pit. Another great freedom fighter, mistakenly feted and revered by the foolish and wilfully ignorant.

Agatha said...

They play us and they play us and for an encore, they'll play us some more. Mr Mike has the right of it - what IS the point of sitting there like docile sheep, watching the fictional output of the newsmachine?

DtP said...

Dock that nigger a day's pay for napping on the job. Tutu did his T&R gig in Ulster and he had Michael Stone on 'me so sowee for not killing more' 'that's ok Mikey, I feel your pain' and that turned out real well. It could be that Anglicanism a fake religion, nicked all the Cathedrals and now charge £15 to get into York Minster 'fuck you, you heretical cunt, mine built this shit and died you robbing cunts, go fucking sing a song' whereas a good Catholic priest would have clocked a mad psycho fucker for what he is and calmly explained that redemption comes through good works and, let's be honest, it ain't gonna happen. I guess having the Queen as head honcho kind of makes it bubblegum - pick 'n' mix - 'can I take 2 genocides but none of that charity shit - fuck me, no, none of those poor fucks, i've got the dykes to box off'.

Ah well, I guess we get another Michael Jackson, everyone fighting over his will and a total rewriting of, yer know, facts. He was a saint he was, a fucking saint you know!

Verge said...

Mandingo in Excelsis all over the front pages and PBC website - poor bastards flooded (bit closer to home, no?) under "other news."

Did the daffodil meadow survive? In this corner of Ishmaelia that's much more important than Naomi Kampfbelle's grandad.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, it did, thanks, mr verge, blanketed in snow, now; the flood was a bit of a damp squib, this time, and as for the wind, well you could stand up, so it wasn't too bad.

jgm2 said...

I was in SA this summer. Went to Robben island - not because I have one iota of white guilt but because my daughter was there with the school and so I thought I'd better make sure my son had the same knowledge.

You get shown around by an ex political prisoner. Old cunt in love with the sound of his own voice. Mandela's cell is exactly like you'd expect a prison cell to be. There's nothing unusually 'small' about it. I don't know what the fucking fuss is.

But what this bloke was telling us MrI was that they very definitely were already plotting and carving up the jobs amongst themselves for the glorious day when they would be in power. And them damn whities even helped them by giving 'em books and access to university courses and one thing and another. More than Stompie was getting from Frau Mandela.

One of the folk on the tour asked about Zuma and the old avuncular Truth and reconciliation act went out the window. It seems Jacob Zuma is a great man. A self-educated man and certainly not a fucking chiselling crook. Total change of atmosphere.

Now if I was a black bloke who'd been shit on by whites my whole life I wouldn't be too forgiving either but they really have just replaced one bunch of thugs with another. I guess that's just the nature of political power. The ones who seek it are, by their very nature, the sort of cunts most folk wouldn't want to talk to. Thugs. Gangsters. On the make.

I had to laugh at the suggestion that Mandela's time on Robben Island had lead to his ill health. The fucker is/was 95. If he'd been out of prison he'd probably have died of AIDS long ago like the other half of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Mandela was offered release 10 years before he obtained freedom on the condition he renounced violence; he refused.

He openly admits his overseeing and giving the final 'go' on the Church street massacre.

Amnesty International, who will normally jump on the nearest bandwagon available, refused to take up his case, declaring his trial 'fair'. He wasn't in prison for being black, he was in prison for being a murderous saboteur, a violent criminal. The head of the Marxist-Communist ANC, a terrorist organisation.

Under apartheid blacks killed blacks on a scale far, far outnumbering whites killings blacks. Blacks also murdered a lot of whites. Without apartheid, blacks appear to be killing and raping anything that moves.

The biggest racists in SA are the blacks. They hate whites, perhaps understandably, but hate each other more virulently, their ridiculous tribal bullshit as important as their mumbo jumbo religions, and just as deadly.

It appears obvious to me that a country led by the current crook, who war dances in leopard skins and waves his spear, sings victory songs about killing whites and considers a shower to be white man's magic, a cure for hiv infection no less, is fucked.

20 years on from the end of apartheid and SA is in ruins. Another 20 will see it on a par with Zimbabwe, and Zim on a par with Somalia.

BTW Mandela died weeks ago, in hospital. You don't release comatose patients on life support to be cared for at home. The announcement of his death conveniently timed to maximize mawkish sentimentality and profits on this shitty film, the main protagonist (antagonist) now nailed on for an oscar.


jgm2 said...

Truth and reconciliation is a load of bollocks too. Your average black South African in which you come into contact is as decent a chap as you could hope to meet.

But stick a uniform on him and, just like the UK, he turns into an instant arsehole. Suddenly he's a fucking crook on the make. You go through customs and they have fucking signs up telling you (the tourists) not to be paying the fuckers bribes. We crossed at Beitbridge into Zimbabwe . Five fucking hours while they treated their own (and us) like a fucking inconvenience. Touts constantly trying to relieve you of $50 a piece to have their mate stamp your passport and get the fuck out of there.

Zimbabwe (where SA is headed) is the very definition of a police state. 300 miles or so from Bulawayo to Vic Falls. Ten (might have been nine) fucking police road-blocks. All looking to chisel a few quid for some nonsense infraction. No fire extinguisher in your car. For fucks sake.

SA still has miles of squatter towns along the main highways. Corrugated iron wall and roof and rocks to keep the roof from blowing away. 20 years and they still can't just dump a load of breeze blocks and cement and let the poor bastards build something a bit more weatherproof. But Jacob Zuma has a million dollar ranch built by a grateful nation.

I don't understand why any white person would stick around. They obviously feel safe in their barbed wire compounds but you can't walk the streets after dark. And apparently 3,000 white farmers have been murdered in the last decade or so. These fuckers live in the middle of nowhere, tooled up to the rafters, with barred windows and panic rooms and huge dogs trained to eat the faces off black people and they're still being murdered at the rate of one a day?

Somebody, somewhere is very definitely and systematically getting their revenge.

Anonymous said...

