Tuesday 28 February 2012



Now look.  I'm  a very busy man.  Mr Murdoch gave me a job to do and I'm jolly well getting on with it, as you would expect me to do. Just because my in-house supervisor, Mr Coulson,

 Just remember who's really in charge and you'll be alright, Dave.
 For a while, anyway.

 has been forced to make a very difficult decision and resign even though he never did anything wrong, doesn't mean that I can't  do the job that Mr Murdoch appointed him to oversee me doing.  If you see what I mean.  I have a very talented team around me.  There's Ms Brooks,

  Just remember who's really in charge and you'll be alright, Dave.
 For a while, anyway.

who has made a very difficult decision and resigned because she hasn't done anything wrong but who is a very close neighbour and friend of both myself and Mr Murdoch;  there is Mr Clarkson who helps out with the driving and who works for Mr Murdoch at the London FilthTimes;  there's Ms  Emma Harrison

Yeah, nine million, at least, off the tapayer, into our account like shit off a shovel.
Isn't it great, working on Mr Murdoch's welfare-to-work programmes?
Just shut up, bitch, some of these bloggers can lip-read.

of A4E who has taken a very difficult decision and  resigned because she hasn't done anything wrong and is a close personal friend of mine.  No, I've just had a message, saying she's not a very close friend of mine but that I look forward to working with her in the future, as I do, and indeed am, with Mr Laws,

 Benefits cheat, Laws, left and partner.  Laws is now helping the uneleted prime minister with Mr Murdoch's tax reform issues.

 who took a very difficult decision and resigned  because he didn't do anything wrong and with Doctor Liam FucksYoungMen,


who also took a very difficult decision and resigned because he hadn't done anything wrong apart from whoring his bitchboy all around the world at taxpayers' expense and  working for the Americans, which, let's face it, we all do.  Mr Murdoch is an Americam first of all, as well as being the major purveyor of madeupnewsandfilth to the British people, even though he pays no income tax here.

No, the position's quite queer, I mean clear,  the people of this great nation overwhelmingly didn't elect me to destroy their society and reshape it in the image of the American TeaPot Party (prop. Mr R Murdoch) and that's jolly well what I'm going to carry on doing.  Unemployment up, insolvencies up, inflation up, services slashed, legal aid slashed, disability abolished, schools privatised, hospitals privatised, the union breaking up, tuition fees up, pensions cut and best of all, a  new madeupnewsandfilthnewspaper launched.  I would say, without any false modesty, that Mr Murdoch can be quite proud of my achievements. Although, of course, they are really  his.
And just finally I would like to add that what with all the revelations today at  the Levo Show about Mr Coulson's skullduggery  I might expect to get a serious kicking from the opposition;  good job there isn't one.

Benito Smith - he makes the disabled run on time - turning up the volume.  It is a national scandal that we pay money to disabled people when they could perfectly well go out to work, along with the other three million and rising unemployed people.

Mr Ian Nobody-Smith, the man  charged with scrapping the welfare state, said that although he knew in advance all about Mrs Harrison's very difficult criminal fraud and deception he would carry on  in his very vital work for Mr Murdoch. Mr Smith also used to say that he had a degree from an Italian university and he didn't .

I mean, wheezed the most ludicrous Tory leader since William Windbag-Rentboys, if I don't kick the crutches out from disabled people - who, as I must remind you are a terrific burden on the country - then who will.? Oh, I know that almost everybody in parliament wouild love to do what I'm doing, there's nothing, for a politician,  like taking stuff away from  those who have least, but I'm talking about decent people, here, nobody would do what I'm doing, said the revolting peice of shit. I am now going home to my wife, who really does do work for me as my seckatry and gets paid for it, by the taxpayer. Unlike, I'm happy to say, people with no legs and cancer.



 Can you tell me where I claim my expenses from,
 for being here, doin' me public duty, like?
..............Yes and that's quite appropriesque and correctified, your Worship and I'm speaking here as one working class Lord to another. Y'know, as I allus say to my missus, Lady Pauline, that under the skin we're all idle, self-servin' shop steward bastards,  even if some of us, and you won't objectify to my sayin' this, Your Eminence, belong to the Tribe, don't go to work on Sat'day. Not that I 'ave anything against Hebies.  I mean, Lord Levy, he was one a your lot, 'ad his knob doctored, like you do, he was a great member of my govament and raised  lotsa subscriptionisers for my old Guvnor, Tony Blair and his Missus, Imelda. Tone, I should remindalise  your Highness, is, like yourself,  a holy man, regularly taking Holy Communication with the likes of Israeli Prime Minister, Private Benjamin and with his Holiness Pope Nazi.  Now, it might not be your cup of tea, getting down on your knees with the Pope, not after what his lot did to your lot in the war, but Tony's a very fair man,  he'll take bribes from anyone. And you Jews should learn from that.  Only not from Mudoch, obviously..

