Thursday 9 February 2012

EVENSONG, STATE OF THE UNION.Nanci Griffith - Hard Times Come Again No More


yardarm said...

I think its called trickle down economics. Even the metaphor takes the piss. Soon Big Money will rap the table and call for silence as it selects its PR frontman for the next four years. While Obama has proved very pliable to Big Money, Romney, a Wall Street parasite is one of their own.

All these guys calling for smaller government; Congressmen, Senators and Governors, all; part of, government. Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when there is work to be done ?

There was a clip of Alan Greenspan, the Mr Magoo of central banking. Didn`t Gordon Brown award him an honorary knighthood and invite him to deliver a sermon from the pulpit of his fathers old kirk ? Enough material for a shrinks conference there.

Agatha said...

An array of images to make your heart bleed - the US of A as a thirld world country, a nation unable to house, feed, clothe, employ and provide medical treatment to its citizens. Let's not get too complacent about the State of our own Union, though. I'm damn sure you could take similar photos in any of the Cities of the UK. The numbers would be different - but that's because they've got more folk than we have. I should think the percentages for adults and children living in poverty are pretty similar. And the leaders and financiers of our nation are every bit as sleek, well tailored, groomed and grinning as their Yank counterparts. The National Health Service is our one clear superiority. Free at the point of need. Charlaine Harris' Shakespeare novels sets out the decisions made by poor Americans not to have emergency hospital or doctor treatment because they cannot afford it - decisions made in a totally taken-for-granted way, as if a better system in which they could have medical treatment cannot even by envisioned.
Do you think there is an empathy gene - one that our politicians and bankers entirely lack? Or is it just an inability to understand what being poor actually means, because they personally have absolutely no experience of it? Being governed by millionaires and billionaires leaves the overwhelming majority of our nation very vulnerable - as they try to balance books unbalanced by the greed and excess of their class, by cutting away the safety net that ensures that children are educated and protected, the disabled,learning disabled, sick and elderly are cared for and the unemployed and unable to work are provided with a minimum income and housing.

yardarm said...

A very good point, Mrs Agatha. They live a life insulated from the worries of the likes of us and yet still presume to lecture us on things they don`t know the first damned thing about, like work or austerity.

One way to fire some sense into the fools might be to take all politicians, from all sides, all the major dosh jugglers and chair polishers from the City, the brokers and the bankers and all the MediaMinister layabouts, editors, owners, pundits, commentators, all of the jabbering wastrels.

Take them from their homes, cut off their salaries, bonuses, trust funds, take their kids out of private education, evict them from their beloved desks, cut them off from the networks that so many, from arid free marketeer to prim hectoring socialist seem to rely on.

Plonk them down in houses like ours. Put their kids in the local comp, let them hack away at a thicket of paperwork to achieve a grudging cheeseparing pittance of what is snidely called a handout. Alternate them between periods of signing on and temp work at the minimum wage. Wont need their damned suits then, just a hi vis.

All in it together at last, eh, George ?

Sven Sitappen said...

It has just been announced that Norway and the UK are to collaborate in a huge cooperative scientific programme, under the North Sea, half way between Stavanger and Aberdeen.
The objective is to create a means of producing faster breeding, hardier fish stock so as to counteract the projected population drop due to Climate Change and the build up of synthetic whelk pheromones.
£200b (450b Krone) has been set aside to build a Large Haddock Collider powered by North Sea oil and hot air.
Speaking on Danish T.V, Svend Hunderfoort said they were expecting that as soon as the action started there would be no shortage of bosuns.

livescore said...
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