Tuesday, 2 December 2014

EVENSONG. AS POIGNANT AS IT GETS, KELLY JOE PHELPS ...........may we find in our togetherness honest joy


Anonymous said...

Works for me.

Alphons said...

If it had not been for the hat one would have had difficulty in comprehending all the nuances.

mongoose said...

Good one, Mr I. Who is he? Another one I had never heard of.

call me ishmael said...

Kelly Joe Phelps, mr mongoose, we featured here, must be five years ago; then he was a dazzling slide player and picker who outshone Messieurs Cooder and Thompson in both technique and style. Since then he has undergone an epiphany and released an album of bluesily-reworked hymns and songs of redemption, Guide me, Oh, thou Great Jehovah, being a delight.

Although he can play those old country and Delta blues styles, his current style, as you can see from this, is a bit more idiosyncratic and deeply personal; this lyric, once I understood it, had my tears rolling down, hope awakened, optimism unslayed.

I rediscovered him while searching for versions of Buckets of Rain, of which there are many, as you would expect, and found myself immersed for a couple of hours in his wondrous creativity. May his God bless him, further.

There is a lot of him on youtube, try Great Redeemer and the stuff clustered around it, or find the Evensong, here, from before-before.

I have tried, mr alphons, but I do not understand the nuancing hat reference.

Doug Shoulders said...

Due to a number attention seekers in my workplace (Everybody listen to me! Everybody listen to me!)I had to listen to this more than once to hear properly the lyric.
Certainly a thoughtful heartfelt soliloquy. I shall listen more attentively to some of the other stuff at home.

call me ishmael said...

i faced no distractions, mr doug shoulders, yet still had to listen a couple of times; a modest man, Phelps, and this, I feel, is simply the best such that I have heard in a long time.