Antony Chevenix-Beard QC.  That's actually his Lordship, Lord Leveson,  over, there, Lord Pieman.

JP: Well, who the fuck are you, then?  You look like a bloody Jew. No offence. And why are you asking all the questions, when it's his enquiry?

AC-B:  I am counsel to the enquiry. And I, therefore, ask the qustions.

JP: Well, I gotta question for you. You got any pies? Only I like to have a few pies at this time a day, suffering from diabolicals, like I do, keep me blood sugar levels up. Or is it down. Fucked if I know.  Four sugars, lovr, in me tea.

 Fancy a quick 'un, love, with the Deputy Prime Minister?  
After we've eaten 'tpies like?

AC-B:  If we could get back to the questions, Mr Pies......

JP:  Fire away lad, only watch what you say, cos I'll deck you soon as look at you. I'm not scared of some Tory Jewboy lawyer....

AC-B:  Quite so.  Now, can you help us with some examples of when the press has been unfair to you.

JP.  Well, to answer your question comprehendedly would take a long time and would probly exhaustulate the patents of the Court. But I'll just give ya the one expleteive, one of many. There was this young woman, like, and she worked in my deportment and I sort of treated her more like a doctor than an employee.  All perfectly innocent and then the Murdoch rags got 'old of it and cracked on like I was knobbing the bitch...

An old man dances the Andrew Neil Two-Step with an employee
 young enough to be his granddaughter.

Lord Pieman, 73,  is seeking election as a £100,000 per year police commissioner.
Plus expenses.
And maybe employ Lady Pauline, charring in the offices.
Give her a few quid of her own, like.


Although Hillary Trousers has other people to roast, invade and fit-up, the al Megrahi business rumbles on in Scotland.


Justice Minister Kenny McCaskill , above, is the rotten arsehole who refuses to look at the noncing by the Scottish legal establishment of young Hollie Greig - just google her - so you can't really believe a word he says about al Megrahi and one of the claims of this new book,  You Are My Jury,  is that via intermediaries, lawyer Kenny told al Megrahi that if he wanted to get out on compassionate grounds,  he better forget all this shit about being innocent and wanting a second appeal.

Kenny, of course, denies any such inducement but he would, wouldn't he ?

The book relies upon, inter alia, extensive interviews with al Megrahi, who still refuses to keep his side of the deal and die, and promises - as well as Megraho's account - dramatic new forensic evidence and a comprehensive catalogue of evidence witheld from the original trial and appeal.

Al Megrahi's innocence is also strongly  maintained  by Doctor Jim Swire, the English GP who lost his daughter in the Lockerbie explosion and has devoted his life, ever since, to the pursuit of justice.

The Yank-owned MSM Herald, desperate for readers, is trailing this as though it was an exclusive but it'll be everywhere in a day or so.  \I suppose, for the Herald it makes a change from its eternal examination of What does Scottishness Really Mean?  No, Really Mean.  Really, Really Mean.


yardarm said...

Lockerbie....already half obscured by the dust and haze from 9/11 and subsequent military failures. Jim Swire probably has a good idea of the truth, as do the rest of us but the imps and demons that dwell in the shadows will bury it in more concrete than a decommissioned reactor core.

Prescott a cop ? Fuck me, its Frank Cannon. Now why should a verbose, incoherent, limelight hogging, aggressive, over entitled
dunderhead like him think he should be a police commiss.....oh, yeah, I get it.

Whenever governments say there`s no money and they can`t magic jobs out of thin air the fuckers can always find money for their greasy spiv mates and plenty of work for them, such as these A4E cowboys. Hopefully they and Murdoch`s maggots will learn about a days work for no money when they`re mopping the floor of E wing.