The wall to wall PBC coverage is nauseating (surely now the 'MBC'...). I was attempting to watch one of their more palatable offerings last night - Byzantium (presented by a slightly camp historian in white trousers) -when suddenly the programme was interrupted, several times, by a large, flashing black banner - 'Breaking News on PBC 1'. I anticipated that this would be some monumental development, another 9/11 or the Queen is dead or the Thames Barrier has failed and Central London inundated, but 'no'. Instead I discovered that a nonagenerian, former President of an ex British colony located in sub-Saharan Africa has died after a long illness. Sure it is a story worthy of inclusion in the headlines (RT had it at number 2 after the Ukraine story). Meanwhile back home people are being battered by storms and tidal surges, folk dying and homes being washed away... The Chronicle of Ruin continues... Best Regards to you Mr I and I hope you, Mrs I, dog and home are still in one piece. SG

Alphons said...

" call me ishmael said...

Yes, it did, thanks, mr verge, blanketed in snow, now; the flood was a bit of a damp squib, this time, and as for the wind, well you could stand up, so it wasn't too bad."

Glad to hear you are still upright and operational, Mr Ish.

Re. The Mandela circus. It is all a bit Arafatish to my mind.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, thanks, we are OK, a bit of structural damage is all; normally I take the gales in my stride but this one - and the tidal surge - were talked up, as it tuns out disproportionally, and the thought of a big tide roaring up the garden put steel in my bones - you just can't argue with the sea, I guess you just have to run like Hell. The pictures from the East coast are sobering, houses falling into the sea. It'll happen here, one day - tidal erosion caused by anti-submarine barriers erected 1n 1940, tides once flowing into Scapa Flow are stopped and reversed, ripping away my coast, but there's a way to go and it'll see me out.

yardarm said...

Dunno if it actually exists but I get the feeling there`s a secret group of diplomats, spooks and civil servants somewhere in Whitehall and pronounce on terrorism: the Terrorism Adjudication Sub Committee let`s call it.

They obviously decided Mandela was a Good Terrorist. Back in the 70s they decided Marty Kneecaps etc were Bad Terrorists and sent out the death squads. In the 90s they decided they were Good Terrorists and sent out the invitations to Stormont. In the 80s the forerunners of Al Qaeda were Good Terrorists because they were fighting the USSR IN A/stan, then covertly helped us out in Bosnia and Kosovo. Even after 9/11 jokers like Hamza were still on the payroll.

After more than a decade of pouring blood and treasure into the dust of Afghanistan fighting Bad Terrorists you can bet we have ' people ' there talking to the Taliban re the forthcoming withdrawal: bribes....useless promises...lines drawn...

Alphons said...

The entire world is run by terrorists.Many of them hiding behind the façade of "respectable politicians" ( what a wonderful non sequitur that is).
Society is held in check by the threat of severe punishment for any misdemeanour that seriously affects their control of their people and money.

Woman on a Raft said...

The announcement of his death conveniently timed to maximize mawkish sentimentality and profits on this shitty film,

Oh, I wondered how they had arranged it for that premier of Katie's necklace (was there a filum?). Thanks, did not spot that.

Woman on a Raft said...

Roof blew off Doncaster station and Mr Raft got stuck on a train there. They had to get the roof off the platform so they could get the passengers off the train.

He said it was scary because the train was threatening to fall over on the line so they did not know what to do for the best. Would the passengers be safer in the train, even if it went on its side, or should they walk them along the line, but then there was a risk the train might be blown over on top of them.

In the end they drank all the hot water in the tea system while trying to decide. The train moved in the nick of time so it could be refilled.

Anonymous said...

Woar, you are most welcome.

Mr Ishmael, glad to see that the levee didn't break.


Anonymous said...


Funny you mention Kate's necklace.

Instead of pearls, omagine burning rubber.


call me ishmael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
call me ishmael said...

There will be a thousand stories like mr woar's, newsworty only if there is a tear factor/garage flowers factor or if there is nothing else requiring the attentions of a welly-wearing hack fuckwit. I hope their characters are all OK, better off actually without the rancid sniffings of skymadupnewsandfilth, just the comfort of anonymity.

I had a roof-lifting moment, myself, I have one of those ribbed metal sheds and I looked out and saw the roof flapping, the doors off, hobbling out I managed to deploy a clutch of those one-hand cramps - it was flapping around too much to even think of screws or bolts = to hold it together until we piled a dozen pallets in front and cramped the whole fucking thing to the pallets. Did the job. But this example of the power of the wind is terrifiyng, God knows what it's like to see a station roof flapping and falling and flying. There's a stone-built byer, built about 1720, next to the lawnmower and shed which I have been thinking of selling to a reclaimer and replacing with a modern building, it wasn't touched by the gales, it never is.


call me ishmael said...

I think it's quite a long time since we have had an apetite for public burnings, although people like Kelvin McKenzie and Guido Staines could possibly stimulate one among their followers; there're others, aren't there, tub-thumping rabble rousers, that fat bloke, Ferrari, somebody called John Gaunt, how many of them have boasted that they would love to pull the lever, light the petrol, pull the trigger, the whole of Murdochs vile empire, perhaps, could be paid to initiate a clamour for capital punishment and once we're there the methodology is anyone's guess so we shouldn't quite be holier than thou about the savagery of Nelson's flock, perhaps his uncritical and mawkish celebrity flourished only among a people happy to necklace one another, too stupid, too backward to properly Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss but given that many otherwise sound people applauded and applaud still the cruelties of Coalition - on the facile grounds that they at least weren't Gordon Brown, we should not be too sanguine.

Good to hear these remembrances of South Africa; people I know quite well rave about it as a holiday or even a relocation spot but they are also hate-filled white supremacuists so I have generally ignored their opinions on South Africa, as well as on most other things.

The Terorism Adjudicators are lobviously rea;, playing us as ms agatha onserves. I wonder how much Truth and Reconciliation there really is in Northern Ireland, outside of the Truth and Reconciliation bandits themselves. I doubt that Tony Blair has stilled the anger of generations, for all his many gifts, two major bands of terrorists bought-off with office, well, it might last for a wee while. Great, isn't it, how when something kicks off in his province, Marty Kneecaps, cusses them for being turrists and criminals and nobody reporting him on skymadeupnewsandfilth laughs his leg off at Marty's latest outrageous, spluttering, tongue-tied, weasely hypocrisy; One minute he was - and he remains - a savage torturer and murderer- and the next he's Freedom's valued servant.

