Thursday 14 April 2022

Rwanda, For Fuck's Sake


Nyamata Memorial Site, skulls. Nyamata, Rwanda.  


Mind you, it is only 28 years since the Rwandan Hutus attempted to wipe out the Rwandan Tutsis - the most widely accepted scholarly estimates are around 500,000 to 662,000 Tutsi deaths. So they probably want to make up their population numbers by taking on aspirant British migrants  - especially with a £120 million sweetener. And if they find they don't like them very much, they can get the machetes out again.
I'm having another of those disturbing parallel universe moments. Maybe its a Covid hallucination. Johnson and Patel haven't really announced they are sending male migrants to Rwanda to be "processed"? And if the processing is successful, the migrant gets to live in Rwanda? What, Really?


Mike said...

Is it April 1st again? This is a Boris joke, no? This is all getting surreal. I don't even know where Rwanda is?

Soon, I think, there will be bad news on its way. British troops captured/killed in Ukraine. Rumours for now, but "highly likely".

mrs ishmael said...

East Africa, mr mike - used to be German East Africa, then the Belgians were given a chunk of it. A very unhappy history, made much worse by German ideological interference in the uneasy tribal balance. The Germans favoured the Tutsi peoples because they looked more like Germans than the Hutus, setting the scene for the genocidal civil war of the late twentieth century.
Israel tried exporting its aspirant new citizens to Rwanda, until stopped by its Courts.
Another initiative by Johnson to distract from his own criminal behaviour. More than a touch racist, as well - these illegal immigrants all have a touch of the tar-brush, he'll be thinking, so send 'em to East Africa. There won't be any nice white Ukrainian refugees being sent to Rwanda, you can bet on that one.
Talking of Ukraine, these captured or killed British soldiers - doubtless these are Tank -Girl Truss' special division of Barm-Pots.

Mike said...

Its a bit more serious, Mrs I, than tank-girl's regiment.

The word in Russia is that they are now capturing 1000s of Ukie prisoners and they are being transferred to Russia for processing. A significant number are Nato forces and officers. They will be charged under war crimes law and paraded in due course. BTW if they are tried in Donetsk, it has capital punishment (Russia does not) - at best they are looking at a long stay in Siberia.

mrs ishmael said...

Oops. So Biden wasn't having a senior moment when he addressed his troops to the effect that some of them had already been in Ukraine and that conditions there would be tough when they all went in? Maybe we should pay closer attention to what he says, instead of dismissing it as senility.
Among the captured will, doubtless, be a swivel-eyed loon - sorry, hero, whose video selfie of himself in full battle gear has been all over British TV, together with an interview with his granny, sporting the compulsory blue and yellow ribbon, doing his bit to interfere in a foreign war. You really can fool most of the people most of the time.

mongoose said...

The courts will never allow Bojo to send a single anybody to machete-weilding brethren of Rwanda. It is a nonsense. So why does an otherwise reasonably smart bloke make such mistakes? Eegit.

mongoose said...

And BTW, folks, the Moskva - the mighty warship lost so astoundingly sunk by our mighty Ukrainian heroes - was launched 42 years ago in the time of the Austin Allegro. Ho hum.

mrs ishmael said...

Distraction technique, mr mongoose - and his think tankers will have informed him that it is a very popular policy. He's looking tough on illegal immigration - and all immigration is illegal as there are no legal routes to the U.K., we are informed. If he is ultimately over-ruled by the Courts - then his supporters will say - at least he tried, and the nasty courts over-ruled him. And in the meantime, the multiple fines for breaking lockdown and the bare-faced lying to the people, press and Parliament will all be forgotten.

Mike said...

By chance I came across a few old Yes Minister clips on YT. That stuff was brilliant and hit the nail.

mrs ishmael said...

Yes Minister, Yes, Prime Minister and The Thick of It will teach you all you need to know about British Politics. Oh, and possibly House of Cards.

ultrapox said...

mrs ishmael, the distinction between rwanda's hutu and tutsi ethnicities is not based upon genetics, but in fact derives from a socio-economic construct which, for reasons of pseudo-racial convenience, was promoted by devious belgian colonists with an addiction to class-division.


origins of hutu, tutsi and twa: autosomal dna - overall ancestry