Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Mr Mervyn NoBrains
Two twos are seven, two sevens are sixteen, three sevens are forty-eight...

Ring a ring of roses
the Governor's got no clotheses
stagnation, inflation
we all fall down.

Mr Gideon Ponce, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Gad, sir; we must bear down on the defecit, they are all in it together.

billions to the bankers,
a Treasury full of wankers
a trust fund, a trust fund
so I'm alright,


Dick the Prick said...

WTF did they expect to happen when they print £200 billion and give it to the banks?

It's all very fucking well & good having interest rates at 0.5% but no cunt can borrow at that rate - best you'll get is about 4%, the exchange rate tumbled, taxes increased, GlobalWar PLC limits supply of oil to pay for its adventures and funnily efuckingnough unemployment rockets and youngsters have been equipped in such great skills as killing some cunt on an XBox.

I can understand why people think there's some kind of conspiratorial uber group Bilderbergers or what the fuck leading this charge but I tend to differ. If there was, and they are, then they really are the dumbest of fucks.

Anyway - looks like this parliament's episode of gerrymandering is going along nicely, hurray and err...fuck me sideways with a pineapple and call me Alice. Ruin's alive and well and this season, she'll be wearing a dashing collection inspired by penury and rat shit - 'genuis' - The Times, 'Inspired' - The Guardian, 'Ruin is the new Black' - Harper's Bizarre, '5 *****' Vogue.

yardarm said...

Just watched dunderhead King on the Brillo show, slope shouldering (as usual ) the fact that the economy`s gone up Shitter`s Ditch on his watch. No wonder Lumpy Brown and Ospansy kept him on, it means they`re not the only morons on the scene.

Mike said...

Mr DtP. The plan is to devalue the pound and inflate away the debt. The plan is fully on course.

That this fucks everyone up for a generation or two is collateral damage.

call me ishmael said...

But not too quickly, mr mike, they need the time, first, to move us back to the 'thirties.