Anonymous said...

In my mind, and I'm not a supremasist, the white man is quite obviously superior to the black man,

Just look what they have done to SA. Zim. Chicago. Detroit. DC. Birmingham. London.

Must I go on?


pc fuckoff said...

ello-ello, having only just recently hand-blogged baroness battle-axe into the long-green-grass of the afterlife, i'm glad to see that all in the garden of equal opportunity knocks is fine and well...

however, i dunno whether your vehement attitude has been provoked by getting out of bed on the wrong side, by the fear of violent emotions being released in commemoration of mr mandela's passing, or by the fact that the hyp white establishment seems on the brink of forming a fanatical new world religion around a guy whom it was blithely content to leave rotting in jail for 27 years, but i must warn you that i do currently sense here a slight bias towards dispensing black political gangsters with a sound moral battering whilst sparing the baton against their counterparts and collaborators in the white power-bloc.

now i don't know whether this lop-sided justice has occurred as a result of a deliberate ploy on your behalf, or whether it is simply a matter of human oversight brought about by the emotion of this momentous event, but may i please ask you to watch your step, sir, and mind you attend to your duty by meting out a due and proper summary brow-beating to all those famous figures of a more fortunate geo-political colour.

of course it could just be my imagination...

anyhow, that will be all, sir.

marvin, kim, wod and me - peeing (your way) in perfect harmony said...

@8 December 2013 01:00

vinnie, whatever it is that you believe 'they' have done, good or bad, and to whomsoever it is that you refer, i am sure that it takes two, baby.


Anonymous said...

Quite likely, Mr Marvin.


call me ishmael said...

"but may i please ask you to watch your step, sir, and mind you attend to your duty by meting out a due and proper summary brow-beating to all those famous figures of a more fortunate geo-political colour."

No, it's not that, necklacing is shit whoever does it, corruption is shit whoever does it and these black cunts are worse than the white cunts they have replaced, time they had a kicking instead of hiding behind the phoney Mandela legend. As for not chiding the white geo-political establishment, you need only look at the post and read between the lines. Don't have to spell everything out, do we?

You might also look at hundreds of previous posts, But then, in the way that many of us become the thing we hate, you, in fact, are THE mr political correctness of these parts, a variation on the apostrophe jihadists, nit-picking, even obliquely, is still nit-picking; Jeez, you're lucky I even talk to you. In fact, unless you sign yourself, in future, as mr PC, not only will I not talk to you, I won't even read your miserable, know-it-all, snooty, cheese-paring, hair-splitting posts, I will just hit the button which is hit less frequently here than in any other cyber location; that's it, anymore of your sneery Tory MP-speak and I'll hit the Naughty Step button.

call me ishmael said...

"In my mind, and I'm not a supremacist, the white man is quite obviously superior to the black man, "

Dunno about that, mr vincent, genuinely don't know. The thing for a white liberal like me to do is immediately call you names which I myself have invented to describe those who disagree with me - a kind of reverse-niggering - - call you a eugenics-Nazi,an imperialist of some sort.

But I know that people do make a case, almost without racial acrimony, that black people are inferior. I only buy into the idea that many in Africa do not have the written culture of, say, India, never mind the West, which actually lags millenia behind India in some aspects of what we call civilisation, that many in Africa have only an oral history, have little in the way of built architecture, have a music both crude and practically monotonal, have art daubed on shields and dunghuts and have until very recently been living what amounts to a stone-age existence is irrelevant, their lack of technological coincidences does not automatically make them inferior, just different. .......continues.

call me ishmael said...

As for the criminalised urban black, in the States, anyway, I would forgive him almost anything, until Uncle Sam pays him back what he is owed, which is to say the vast fortunes of many of America's best families, and pay it back with interest.( see ishmael EMPIRE BURLESQUE ANd EB REVISITED)

I am sure it is ih my history somewhere, and yours, being a slave, but there are no pictures of it, no pictures of lynchings, castrations, whippings, tar'n'featerings. This shit went on in my lifetime and in yours, mr vincent. You don't expect him to walk around Washington Uncle Tomming. do you, admiring the phoney Greek architecture, kow-towing to the bent senators and congressmen. I mean, really, is it any wonder he kicks off? WOuldn't you, well, I hope you would. I don't think Peace and Reconciliation is a remedy for centureies of slavery and barbaric mistreatment.

Fuck white Uncle Sam, his is the modern home of slavery, ethnic cleansing, state terrorism and torture. Superiority??

There might be a few fag intellectuals on the Coasts, there are certainly some brilliant minds in NASA but most of the place is peopled with Bible-thumping morons who believe in Six Day-ism horseshit and eat themselves stupid at any opportunity, happy to sustain a massive, hostile, oppressive military machine whilst having little or no health care.What's superior about that?

Slavery, in my view, is actually worse than apartheid, by a country mile. That the wealthy descendants of slave owners now send poor niggers to jail in medieval Maximum Security conditions is just a continuing nightmare. And that they all Hail Mandela as a hero is really taking the piss. Isn't it?

Not inferior, mr vincent, driven mad. Cet animal est tres mechant, quand on l'attaque, il se defende.

the long walk from oxford to soweto (part one) - by the buckled bucks bikerider said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
the long walk from oxford to soweto (part two) - by the buckled bucks bikerider said...

