Wednesday, 20 January 2010



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I am no labour supporter but I knew many moons ago the people who built the Labour party, not the shit tip that says its the labour party now but what it stood for.
Many of these brave people managed to smuggle themselves out of the UK to fight in the International Brigade against Franco when it was illegal to do so. They fought along side Eric Blair (no relation) Hemmingway and many more one chap I knew had his leg shot off didn't stop him from forming the broad left they even put that shithouse Hugh Scanlon into the top job at AEWU to sell everyone out. Wahtever you may think of these people they were head and shoulders above the shits that Hoon Blair Brown and so on for a couple of pages.
I think if they knew what was happening now you would have to put a Chinese, Japanese rev counter on them as the UK doesn't make stuff like that anymore.