Saturday 2 July 2022

Boris, Bull and Lies


The cheery chappie boisterously farting in the face of the Georgian monarch is an early incarnation of John Bull. Not the neat fellow in the Union Jack weskit with bulldog, but the original, roistering symbol of the ordinary man who can detect the smell of corruption-heavy bullshittery by the powers that be and joyously farts in the face of the Establishment. Bit like us, really. I stumbled across this on Youtube:

All together now, one, two, three - FART.


Mike said...

That Youtube vid is damning. Its a very sad state of affairs when there is no credible alternative to the fat fucker. What a fraud he is.

ultrapox said...

brexit may or may not have been done, but given that boris jobsgone:

1) killed at least 200000 people by locking the doors of the health-service and throwing extremely sick patients out of hospital

2) literally scared people to death by releasing fraudulently inflated sars-cov-2 mortality-rates

3) drained the life-blood of the economy by banning regular commerce

4) irreparably damaged the health of the nation by bullying citizens into submitting to unprecedentedly dangerous and ultimately ineffective vaccines - the testing of which was not only inadequate, but decidedly bent

5) allowed the criminal financiers, who had robbed their own banks, to refill their boots - under cover of the coronavirus-scam - with £450 billion worth of quantitative easing

6) handed out billions to buddies in bogus-coronavirus-contracts

7) deliberately provoked a war against russia which we in europe just cannot afford

8) armed and trained notorious nazi-battalions in ukraine - at absolutely phenomenal expense

9) wasted hundreds of billions on pointless vanity-projects - such as a redundant nuclear deterrent, a gratuitous hs2 railway-line, and dodgy chinko-froggy nuclear power-plants

we certainly were [done].

that's not the-half-of-it...

because following a deluge of dollar-buying - which has precipitated the collapse of the euro and sterling - interest-rates will now have to be hiked to the high heavens in order to attract currency-investors back to the pound and control runaway inflation...

unfortunately, however, this huge rise in interest-rates is of course set to decimate the uk housing-market, indefinitely.

never mind tho'...

because, looking on the bright side of life, the motherfucker-of-all-depressions will now also leave the middle-classes so damned skint they'll be forced to eat home-produced dog-burgers - all organically reared, naturellement...

and if hinkley point c goes critical, and blows a fuse, we'll never have to worry about anything ever again.