(continued from above)

i think the point is this: despite the indisputable public adulation and adoration, mandela was the south african people's father-figure, and as such also had to shoulder the blame for failing to set his country on a path out of impoverished oppression, and for failing to inspire younger leaders like obama to rule without recourse to violence and warfare, this is the flagellant flipside which goes with holding an exalted position.

the discussion here on this blog is not about hating the dead, worn out by life's turmoil, it's about condemning the bloody actions of our living leaders in government, who facetiously choose to sanctify a deceased imperfect human as a glib ruse for justifying their own heinous war-crimes, committed as aggressors, without even the expedient excuse of being under the cosh.

who knows if a policy of terror-free resistance would engendered more international respect and support and would have brought apartheid oppression to an end sooner? all we know is that the route chosen has not brought an end to violent oppression or poverty at all, and as mr ishmael has so bluntly headlined, this lesson is nelson mandela's true legacy.

george "mandela was my backdrop" osborne is a bloody liar and all his fawning political peers sick psycho hypocrites.

as i say, it's difficult to know exactly how to resolve a precipitous problem such as the south africans faced and still face today, but i'll never be a fan of boycotts, because i believe trade is a great leveller, if done in freedom...

...perhaps we should have sentenced margaret thatcher and co to break rocks on the falklands for 27 years, or until they agreed not to support fascist, racist and oppressive states, like our own for example...

...and obviously her handbag would have come in handy for carrying big heavy stones in.

pc said...

@8 December 2013 02:26

"but may i please ask you to watch your step, sir, and mind you attend to your duty by meting out a due and proper summary brow-beating to all those famous figures of a more fortunate geo-political colour."

sorry, missed the words "as well" off the end there, but i'm sure you knew that, reading between the lines of the rest of the post.

yep, thought you were coming down on one 'side' more, but if that 'side' was your target readership, no need to defend yourself, hey?

funny, i certainly don't know it all, that's why i like to read you.

pc said...

note: mr ishmael did not get where he is today by letting people attempt to (humorously) agree with him. apologies for failing to communicate properly.

george rolihlahla odborne said...

@the long walk from oxford to soweto

so not true. as students, me boris and cams used to have mandy's photo pinned-up on our bedroom wall and wanked-off over it every day.

ian swingbola said...

@george rolihlahla odborne

respect, though can't say i woulda taken my stand that far...

yeah, funny old world, init? and personal relations can really affect one's outlook. i'm a right tory bastard through-and-through, see, but my deep love for vivian, my dear room-mate, prevented me from ever touring south africa during the apartheid era - or was it because he would have beaten my fucking brains out with his cricket bat?

call me ishmael said...

I was thinking the same thing, overnight that maybe Nelson and his chums - like Marty and Gerry and their Hard Men, sadistic fairies, mainly, from the look of them - were an obstruction to progressive politics and thus, themselves, an agent of apartheid. They kept it going beyond it's natural life, entrenched it.

The peaceful civil rights movement in Northern Ireland was hi-jacked by the Provisional IRA and what might have been managed within a few years took three costly and brutal decades, all sides enmeshed in tit-fir-tat atrocity, in pointless ranting from dogbastardmotherfuckers like Paisley, achingly earnest bullshit from John Hume, whiney manouereing from Davy Trimble and on and on and on, thousands of gobby voices, all shouting the odds, thousands of lives destriyed and mutilated; terrible attacks on far-removed citizens, the torture and the burying alive of suspected informants or, as in the case of my barbarous cousins, the hideous flensing alive of catholics, just for the fun of it.
Tony Blair's granting of absolution for these crimes,as much as his retirement fund wars, should see him hanged.

All that was really at issue was the lack of a one-person-one-vote system and the unfair discrimination against catholics which that enabled, it was, in fact, a form of apartheid. An act passed by the British government could have removed that electoral system disgrace, overnight. But once the troubles had kicked-off, WEstminster had to kick back.

I knew some of the civil rights people socially and they were dead right, so they were, nice people but tyheir peaceful actions mobilised resentful ghettoes on both sides


call me ishmael said...


And when we lionise the terrorist- turned-reconciler we must remember that it was the much misjudged redneck, Lyndon Johnson, who pushed through the Civil Rights legislation in the US,enforcing it with a gun barrel, fulfilling pledges made by Kennedy, who, himself, distracted by pussy, by dynastic conspiracy, by showbiz and by underworld connections may well have failed to deliver.

Ghandi brought huge change to India, without bombing, didn't he? What was so special about Ulster and South Africa, that violence was the only possible solution. And yes, you are right, the pop-song anti-apartheid movement here and elsewhere only became fashionable quite late in the day, Mandela and the ANC having, to an extent, legitimised successive racist governments in Pretoria

In a strange way, I admire Steve Biko, Bobby Sands and the other hunger strikers, Jan pallach in Czhecoslovakia, forty years ago, people actually dying for their beliefs. I couldn't do that, don't have any beliefs, anyway. But I don't admire those who kept out of the line of fire, neither Adams and other Irish filth, nor Mandela, who orchestrated terrorism, received a safe and comfortable berth in jail while others died aplenty and then, and only with the co-operation of FW de Klerk, assumed for himself heroic Nobel status - alongside Barack Obama, for Christ's sake - and the mantle of Reconciler at Large to the Showbusiness community, a hollow, gabshiting, ceremonial figure. Ruritania gone native.

If you would understand these ANC fuckers then look at the recent Paul Simon Gracelands Revisited DVD. Intermingled with crappy reprises of the album by the then participants, now mostly rich artistes, runs a confrontation between Simon and the son of Thabo Mbeki, sometime President of SA. This prick desports himself like a Crown Prince of his ignorant people, like Saud Gadaffi, unelected but familied, Mbeki junior, simpers of his own heroism, conducted from the safety of London, and eventually of how he forgives Simon for having meddled in the family business, he was, after all, the son of the future President and Simon should have obeyed him and not played in SA, not even in the recording studio. But he forgives him, now. Brilliant subtlety from Simon, showing this turd for a jumped-up, nasty gangster, the ANC for a bunch of crooks.

That South Africans, nevertheless, hungry for heroes, continue to worship this vain old man and his crooked entourage entitles us, behoves us to draw attention to his failure. And theirs.

Anonymous said...

As you say, Mr Ishmael, there is probably a bit of slavery in our own histories, but we are as affected by it as the average black american. America has given its black population 100's of billions, over the years. I don't think there is any more payment due, but paid it will be, ad nauseum.

You describe the backward African culture. Houses made of shit says it all. It's not a culture to be respected, or learned from, except in a cautionary way. They appear to me to be totally incapable of running a country. There are no succesful countries run by blacks and even when they're given a fully functional, first world country they wreck it in a couple of decades, like Zim and SA.