Although, if you were the Junta and you were hoping to smuggle workfare in via the catflap you wouldn`t entrust it to a hopeless berk like Lance Corporal Tojo Smith, would you ? This is the inept stumblebum who cheered on Jug Ears catastrophe in Iraq and was knifed by his colleagues in favour of Michael Howard.

A man may never be so fucked up that a fucking politician can`t come along and fuck him up a bit more.

Anonymous said...
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call me ishmael said...

I hope that they die and their deaths will come soon, mr yardarm.

The Lockerbie bombing is, for the X-factor generation, lost in the mists of time but may yet wipe the smirk from Mao Tse Salmond's fat chops. Everybody knows that Scottish lawyers and judges are as crooked as a dog's hind leg and many are convinced that the mere fact that the chief prosecution witness inherited a million buck from the cousins in the CIA should have blown the courthouse out of shape and aborted the trial.

If it can be proven that al Megrahi was induced, coerced into dropping his appeal by Shitface McCaskill, in a bid to make the whole thing go away for fear of miscarriage of justice claims being made against Bonny Scotland's finest and most corrupt legal minds then Salmond faces renewed scrutiny over why his gang of heartless thug bastards were moved to attract Western global opprobium by pretending to be guided by compassion. Everyone knows politicians have had a compassion by-pass. Why was the fatman so keen to present himself as caring and kind towards the Redneck's favourite public enemy number one? Lesser of two evils, perhaps. Al megrahi out of the way and with any luck dead, and the whole thing forgotten, or al Megrahi's appeal going ahead and besmirching the international brand of Smart, Successful Scotland, The Biggest Small Country In The World, its most senior judges involved in a CIA led frame-up?

If we had an opposition up here they'd be kicking the fat fucker and his ghoulish justice bloke up and down Princes Street.

call me ishmael said...

It is the custom of the house, mr disco dave, that we address one another as mr or mrs or ms, and not fucker; it's one of those little courtesies which we tried, with a little success, to promote when we were active in Colonel von Fawkes's PizzaHouseOfBlood.

Sadly, order-order is not what it was and the last time I visited, it resembled Bedlam, a lunatic asylum filled with deranged Tourettes sufferers of more than usually restricted intelligence,yelling coarse abuse at one another, almost as bad as the masturbatung rednecks over at the Daily Filth-o-Graph.

As to service, well, we also serve who only stand and wait but I fear that a short spell sailing the wild North Atlantic in the Merchant Navy cured me of any interest in uniformed obedience. That is not to say that I have no respect for fighting men, it's just the gangrapers and the fucked-up sadistic psychobastards from whom I would keep my distance, as I am sure would you. The generals, too, I would avoid them. And the admirals?

What did you make of the News Review, then?

Anonymous said...
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call me ishmael said...

You are forgiven, Go away and sin no more. And while you're at it, don't come back. Thanks all the same, mr disco dave, I think you wandered into the wrong place. It happens.

P T Barnum said...

I have the dimmest memory of a terminally stupid fat redneck sheriff from The Dukes of Hazard TV show of my youth(Boss Hog?) who has merged in my mind with Police Chief Prescott (Boss Burgers?) and Alec Salmond (Big Fish) into a rather grotesque vision of our policing future. Release the hounds of hell. Let the nonces, warmongers, drug dealers and blackmailers gambol free and happy. Lock up the poor and crippled and unhappy. Create loadsa jobs in the private security sector for the psychobastards. Everyone's a winner, except the likes of us.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ishmael,

I'm sure I'm not in the wrong place, just the wrong state of consciousness.

I don't remember what I said, but I apologise for it.

I blow out every now and then. I'll leave if you wish, but if you give me another chance, I'll try to be good.

Disco Dave

call me ishmael said...

Aye, security, that's the future. Sometimes I think the whole world is one big prison yard, some of us are prisoners, the rest of us are guards. Leave it to Fuckpig Dacre and the Daily Mail and that is just how it will be.

shuggie said...

Mr Ish..
I doubt if the opposition in Scotland would have any interest in taking on the SNP and questioning their shady dealings with the Lockerbie fit up story. They were just as much involved in the cover up as the SNP were. So even if we didn't have a ruggie , jimmy crankie and the useless Rennie indigestion tablet as opposition it wouldn't make any difference.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, of course, mr shuggie, foolish of me, absurdly so, to overlook that. I plead, in defence, a lifetme's conditionng by MediaMinster, it brieflt ressurected itself and overwhelmed by more natural cynicism.