Friday, 29 January 2010


my judgement

my decision

my thinking

my opinion

my conscience

his limbs, thank fuck,
I need mine to count my money



mongoose said...

"No, no, no, no, not right at all. We had done oodles and oodles of preparation. Almost all of it was completely wrong but we had done oodles." Yeck!

Horrible smug little bastard. But he is good at that crap; ran rings around them.

Rastus said...

Does anyone still believe one syllable of anything he says?

call me ishmael said...

Shame that more of those with good reason didn't shout out louder. And tell Chilcott to go and fuck himself. No wonder they get away with murder, one word from that prat and everybody shuts up, what a wasted opportunity.

woman on a raft said...

Rastus - I would rather think he is a liar, but the essence of lying is to know that one is speaking untruth.

With Blair there is the horrible suspicion that he believes, really believes, that he was right and that he was destined to do this. So it was OK to fake the dossier etc, and while it is evidence of bad faith to everyone not on the whitewash enquiries, to Tony it was necessary and thereby justified.

So yes, there is someone who still believes. Unfortunately, it's him.

Anonymous said...

It was not about the word it was seeing Lucifer s messages delivering evil he does not and never has cared about anyone he sold his soul for shackles to the highest bidder he wants with his wife to be a billionaire or even a trillionair such power this is why he kiss up to the USA he thinks once they trigger war off with Iran that the USA will be a place that will be there for them to go too. This war is for all of us to suffer in including him and family.I am sure I saw 666 on the back of his head.

call me ishmael said...

A good analysis, too, of prime minister snot's ailment, Mrs WOAR, doing, as he constantly is, the right thing for the country and the world; Obamalama, too, with his insufferable, preachy didacticism, admits no possibility of error; man can't open his fucking trap without delivering a narcoleptic cocktail of history, scripture, jurisprudence and narcissism; why do people not only swallow this goody-goody shit but seem to consume it with such insatiable relish, befpre going back to sleep? It's like Hitlershit, what these bastards do, especially Obama - crass nationalism, global, military dictatorship, greed and racism his grim mantra; America uber alles the thrust of his Bankrupt State of the Union Address, his planted luvvies clapping and cheerleading like chimps, like a Nuremberg Rally with big hair and Botox.

woman on a raft said...

why do people ...

I don't know, Mr Ishmael, but I can tell you it is a powerful narcotic. I slipped under the 'fluence at least twice yesterday and found myself murmuring "yes, that's right, it was always right".

I'm jolly glad you have gone back to writing as I have to come over here for my wake-up shots.

mongoose said...

I am sure that he does believe it, Mrs WOAR, or perhaps believes that his need to lie about it is justified. He is also a master of saying a seemingly coherent paragraph which actually doesn't mean anything but which cows us into silent acquiescence. The clever one at the front of class is speaking and the rest of us keep quiet in case we make fools of ourselves. The Emperor's New Clothes and all that. A horribly self-satisfied, holier-than-thou display.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, that's right, mr mongoose, but it never fooled you and it never fooled me and it never fooled Mrs Woman On A Raft nor mr anonyomus nor mr rastus nor mr TDG or Mr Verge or Mr DTP orMr & Mrs Beserk nor countless Others, not all of whom foregather here. Y'see, look, peepulovbritun, I simply say, in a sense, in a very real sense, I never saw any mastery, just cheese. And ham. A useless, cheesy, hammy bastard, wouldn't pass an audition as a fucking Redcoat and yet, lauded by Toilets Maguire and Kneepads White, indeed by the whole of skymadeupnewsandfilth, as a consumnate political performer, I have been incredulous for about fifteen years. I may die of incredulity and apoplexy.

There is a line in the Incredible String Band's No Sleep Blues - I used to know, but now I believe, man - which seems to describe what happened to the professional Blairites in the political-media nexus, Faith overtaking Reason and Empiricism, but it doesn't explain why any, any decnt ordinary person would be, even for a moment fooled by this twittering jackanapes and his ghastly, greedy, shameless baggage, Imelda.

Maybe one of our many new, American readers can venture an opinion; Blair, after all, modeled, if that's the word, himself on Spunky Bill Ah-Feel-Yo-Tits Clinton, one of the shittiest individuals on Earth.

Is it, Blair and clinton and Obama, the New religion, masses of people falling for fake Messiahs, phony Popes, is it, speak soft, the BabyBoomers and their pampered spawn growing scared of the Grave, wanting, after a lifetime of pampered hedonism, to do The Right Thing?

lilith said...

I only caught the last third or so of the day's proceedings. It felt pornographic; sickening and fascinating at the same time, firstly his messianic madness laid bare and secondly the mute acceptance of what he was discharging through his mouth by the panel.

call me ishmael said...

Should be lined-up as co-accused, Lilith, the Chilcots. It would have been easy to get washed away in a torrent of rage at their compliance but what's the point.

Good to see you're managing to break the news habit.

mongoose said...

The worst bit was the "nation-building" bollocks. The little sod appears to believe that you can build nations. Now you can sure as God blow one to bits and slaughter a bunch of folk but I fail to see any nation building. Deploying who-knows-how-many troops for a decade and having them bribe a subset of your victims into playing the game is not building anything but a date-stamped, ready-to-eat waste of time and cash doomed to failure as soon as GI Joe turns his back.

"However, what we now know and in any of these situations should know from now on,is that you will be nation building after that and that may require a quite different type of force and it may require more, it may require simply different forces, but it is a different task."

No shit, Sherlock! It beggars belief that they just allow the swine to get away with this stuff. A moment's reflection - rather than the months available to them - would have yielded this little nugget of wisdom. Hopeless, worthless, senseless, waste of time and energy. An insult to anyone with a braincell.