SA is doomed. Mandela started the wrecking and Zuma will continue it. Bit sad, really, but my own country is a wreck and I am selfishly more concerned about that than other nations, I suppose.


is it your business how people build their houses? are you even allowing those people to make enough money to build a proper house? said...

@vincent 8 December 2013 16:29

i would dare to presume that it's freedom (to trade, for example) not economy and society destroying aid-bribes which black people, just like anyone else, really want.

until what you term a 'black' country is left to govern itself without 'white' or rather western political and military interference, it's actually not possible to determine the results of (what would in modern times constitute) such a daring and radical social experiment.

i have to agree with you in the case of the united states, of course - it has a black president who, like his white predecessors, is using his military might to spread a culture of pillage and murder across the world in a global economic rapefest.

...and yes, he's certainly spending billions of dollars on african-americans, even more than the white presidents who occupied the white house before him, because that's what it costs to keep nearly one million blacks penned-up in jail (comprising 39.4% of the united states prison population, as of 2009).

the patchwork teamworld of a hundred million tribes said...

@8 December 2013 02:39

i have to say, mr ishmael that you are falling into vincent's socially divisive and brainwashing race-clap-trap by even answering that question. achievement and capability can only be measured on an individual basis - because ultimately you just never know where in the world the next business, science or artistic genius will pop-up. predicting the birthplace of the next innovative human success-story, whose ideas will cause cultural-change in the world around him or her, is utterly impossible, and using class, race or culture as the basis for such a potty prognostication is futile bordering on insane - because family wealth, national-dress-style, flag designs, and skin-colour, have absolutely no impact on intelligence levels etc.

however, studying the integrity, industry and efficiency of small local community units might conceivably provide a shade more insight into the problem of cultural evaluation with which vincent has a permanent psychological obsession.

our governments promote contemporary slavery said...

"as you say, mr ishmael, there is probably a bit of slavery in our own histories, but we are as affected by it as the average black american."

how astute of vincent to notice that the relationship between slave and slave-master damages both parties psychologically and emotionally.

african nationalism: communism and capitalism living side-by-side in perfect apartheid said...

accumulating upon the oppression of normal life in apartheid society, imprisonment on robben island was in effect a cia dehumanization programme which melted down and moulded activists into future leaders, who as cosmetic african champions would acquiesce in and facilitate the continuation of a racially oppressive class-system long after the apartheid régime had been internationally discredited and dismantled.

the whole media razzamatazz of mandela's 1990 release was a subtly staged event designed to distract global attention from the desert-massacres and urban blitzkrieg of the gulf-war. mandela and his colleagues knew that any armed insurrection by black south africans against the white hegemonic control of social and economic power structures would be crushed without mercy - if not by white south africans, then by george bush or clinton who would have claimed it morally imperative to send in fighter jets to bomb the fuck out of the unruly balck townships.

it almost appears as if an invisible chess-playing hand were guiding mandela pace-by-pace, decision by decision, throughout his entire career from the time he entered politics as a young man. irrespective of age, it is no wonder that mandela only wanted to fulfil one term as south african president - he knew better than anyone that he would always be a prisoner until the day death set him free.

i suppose this form of trustee status explains why mandela never wished to meet obama in his official capacity of president of the united states - after all, who would want to smile, take tea, and make polite social small-talk with someone who was effectively one's gaoler, and who would not hesitate to blow-away thousands of south african blacks with cruise-missiles should they ever decide not to play ball with their rich white compatriots?

resolving the historic issues of power-balance and asset-ownership is purely the business of south africans themselves, but you can be sure that barack obama will make it his too...

african nationalism: communism and capitalism living side-by-side in perfect apartheid said...

@african nationalism: communism and capitalism living side-by-side in perfect apartheid

oh dear, i missed the most important words off the end of the third paragraph:

"if not by white south africans, then by george bush or clinton who would have claimed it morally imperative to send in fighter jets to bomb the fuck out of the unruly black townships for humanitarian reasons."

chris cock said...

yeah, a very interesting debate going on here, however i get a strange feeling that vincent may not ever have even visited the motherland, coz obviously africans do now build modern-style houses with bricks and whatnot - although having said that i reckon it would be a mark of crass totalitarian imperialism if they weren't allowed to continue building huts an stuff in the traditional manner.

of course, i realize that the black guys in south africa had a socio-philosophical difference of opinion with white people over how to run their beautiful country, but i've been thinking about what ishmael has said regarding the plight of african-americans here in the states, and let's be honest, at the end of the day, the south africans are really rather fortunate they didn't get sold into slavery like us, transported to a white country, and then emancipated only to have all the reparation money spent on motherfucking prisons, which really pisses me off actually, just not enough to stop me backing my mate barack who would obviously never dream of dropping bombs on african children or anything unless they were muslims or undermining companies where we've got shares and shit.

nelson mandela? what a hero.

bradley manning? those guys in guantanamo bay? they're all terrorists, ain't they?

pc fuckoff said...

now look 'ere, oo's that been passing themselves orff as me, badly, and making silly apologies and such - it's a serious offence to impersonate an orfficer of the law, you know, and we don't do whimpering apologies to no-one for nothing.

yes, i look at that picture of blair and i feel ashamed to live in this country now. it's got to the stage where you can't call a cunt a cunt anymore, even tho' the need to do so arises more often during a day than i think about sex.

good evening

the landlady said...

mmm won't be attending the funeral service of mr mandela just in case he's actually still alive and has left a bloody great bomb in the casket with a view to sparking the worldwide revolution - one is far too important to go...which is why we're sending that gormless twat of a son of mine, who's expendable, and we don't want to succeed to the throne fact one would consider it a bloody big favour if they got rid orv him...but one digresses, where was one, oh yes charles is expendable, ditto those other useless charlies: cameron, miliband and clegg...although that liberal one was rather a good shag actually.

Anonymous said...

Lost track of who's who, too many posts under different names.

'Socially divisive and brainwashing race-clap-trap'.

