Friday, 8 January 2010



Mothers Ruin said...

Substitute Horny for Lonely,and it's got teenage angst in a nutshell. In the world of pop music selling sex is always a winning formula. Viewing some of the other links of his early stuff,the seductive power is still evident even down the years.
Col Tom Parker to his credit recognised that fact,but as is the way of cynical old bastards,ruthlessly exploited and ultimately ruined his career and in the process probably made more money than the simple boy from Tupelo.
The only modern comparison i can think of to Elvis is Tom Jones,who seems to effortlessly move with the times,and is now as big as ever. He has the same raw sexuality and stage presence but unlike the King retains control over his own destiny.

call me ishmael said...

Black Vinyl, White Powders, by Simon Napier-Bell, a 'sixties beat group manager, is a good read on this topic. All his fellow Svengalis were, by his telling, gay drug addicts, although he doesn't mention Gordon Mills, manager of Tom and Engelbert; thankfully.