Friday, 4 February 2011


In the UK we let our  former prime ministers and their underlings  hide away from their crimes, flogging their memoirs and their contacts, making,  like Sir John Underpants,  the occasional comment from the sidelines, although, obviously, not about  the ghastly baggage, Edwina Gob. In the States, though,  any former somebody, any two-bit, card-sharping, child-molesting banksters moll is dragooned to the cause of the Nation,  the inept Jimmy Carter, Mr President, even now, is sent off abroad grinning like a loony, on business for the current President; Kissinger, the criminal,  pops up at every opportunity, a grunting eminence noir and Spunky Bill, well, you can't keep him and his ambition in the box, the election, Africa, Haiti;  having "earned" over a hundred million bucks since retirement he still,  regardless of the squalor of his history, loves to play at being Mr President.

It's the jism, stupid.

President Spunky Bill Clinton  has offered to fly over Cairo's Tahrin Square in a low-flying Black Hawk helicoper and ejaculate over as many  wogs as possible. You know, my fellow motherfuckers, he said, addressing both houses of the US legislature, life is like a porno movie - and we all done seen a few of them in this here legislature -

Cheers, thunderous applause,  "Way to go Billyboy"

- as I was saying,  life is like a porno movie and it's the cumshot that counts, ain't it...???

Damn right! Splatter them nigger  bitches!

Leastways, it done worked with that tramp Lewinsky. One minute she was an innocent young girl bein' abused by the most powerful man in the world and then she brings out that blue cumfrock and fuck me, Jesus, she ain't nothin' but a  goddamned filthy cocksuckin' slut tryin' to bring down this great nation of ours and everybody from the Washington Post to the Tombstone Epitaph and especially our good friend and employer and great American patriot, Mr Rupert Murdoch, of twenniethcenturyfoxmadeupnewsandfilth,  is madder'n Hell and wanting  to lynch the bitch, after, natchally, they all done give her a good old Arkansas gangbanging, humpin' her ass from here to Thanksgiving, just like she was a no-count redskin squaw and they was the Seventh Cavalry Sonsafuckinbitches Regiment. So, I reckon that'll do the trick, get them coons back in their tents where they belong and not putting the fear of Jehovah up them Jewboy next doors  asses; hanging outa that chopper, shooting my load and yelling Bismillah, niggers, I feel yo' tits, I mean pain, just a few good jerks and that airborne spunk-o-rama   gonna be flowing all over them niggers, jus'  like napalm, in the bitches' hair and in them beards they all wear over there, send 'em all home happy little cocksuckers, 'sthe only thing them ayrabs unnerstand. Women, too. Wassat? Who's gonna do the jerkin'? Well. y'all can bet yo poxed-up peckers it ain't gonna be the Seckatry of State, nosirree,  Hillary Trousers, her being  a devotee of the carpet-munching religion and thinking my meat and potatoes done come straight from Bee-elzebub, hisself,

just for the purpose of putting her off  her matrimonial appetites for life. In a time of crisis, is only one person America can turn to, he handjobbed and blowjobbed and rimjobbed for President Bush and he can do it for me, specially if there's  a few dollars in it, maybe a sawbuck up my
asshole for him to tease out with his tongue. And a medal.
The prime minister of the UK, Tony the Limey rentboy,
receiving his Congressional Cocksuckers Medal from Spunky Bill.

His ole lady? Imelda?  Gennulmen, you are shittin' me. Jeez, she got a kisser you could park the USS Missouri inside of. No gennulmen, it's me and mah good Limey  friend, Tony Blair, bringing persidential see-men to the hea-then.

Jerkin' 4 Democracy, Spunky Bill boards the
Flying Ejaculator, for his historic mission.

Meanwhile, far away, in another part of town, outside the revolting celebrity-media-politics  circus, a little warm brown friend
expresses the public's view of William Jefferson Clinton.


PT Barnum said...

Apparently Mubarak is now refusing to take the Hopey-Changey Man's phone calls. Chutzpah, as they say on the other side of the tunnels. Obama may yet preside over Armageddon.

call me ishmael said...
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HenryJ said...

2 weak Presidents both Democrats = Iran = falls.
Egypt = ?.

Just asking with the ships we have left and the American Red sea fleet ships do we know if any are visiting the flooded port of Jeddah,just to help out of course,these military ships often visit this port on there travels up and down the Red Sea and it can't be taken as them being scared shitless.

nothing on this woman's blog

call me ishmael said...

I don't even know about the Jeddah floods, haven't popped into my radar. Don't see much difference between Democrats and the others, Obama has just extended much of Dubya's programme, tax cuts for the rich, torture for some, poverty for many and predatory dronedeath for the ragheads. Everybody says that Reagan would have handled Iran differently to Jimmy Carter but it would've depended on what Nancy's astrologers had to say, surely.

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

He looks increasingly ridiculous, your hopey-changey man, mr ptb, last night he was sermonising, like he does, on change in Egypt - this is a purely a matter for the Egyptian people. But this is what they gotta do, first they gotta do this........

The Chinks are already in Africa, wonder if they might roll-up on their rickshaws full of dollars, at the Sphinx. And bring some of their nukes.