I knew someone would start slagging me off. No, I'm not a nazi, nor a race hater, I just commented on what I've seen over the years. It seems quite clear from my experience that different races possess different qualities. If you are a Darwinist you would have no problem seeing the different branches of the dog family, a result of environmental differences, breeding, evolution, I believe it's called. It would be preposterous to pretend there was an equality between a Poodle and a Rottweiller, just because they are both dogs. Lions and the average moggy are light years apart but the same species type. I cannot understand then why certain people cannot see a difference between the human races, nor that those that can should be subjected to abuse.

The reason so many blacks are in prison in the US is because they commit so much crime. Why they commit so much crime is another question, but commit it they do. They are not in prison for being black, they are there because they have comitted crimes. The usual defense for the crime stats is that if the black wasn't so poor he'd not be driven to crime. I could accept that, if his crimes were theft of the things necessary for life, instead of rapes, murders, etc.

No, I've never been to SA, but Patrick Moore had never been to the Moon, but he knew a bit about it. As I said, I'm not a racist in the sense it has been used above. I don't hate black or yellows or whites or browns or whatever; I observe undeniable differences.

Blacks are physically superior. Just look at world boxing rankings, track events, short and long distance. They can't swim for toffee though. It seems ridiculous to suggest that whites are the same, physically, generally speaking. It seems equally ridiculous to suggest that other obvious differences, again generally, such as intelligence and endeavour, do not exist.


Anonymous said...

PS Obama isn't black.


anonymous anti-racial antidote said...

@9 December 2013 16:32

keep your hair on - no-one called you a racist ducky.

if you're going to compare various humans to one another, as you have done the members of other species, you must include all sub-members of the ape family - from the smallest monkeys or gibbons, to chimpanzees, humans, and orang-utans, right through to gorillas, which, compared to one another are all very different, as opposed to humans, who are all essentially very alike, give or take some strange noises which babble out of their mouths. when describing the variations in race, you're attempting to compare gorillas with monkeys, when in fact you should be analyzing the differences between say white, black, and tabby domesticated pussy-cats.

the reason that so many black people are in prison in the united states is because white people have put them there. the united states of america is a mad-house full of people shooting one another, yet the white ones, especially those at the top of the tree who are organizing global genocide, don't get prosecuted, and many black ones are imprisoned when innocent, or imprisoned for minor crimes for which the institutionally corrupt police and justice system does not prosecute white people - the zimmermann case is a clear example of a white person being cleared of murder where a black one would almost certainly have been convicted - thus there has evolved a self-aggravating situation whereby the violent and oppressive treatment of black people provokes the criminally-minded section of the community to act in an increasingly angry and violent manner. compare the united states scenario of suppression to the pressure-cooker effect of repression in south africa where apartheid leaders followed by president nelson mandela and colleagues have struggled to keep a lid on the poor black townships.

you don't have to go to the moon, africa, or the other side of the world to observe racism, it is happening on our own doorsteps - not only is your use of a telescope inappropriate ineffective and blurring your vision, you appear to be using it the wrong way round.

people of african descent are indeed successful at track athletics, but this is due to the effects of physical environment and conditioning - the kenyans, for example, are great long-distance runners because of a lifestyle which habituates them to running at altitude in the mountains, black people from other regions of the world, including africa, are nowhere near so successful at this distance. moreover, the african-caribbeans and the african-americans clearly produce prodigious sprinters, because the rigours of slavery bred into their genetic ancestry a super-physical fitness in order to survive a life of horrendous physical ordeal, and so it is no surprise that this short-distance athletic ability is not generally replicated or matched amongst black africans, for example. access to safe-swimming pools for practice is very limited in africa - swimming is culturally a sport for richer communities and this factor has probably also deterred african-americans from joining swimming clubs, much in the same way that black people have been traditionally cautious of joining cycling-clubs.

the differences in human physical ability are therefore specifically environmental in causation and i have no doubt that any variations in intellectual ability are of a similar derivation - as will one-day be proved when black people finally gain access to the same standard of educational facilities which many white people enjoy, unburdened as they are by the abysmally poor schooling to which we are now historically accustomed in our inner-cities.

as for obama's (political or physical?) colour, race is in the eye of the beholder, and i don't do race, unless severely provoked.

Anonymous said...

If you think that being pompous is going to cause me to change my mind, you're wrong.

Black people cannot swim very well because they have greater bone density compared to white people, they are heavier - and that high bone density gives significant advantage in fighting, boxing for example, which has absolutely nothing to do with environment. Carl Lewis' environment was US. Ben Johnson's Canada. Nothing to do with altitude.

That blacks have been selectively bred by slave traders to produce powerful physiques is nonsense. They were selected as slaves because of their superior physiques,.

If, as you suggest, there is no difference in the races, indeed that race is merely a social construct, no more difference than eye colour or hair colour, why can a pathologist tell a mongoloid from a caucasian from a negroid skeleton?

Zimmerman was not white, he was Hispanic, and you are classifying him as white for the exact reason that it fits your narrow narrative, one that points a finger at others without realising you are doing the exact same thing you complain about.

An Hispanic man shoots and kills a black man, and it's whitey's fault?

You appear confused.


the addiction of performance-enhancing power said...

@vincent 9 December 2013 20:09

i'm not confused.

zimmermann is politically white because he worked for what one would generally describe as the white power structure.

there are slight biological variations between people who historically originate from different parts of the globe, but this does not justify constructing a worldwide movement of general political discrimination, based upon what are for common-purposes unquantifiable and superficial physical attributes, without taking into account any valuation of personal worth according to character or achievement.

anthropologists now know that there is more physical variation between people of what we might describe as a similar 'race' or skin-colour than between the so-called 'races' themselves -therefore forensic 'racial' identification is now considered a highly imprecise and indeed largely discredited 'science'. basically, individual people are all so different from one another physically that 'race' is barely a significant factor - in fact, forensic anthropologists find it very difficult to make an exact determination based upon the theory of racial classification.

i did not say that that black people had been selectively bred by slave-traders to produce powerful physiques, i proposed that the harsh environment of slavery, including selection according to physique, had served to exaggerate certain physical attributes in african-caribbeans and african-americans, namely in respect of power disciplines in track athletics.

black people can swim fine in my experience - so long as they learn to do so, of course. a variation in bone density would have no effect on a person's ability to swim since all humans - being mostly made of air and water) float, unlike your racial hypotheses. in any case, bones are lighter than water.

i would have thought that muscle-strength would be the determining factor in winning boxing-sports, since higher density bones would create inertia, which in turn would also be detrimental to blasting out of the starting-blocks in a sprint-race - so your ideas do not add-up.

ben johnson and carl lewis were sprinters and not long-distance runners, and therefore altitude training would not have been an applicable factor with regard to their performance - try reading my post properly - but what might have been of relevance was the distinct possibility that they were both on drugs. are you?

prince fillpit said...

