Monday, 11 January 2010



mrs narcolept said...

This is the More Like This that I was looking for, but my mobile broadband keeps cutting out so I suppose I am just going to have to buy an album or three. May it never end, this constant discovery of more wonderful things to listen to.

I can see what you meant about Eleanor Shanley's version of G to G being weebly by comparison, but as a weak and feeble woman myself I can't help but sympathise: if we want to try to make a song that has got to us in some way our own then the options are to do what we can with what we've got, even if it's a pale soprano, or not do it at all. I would think of it as homage rather than detraction, anyway.

I keep pressing Publish and nothing happens. I hope this doesn't end up appearing three times over.

call me ishmael said...

No, Mrs narcolept, no chauvinism implied, regarding Ms Shanley, it's just that hers is a common vocalisation, almost ubiquitous, this girly breathlessness and irritatingly so many have learned to leap an octave in one note, a la Joni Mitchell; it's just that so much of its seeme, is, product rather than creation. You may have missed Nina Simone's version of Who Knows Where The Time Goes?, way back, some months ago, now, there's a broad who could sing. I will post it again.