Monday, 18 January 2010



See no criticism of the Establishment, hear no criticism of the Establishment and speak no criticism of the Establishment; fuck me, no, never.

There has been no interest, here, in Ishmaelia, in the clown, Chilcott and his chums; if they want to collectively shit in the faces of the dead Iraqi children, that's a matter for them, they will be well practised in institutionalised copraphilia, knights, lady and lords. The blog dog, Buster, would have pissed all over that rotten slag, Scarlett and ripped the throat from bullyboy Campbell, the chimps scarcely raised an eyebrow at the load of old fanny they were served-up.

Next week, though, might be different. The biggest cunt in recent political history,
Geoff Cunt, pretend defence minister at the time of the Shock and Awe Blitzkrieg, is thought likely to blame the then Chancellor, Gordon Snot, for delaying the provision of Enhanced Combat Body Armour to UK troops serving in that foul, bloody misadventure.

Geoff Cunt has set a new low-water mark for the evasion and denial of personal responsibility but in blaming Snotty for this particular fuck-up he will be continuing his damp-squib revolt of a week or so back. Snotty, of course, has arranged things so that his appearance at the chimps' tea party - and any rebuttal of Mr Cunt's allegations - is delayed until after the election. Oh, when thieves fall out.....

L/Cpl Snot, at the sharp end.
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Dick the Prick said...

I simply don't accept that characterization of events err...

Another toughie this one too - personally I'd love to see the Hoon slowly eaten by rats after having been slightly eviscerated and then a load of flies introduced into the room - kept alive for a couple of weeks to allow the pupae to hatch and then had a rat or two placed in the room to enjoy that Big Twat McMeal. Or consigned to history in inglorious ignominium.

However, we're left with the fact that this twat may be remembered as a mini Brutus, a mini twat, a mini in every disrespect of the word. Why don't these fuckers just kill themselves? Seriously - what the hell is stopping them? If I had been a 16th of the man he is I'd have been dead years ago and I sure as shit would keep my bloody head down but... guess i'm not cut out for Labour politics.

mongoose said...

It is all bollocks. After the Hutton bollocks, we now have this bollocks. Anyone who has paid the slightest attention knows that Blair signed up for the gig when he went to see Bush. End. That princes have to get their chits signed and their various chums lined up should not surprise us. That they lie about all this is not new either.

It is not even beyond imagination that the looming neck-tie party for Chemical Ali will not be organised to remind The Sun what the front page is for. A couple of days before the election? I'll have a fiver on that.

Anonymous said...
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woman on a raft said...

Hoon appears to be arguing:-
"We Didn't Mean To Go To War".

call me ishmael said...

I watched most of yesterday's Hooning and - I dunno if it was the leaden pace of the questions - I couldn't make head nor tail of it. Have you done a precis Mrs WOAR ?

woman on a raft said...

No, sorry, no precis. I also couldn't understand it.

Goodnight Vienna reckons that the key point is that Brown withheld money from the troops (possibly to spite Tony and spoil his war?) and that Hoon has decided he doesn't want to be blamed for it. Although, if that's the case, why didn't he resign at the time and simply say so?

The only performance to match it was in the Fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin. Geoffrey Palmer played Jimmy Anderson, Elizabeth Perrin's brother whose catch-phrase was: "Bit of a cock up on the xxx front"

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, Mrs WOAR. The witholding of funds from the troops makes sense, also, in a more prosaic way, leaving Blair aside - although if that is true, that Brown would squander their lives just to spite his erstwhile loverboy, it is just one more unforgiveable ruination - what little I know of Brown's decades of studentship and early political posturing leads me to reckon that the horrible, manipulative bastard -didn't he author a pamphlet on How To Not Pay For Anything - would despise, in a crass, Leftie fashion, anyone in uniform, especially ordinary Tommies, lacking a pushy set of parents and a hothouse education, like his own.

Isn't it sickeningly revealing how these Labour career pacifists, when they get their chance to slaughter the wogs, all of a sudden find that grubby, brutish Tommy is a magnificent, heroic, professional blah blah blah to whom we all owe a great debt, thejackanapes Blair even described the forces as serving him, personally.

If, as Mrs Goodnight Vienna implies, Brown shortchanged the troops from personal spite as well as from Treasury parsimony then he needs a good rub-down with a housebrick; the Chimps' Inquiry is unlikely to give him one.

Jesus, if they can't nail the shameless, pathetic, obnoxious, incompetent thieving bastard and gabshite, Hoon, they stand no chance with either of the Great War leaders. That's the point, though, isn't it?