@the landlady

i think the old girl would more properly have said:

"...although that liberal one was actually rather a good shag."

mastah blastah (sir) said...

@ian swingbola

na way, musta bin kiddin, i would never ave done violent ting like dat bro, mi keep dat stuff fi dem field of play. yeah, dem were the days bwoy - me an mi best battin bredren, togetha we score so high.

peace an love man

mb said...

or even "so i"

Anonymous said...

Because there is less air in a dense bone compared to less dense bone, they don't float as readily, just like their owners.

If you wish to classify races along the lines of their respective achievements, I'd be grateful if you could name a few that black Africans have made.

Yes, I am on drugs, but not the fun sort.


Anonymous said...

BTW You are confused if you continue to insist that Zimmerman is 'politically white' when he quite obviously is actually Hispanic. With regard to politically motivated, race driven trials giving the wrong judgements, OJ did ok. Talk about getting away with murder. Twice.

I don't think that whites are the master race, far from it, I'm just not having it that blacks and whites are basically the same apart from skin colour because, aside from science, it is self-evidently not true.

I'm a realist, not a racist.


the pinball of progress said...

@10 December 2013 01:21

fair enough my identification of george zimmerman was incorrect and detracted from the point i was making. zimmerman certainly described himself as hispanic, but had a german father and african heritage too - however, the person he killed was definitely labelled as african-american and as such did not receive justice from the bent non-african-american political establishment in florida of which zimmerman clearly saw himself as an agent. the case of racism was never convincingly made against zimmerman and proved to be an irrelevant distraction, but he was nevertheless still a dangerous tool in the hands of a racially oppressive state.

oj simpson was ruined by his trials and was acquitted of murder by virtue of reaction against the public exposure of a corrupt police investigation by an institutionally racist police department.

you have not made any scientific case for black people being fundamentally different from white people, all you have done is highlight a lack of ostensible general achievement by black-skinned people in terms of a racially-oppressive power-structure dominated by white-skinned people.

i would suggest that launching the human-race and surviving slavery could be considered achievements by black africans, whilst the invention of mind-blowingly efficient killing-machines, such as firearms and nuclear-weapons, in order to effect global suppression could be considered a failure on the part of white europeans.

obviously you still have a bone to pick with me and require examples of real achievement by black-skinned people to assuage your compulsion for racial classification - so let's crawl back into the water.

maritza correia and cullen jones are both stocky african-american olympic-swimmers who have broken world-records for the united states, so i don't understand your fixation with the theory that bone-density is a hindrance to the swimming-ability of black people - surely if you were correct in your assumption, then these guys would not have had a bat in hell's chance against the cream of the world's competitors, including those of european-descent. maybe bone-density helps these african-american swimmers maintain greater momentum in the water and this factor compensates for the disadvantages you claim are caused by heavy bones? actually, i don't know, and to be fair we will never know until we teach the whole world to swim, give everyone access to proper training at swimming clubs, not-to-mention adequate nutrition, a roof over their heads, proper modern health-care, a cruise-missile-free environment and all the other automatic advantages enjoyed by middle-class white people. i'm not a communist, but i recognize that to disadvantage entire cultures through political repression and then claim that they as groups are somehow different, and in certain respects inferior, is wrong, and creates a self-fulfilling prophesy.

(continued below)

the pinball of progress (part 2) said...


your argument is akin to stating that only tall people can run fast, or that all black people can run fast - i once used to do some competitive running, albeit not very successfully, and noted that there were some four-foot nothing women who could beat the pants off me, and i've also met black people who quite frankly run like dumplings. i agree with your respect of reality, the proof of the paddling is in the competing, yet when it comes to swimming, much of the world does not even get the chance to enter the race. unfortunately, the plain truth of the matter is that for many years, in many parts of western society, swimming was a whites-only sport and pastime, and it is taking a long time for the historic discrimination to unwind from the system, at the cost of many black lives lost by drowning.

it's worth remembering that once upon a time it was white european and american college boys who dominated the olympic athletics' podiums - black african countries were not involved; it's also an interesting fact that in the 1980s, arch tory bastad and european college-boy, sebastian coe (who incidentally has european and asian ancestry), set a world record for the 800m which kenyan athletes struggled for many years to surpass.

you're right vincent, it does constitute a valid exercize to examine why certain individuals excel at specific disciplines: why for example in the previous two or three centuries, have so many technological advances been made (admittedly on the back of scholarship of antiquarian asian and middle-eastern academics) by inventors of european-descent? every culture has its day, i suppose, but perhaps, as you say, the question should be: why have people of african-descent, until recent times, not been heavily involved in the pursuit of scientific and technological progress? well, i have an answer to that: africa may have been the cradle of mankind, yet it was not the mother of invention, in the sub-saharan garden of plenty, its people had no need to devise the machinery and tools which were necessary for comfortable survival in the harsher northern climes, where the european tribes had been pushed out to the extremities of human civilization, far away from the heart of humanity. it's possible that pre-historic african existence was too straightforward and predictable, too cushy (once people had got the basic formula for survival taped, as-it-were), for any further development to be urgently required. maybe rearing the human race was bit overtiring, and people fancied a rest on the plateau of progress? what's for sure, is that if life was too easy in africa, our western imperialism and mercantilism has certainly levelled the world playing-field and rather disastrously tilted it the other way entirely.

all individual humans have different strengths and abilities, but their achievements vary according to the cultural criteria used to measure success and the type of environment in which they develop their abilities - if long-distance running is encouraged or life-essential and swimming discouraged, then more talented long-distance-runners will be produced by that culture, if intellectual activity is discouraged, as it has been in communities of african-descent by slavery and racial discrimination, then less academics will be produced. environment is the key factor in cultural differences, genetics the decisive factor in individual differences within a culture - and the physical differences, such as skin-colour, upon which the theory of race was once based, are determined by environment.

