Friday, 8 January 2010


She's mad, so she is and that's official, so it is, and I haven't done anything wrong, so I haven't. God's forgiven her, so He has, and so have I, the dirty old bitch. And that should be the end of the matter, so it should.

Mr Robinson's constituency Presbyterian congregation delivers its verdict.
In the name a Gawd, Cast her out! Burn her! Stone her to death, the filthy slut! No Pope here! Bring back Paisley!

I told youse all, so I did, my people of Northern Ireland that youse would reject this whoremaster, Mis-ter Robinson and his harlot. The road to Hell is paved with hussies and toyboys and sinful wimmen of every kind, so it is. And that's not to mention the Papist IRA which I notice is up to its old tricks of attacking policeman, although at least this one was a dirty catholic bastard. I await the call to duty once youse have got rid of this damned adulterous roadshow. Up the long ladder and down the short rope, Gawd bless King Billy and let's hang the Pope. No Surrender.
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Anonymous said...

This business is so dreadfully embarassing - no wonder there are no comments on this post. It is one of the more distressing consequences of the more recent manifestations of feminism that women have become empowered to behave as badly as men.
Thanks for the music, Mr Ishmael- Jesus loves you more than you can know.....

T. Pratchett said...


Agatha said...

Ruth is certainly stranger than Richard. And she's actually called Mrs.Robinson.Here we go with Life imitating Art, or the great scriptwriter in the sky having a little giggle.