Saturday, 16 January 2010


Winston Brown: "Give us the job and we'll break the tools."

Christ, he's like a fucking ghoul, isn't he, just waiting for some
disaster to hit, some wave of sorrow to crash over people, so's he can haul his spasming body before the cameras and stutter some bullshit agenda of moral expectation, what he expects people, in this case the whole fucking world, if you please, to do in order to measure-up to his own exacting standards of far-sightedness, of global logistics excellence, of epidemiological good practice and of course of the compassion of his in-the-bowels-of-Christ, Presbyterian charity. God, if only he could just do it all himself, he impies, this useless, cowardly, unprincipled, mincing fuckpig, this wrecker and ruiner, he has saved the world's economic system, it would be child's play for him to extract those buried in Disaster's dusty catacombs, feed and water the hungry and thirsty, medicate the sick, restore the infrastructure,. invigorate the government and bring peace and prosperity to the entire region.

We will send a few quid, some tents, some medicines, a dog team or two and the bulk of the work, such as it is, will be carried out by the US Army, by the UN, by self-perpetuating global aid agencies and by the Haitians themselves. Gordon Brown, despite his own praise-singing and his self-interested platitudes, will have nothing whatever to do with the processes which take place; considering his ruinous ineptitide, his gargantuan conceit and his cack-handed megalomania, the Haitians, vis a vis the stuttering gabshite Brown, should be thankful for small mercies, the horrible fucking bastard.

When that mad Glaswegian baggage handler punched the burning man to the ground, Brown sought the credit, when the vets and the farmers belatedly remedied the foot and mouth problem, Brown took the credit, when the floods receded Brown took the credit and when his no-more-boom-and-bust economy busted on the rocks of his stupidity and incompetence, Brown blamed America. This shameless poltroon, who has, in all probability, never wielded a plane or a saw or a screwdriver, much less a JCB or a dumpster now cracks-on like he was a construction chief sans pareil, a 0ne man regiment of engineers, the greatest expert in logistics since the guys who planned D-Day; the world must do this, the world must do that. And all across the world, of course, people will marvel, Look, a nation which cannot keep its pavements clear, its trains running, its airports open and its old people warm, Yes, Gordon Brown, let's all do as he says.

It is corpse electionering, of course, the horrible fucking bastard, using this disaster to demonstrate, as if he could, his superior competence in all things; an eternal mature student, a nail-bitten, gibbering, pampered, bad-tempered, public sector parasite, a bully, a blackmailer and a pouting freak, a never a day's work in his life, grandstanding, ambulance-chasing, walking on the faces of the dead wanker pleading, Vote for Me. Cunt.

Brown and Sarah-George, photo-oppng at Birkenau
"If you're free next week, we could go to Port-au-Prince, I could get my picture taken with some old people and you could meet the local gay activists. Have your people talk to my people."


Rasmus said...

That seems to sum it up very nicely.
But then ....all politicians are like that.

Anonymous said...

or a dumpster now"
A pedant writes, I hope you mean dumper truck.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, the gales were hammering around my cabin door at three am as I wrote that and dumpster, for some reason, sounded right, correct; a good job you are there, eh, mr anonymous, to get to the heart fo the matter.

Sidsid said...

I thouight a dumpster was one who soiled his underwear.

PT Barnum said...

That photograph of the happily married couple outside their honeymoon destination bothers me on more levels than I can begin to name. It seems the quintessence of the man, crawling inside his own skin, without one scrap of self-awareness, pandered to by sycophants, co-opting any and all suffering to build himself a glued-together semblance of a Statesman.

Therosous said...

I do feel sorry for the man's wife. Although it may just be pity,
She was sufficiently simple to allow herself to get drawn into marrying the moron and yet she was supposed to be some sort of "brain".
She still has not yet bailed out. What is she?

call me ishmael said...

Isn't it, Mr PTB, deeply, deeply, deeply troubling that anyone could see merit or opportunity in being snapped at such a place; it shits in the face of Decency, this photograph, as though millions were shot and hanged and gassed so that the Browns might parade their conscience before the world. Your sorrow, Mr therosous, is misplaced, Sarah-George is just another hard-faced, political opportunist and I learned long ago that those whom the Establishment deems brainy are often just pushy gabshites. Mr Snot's witholding so long from breeding and only doing so when the highest office loomed was a political decision so wise that the one child died, the other is cruelly short-changed and one of three is healthy, everything he touches turns to shit, were a couple of normal breeding age to be wounded so, one would sympathise, a man in his fifties, however, seeking to be a normal young parent in order to cement his voter appeal and claiming to love a woman from whom he publicly shrinks is a fucking abomination. Up against the wall, motherfucker.