Sunday, 31 January 2010



Dead muslims? Don't be silly.
Who gives a fuck about them?
Bloody bastards.

No, all very well you saying it took me all my time to string a question together and then it was bollocks but that's because I'm one of those clever Kenyan Asians and that's why I'm in the House of bloody Lords and you're not. In this life - although as a Hindi person I believe in many but it's this one here, of privilege and sponging off the public rupees, that I'm talking about - one has to know what side one's chappatee is buttered on and let me tell you it isn't buttered on the side of making life difficult for the caste of people who may give you peerages or jobs or money or, as in my case, all three. I think you will find that, after the inquiry, lessons will have been learned, we will draw a line in the sand - although not, of course, the Iraqi sand, far too fucking dangerous for peers such as I - and move forward to our many pensions. Hare Krishna and Fuck Off.

Wiki: Usha Prashar, Baroness Prashar

Usha Kumari Prashar, Baroness Prashar, CBE, (born 29 June 1948) is a cross bench member of the House of Lords. Since the 1970s, she has served as a director or chairman of a variety of public and private sector organisations. She was appointed as chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission in October 2005.

Prashar was born in Kenya, and came to Yorkshire with her family in the 1960s. She was educated at the independent Wakefield Girls' High School, becoming head girl in 1967. She studied politics at the University of Leeds and undertook postgraduate studies in social administration at the University of Glasgow.

Prashar was a director of the Runnymede Trust from 1976 to 1984, a fellow with the Policy Studies Institute‎ from 1984 to 1986, and a director of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations from 1986 to 1991. She was executive chairman of the Parole Board of England and Wales from October 1997 to October 2000. Having been appointed a Civil Service Commissioner in 1990, she was First Civil Service Commissioner from August 2000 to 2005. She was chairman of the National Literacy Trust from 2001 to 2005. She is also a governor of the Ditchley Foundation, which organises conferences at its stately home in Oxfordshire. [1]

She was a non-executive director of Channel Four Television from 1992 to 1999, of UNITE Group plc from 2001 to 2004, and became a non-executive director of ITV plc in February 2005. She became a governor of De Montfort University in 1996, and became its Chancellor in 2001. She became a trustee of the BBC World Service Trust in 2002, and is chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

She was awarded a CBE in 1994 and made a Life Peer in 1999 as Baroness Prashar, of Runnymede in the County of Surrey. She serves on the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.


yardarm said...

Risen without trace...effortlessly gliding from one quango to another...a networker par exellence...never elected, never accountable except to those whose interests she serves...unknown to those millions who fund her meal ticket...influential, a safe pair of hands, one of the great and good...knows everyone, knows nothing. A placeman for all seasons: good for fuck all.
Brahmin and untouchable at the same time.

She and the others are there to ensure no harm comes to one of their ilk, Blair, lest the whole bloody tapestry comes apart. They are the outriders of Ruin.

call me ishmael said...

Lovely, mr yardarm and welcome; is that short for hang 'em from the yardarm, perhaps?

woman on a raft said...

I thought Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was uncharacteristically subdued on that panel.

call me ishmael said...

Did you know her son's a lawyer, that's how cool she is, Yabbo, I mean ?

yardarm said...

Thank you, Mr Ishmael. Yes, yardarm as in hang `em and sometimes as in the sun`s over, too.

woman on a raft said...

No, I didn't know that. I blame the parents.

call me ishmael said...

I don't know how you don't know, Mrs WOAR; unlike you to be unaware of our movers and shakers, she mentions it at every opportunity; funny isn't it, the interchangeability of these Abrahamic Mommas - Muslim Lawyer, Jewish lawyer, just so long as you make your Momma proud. Mad Mel's children, of course, will be Nazi hunters and professional moralists.

As a former merchant seaman, myself, mr yardarm, I cherish our nautical history and am sure that hanging and afternoon drinking are among the things which once made us great.

I do believe that the naval hanging involved not a condemned's drop from a gallows but rather his being run-up, by the neck, like a flag, to dangle to death, from the yardarm. Rule Britannia.