(continued below)

the pinball of progress (part 3) said...


really therefore, it's not a question of whether all humans have a similar degree of intelligence, it's a question of whether every individual and every culture has had cause, or been allowed the opportunity, to employ and exploit it to the full.

as to this unevaluable conundrum of whether 'black' is better than 'white' or vice-versa, be this in the field of either physical or intellectual potential, the advances in genome research have all but thrown the theory of racial classification out of the academic window. in fact, we are no longer examining whether 'white' is different from 'black', but how different a culture is within itself, because it has now been established that the greater the genetic variation within any given group of people, the greater the possibility of that group producing an individual who will perform well at a specific discipline - take for example this analogy: if you run a lottery with 50 different tickets costing one pound each, the most you can win is £50, but if you run a lottery with 100 different tickets, you can win up to £100 pounds.

so given current scientific research indicates that genetic variation within a population is the greatest determining factor in producing the potential for any type of talent before environment can nurture it - in which continent do we find the greatest genetic variation? africa - it has huge genetic, cultural and linguistic variation, well over one thousand separate languages.

i'll leave you to draw your individual conclusions.

black me can swim

list of african scientists, inventors, and scholars

black splash

black swimming history

guardian discussion thread: is race a factor in sports success?

black men can't swim?

centre of gravity theory for dominance of black sprinters and white swimmers

the pinball of progress (part 4) said...

sorry, i messed-up the most important link:

black me can swim

the pinball of progress (part 5) said...

i'll try again, practice makes perfect:

black men can swim

Anonymous said...

You are just making stuff up and waffling. I'm not going to hijack Mr Ishmael's blog engaging in a link war with you. It's pointless, because you don't answer questions and then make stuff up. Like the DNA thing, but I'll get to that.

Do it the old fashioned way with no computers, please.

Name a few Olympic champion swimmers that are black.
Name a few Olympic champion sprinters that are white.
Name a few World champion boxers that are black. You'll probably find some of the best boxers ever were/are black.

Now ask the same question and reverse the colours.

We can all google endless piles of shite, with exceptions of this, that, the other. I said 'in general' several times. There are bound to be exceptions, some people exceptionally clever, others a bit thick, others thicker still. Use the averages for intelligence, or whatever it is that IQ tests are measuring, and they are definitely measuring something, you'll find the world over that the black man is bottom of the heap. His average lower than all other races. Bell curve. If you want to say that the black man is less educated, ask yourself why he didn't build an Oxford or a Cambridge, 500 years ago, or a Notre Dame 800 years ago, and educate himself? Probably because he couldn't even manage a written language until recently, very recently, and that had to be given him by the white man.

DNA. It is an unproven myth that the black man is the progenitor of the human race. DNA proves no such thing. Even if it did, what does it prove in relation to the black man's relative position today? That he has failed to evolve in certain areas?

Don't believe me? Ask the nobel prize winner Dr James Watson, the man who discovered DNA. Or nobel prize winner Dr William Shockley, inventor of the transistor. But I suppose you know more about DNA than a nobel prize winner. A Wiki-warrior, eh?

Take your fallacious example of the cats; one white, one tabby, one black. They are all killed in a fire (aww). No vet in the world will be able to tell you what colour they were from their skeletons. Same scenario, only humans. A pathologist will know within 2 minutes which one was black, a question you continue to ignore.

I am not trying to convince anyone. I think the white man has a lot to answer for. I don't like Hitler, I have a lot more time for the Jews than most, I think the slave trade was terrible, and now we are reaping that which we have sowed. I don't dislike black people per se, I used to live with a Jamaican couple. I was simply stating, from my experience, and from my understanding of science, the black man is, generally speaking, a less intelligent and more violent individual than the white. He commits more crimes, his cultures, such as they are, are backward and he has a tendency to ruin the places he lives. He has contributed next to nothing to civilization. No architecture, no orchestral works or musical instruments of note, no medicine, no maths, no literature, no physics. On a continent surrounded by vast oceans, not even a ship. No leif Erikson, no Christopher Columbus. Even war, at which he lacks only the means and not the will to raise a death toll as high as whites, he has progressed from machetes and spears only recently, and then only to an old Russian rifle.Sweet FA is what he has accomplished, as far as I can see.

That's my opinion. Take it or leave it.

No more now from me on this, it's pointless and this is not the place for lengthy discussions.


the bogroll of ignorance said...
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your test results said...
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Anonymous said...

When your argument is poor, you could always resort to abuse.



tdg said...
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will there ever be a new 'chosen people'? said...
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the idiosyncrasy of the illuminati said...
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the obama eara - how finally proved whiter than white said...

the methodology of our conservative (and liberal) parties is well-known, they use their bullies and murderers in the police to enforce fascism both here in the uk and abroad, where they have always been in the habit of supporting regimes like the apartheid one, but the british labour party is also run by ignorant thugs who operate by intimidating anyone who does not 'think' as they do, and it is no surprise that an organization founded on such opinion oppressing principles has disgraced this country by committing the iraq war-crime and introducing the intimate surveillance state to britain - so it follows that the labour party are traditional supporters of nelson mandela's anc, which in common with all political parties worldwide is just another gangster outfit essentially earning its jam from controlling and instilling fear in its own home constituency; the labour party is paid by the globally incorporated establishment to control the council estates, and the anc the townships. try living in east-london if you don't believe me.

forget about justice or equality, all politicians are single-mindedly obsessed with gaining power in order to profit from it, and they're all prepared to kill as many of the general public as necessary to achieve their evil electoral ends.