Tuesday, 15 February 2011



This came through cybermail. Honest, not invent.

A message from George Galloway.

"The great Egyptian people have spoken. Egypt is back and the winds of change are blowing through the Middle East and beyond, threatening to knock down the imperial architecture that has robbed the people of the region for so long.

"And chief among the outstanding injustices from the colonial epoch is Palestine. Now the struggle for a free and dignified Palestine takes place in the epic battle for a new Middle East and wider Muslim world that meets the hopes of its people.

"Viva Palestina Arabia gathered together academics, politicians and activists last year in the Bekaa Valley in our first Summer University of Palestine to discuss and coordinate the struggle for Palestinian rights. 

"Now, after the heroic Egyptian revolution has overthrown the pharaoh Mubarak, this year's Summer University has been reorganised to address the questions thrown up by the extraordinary events in Tunisia and Egypt, which are now rolling through the region. 

"Book your time off work or college now - 23 to 30 July, just before Ramadan. The university will be in Beirut, upgraded and bigger than last year. It will again have world renowned speakers such as Norman Finkelstein and Ghada Karmi, who spoke last year. Booking details and the first tranche of speakers will be announced next week. This advance notice is to ensure that if you are making plans for summer now, you know to be in Beirut from the 23 July."

The New Middle East
people power, democracy and Palestine

Beirut, Lebanon
23 to 30 July 2011

advance notice - booking opens at end of next week

It is, to me, utterly astonishing that a socialist politician can show his face in public, after appearing on Big Brother, the premier Cruelty TeeVee show, which has so debased the public discourse.  I do believe there is nothing that these people won't do for money.  Fuck Galloway, he talks a good talk, sometimes, like Sheridan  but every picture tells a story. If, in May,  Glasgow elects this bloated, primping, narcissitic hypocrite, well, they will richly deserve him. Having Galloway shitting in their faces will be a bit of a novelty, but not much


Mike said...

Can't stand Galloway, he's clearly a phoney, but the way he stuck it to that Senate committee has my enduring respect. Truly a tour-de-force.

call me ishmael said...

Yes, he can do the talking; it seems though that everyone temporarily seduced by his man of the people tub-thumping comes to hate him. And when you think about it, mr mike, it's only the fact that he's a fellow politico which makes the Senate hearing interesting, I am sure that you or I or millions of others, given the opportunity, would have put the red hot poker further up their arses.

It is true, also, that his QT appearances are generally enlivening, but that is only because of the banality and sterility and general fuckawfulness of the format, the panel, much of the audience and the ghastly presenter.

I don't think he's quite as bad as the smirking dwarf, Hislop, but he's pretty much a licensed Establishment Fool. Neil Kinnock in a sharper suit and a snuffler's beard, no business like showbusiness.

mongoose said...

Aw, come on now, surely one decent performance is but a wee pebble in the scalepan to balance against the avalanche of shite and cant he has spouted all the rest of his miserable, grasping, idle, vile existence.

Horrible, horrible bastard needs dressing in his nonce's catsuit, and then we hang him in Parliament Square as a caution to the rest of them. By his bollocks, I'd hang him, and leave him up there to rot.

And the foxtrotter traitor swine. Tory blue catsuit for him and up they go, outside the Abbey there, one each side of the door, to the greater glory of God, and for the tourists to throw stones at.

Mike said...

Just spent 45 mins of my life re-watching the Galloway versus Senate tv fest.

He's a class act, with balls of steel. Those Senate chumps, particularly the last sinister Jew, would have fried him if they had a chance.

As a piece of political theatre it take some beating.

Of course, Mr I, its all showbusiness as you say, but georgeous George has it in spades. Hate him, but love watching him. Odd?

mrs narcolept said...

Sometimes when I am in the kitchen late in the evening with the radio on his hypnotic Scottish voice persuades me that everything he says must be right. If I were in Glasgow I would probably end up voting for him.

call me ishmael said...

No doubt that it is superficially seductive, mr n, cheap demagoguery nonetheless. I think Glasgow is beyond electoral remedy, too long the plaything of Anglo-Scottish High Heedjuns.