Wednesday, 27 January 2010



Neither the rotten, thieving Parliamentary Labour Party nor the braying Tories want ANYONE prosecuted over Iraq, all of them being up to their scabby arses in it.

Two reptiles walking upright.
Prison works, Tony.

Not as well, Michael, as Shock and Awe and Torture and Gang-rape.
Bless you, prime minsiter, we are both men of faith.
Yes, Michael, and as rotten as the day is long.
I should say so.

However uncomfortable it may momentarily become for Blair and his gang at the Chilcot enquiry, no serious consequences will ensue..

George Monbiot, of the Guardian, is not everybody's cup of green tea but he's done us all a favour in launching a website - - aimed at doing what it says on the tin, nicking the slag, Blair, encouraging the happy event by means of a bounty paid to anyone making a citizen's arrest, anywhere and everywhere that Blair pops up. Details are at the site.

It may be smoke and mirrors, as potent as Col von Fawkes famous private non-prosecution of His Grace, the Lord Levy but if it gives the sanctimonious, hypocritical, warmongering cocksucker and the slag, Imelda, a sleepless night or two, if it makes their pampered spawn look at them even a little askance, if it brings a fleeting comfort to the bereaved and tortured of Baghdad and Fallujah, then that'll be an acheivement considerably more substantial than any wrought by Chilcot and Chums.


We are not a mercenary supplier to shitty little countries in the Middle East said...

Draw your own conclusion from this about why the Conservatives OVERWHELMINGLY finished up supporting the Labour traitors:-

"Michael Howard, among others, emphasized that France and Germany do not speak for Europe on Iraq policy and that eighteen European states had publicly expressed their support for US policy. He also unreservedly praised Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair for his principled (and politically costly) stand in support of the US position on Iraq, while noting that it not in his own political interests to do so."

Anonymous said...

Yes, when the penny finally drops, and when the mercenaries realise there's little or no spoil to be had, and that it's actually cost them very dearly to fight, they might then just decide to pursue their dues quite vigorously!