Monday, 14 February 2011


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Not Cairo, Rome. Ordinary women, out on the streets, telling the filthy old  fraud, nonce, slag, thief and pimp, Berlusconi, to fuck off, more than clever stylish Italian man can manage, the useless fucking wop bastard. A million women, damning Tony Blair's holiday host for a national disgrace. Please God it happens here. Ordinary women, instead of these crows and hags and witches, Toynbee and Greer and Philips and Alibhai-Muslem, good for fuck all, save pushy, money-grubbing, cheesy, self-promoting, vapid, sloganising,hypocritical  horseshit, grisly dessicated phonies, up their own arses; Tessa fucking Jowell, a twittering Blairbabe shitbag, Teresa Shoefetish, Sarah Dumpling Tether and Dame Pauline Neville Corpse, the Thief, along with Douglas Turd, of Yugoslavia, ten million pounds, they had, between them, for laundering Slobo's money.  A pox on their bluestocking, head girl, I know bestism.

Ordinary women out on the street, and coming closer to the fags and fairies and freaks and shiteaters in MediaMinster; a load of overdue library books thrown at the ghastly shit,  Cameron, that would do, for a start.

Someone, mr yardarm, I think, said a while ago, that, just maybe, things might be unravelling among the agents of Ruin,  he might be right.

Listen, I simply say, Silvio's a great guy and like me, he obviously, y'know, can't be charged with anything. If he has done anything wrong, which I very much doubt, then, like me, he'll have to answer to God and his conscience. And since there isn't one of the first and neither of us, obviously,  has one of the second, we'll both be fine.  That'll be fifty thousand pounds please,  quick as you like, gotta go and sort-out Egypt, busy life, being a pretty, straight guy and a peace envoy for WarCorp. Ciao, as we say in Tuscany.


a young Anglo-Irish catholic said...

Amazing. Why isn't that picture in the UK press?

Too true. Nothing like the power of the genuinely enraged non-media woman.

Mrs Duffy springs to mind.

Righteous indignation would be a mighty force if the righteous could get a fucking word in edgeways.

yardarm said...

Aye, Mr. Ishmael, twas I. The `phone hacking business and the ongoing recession and the cuts might, might just, trigger a reaction, different weather fronts colliding to create a perfect storm.

It depends on how quickly the Forces of Ruin can contain the damage; resignations, plea bargains, someone taking a walk in the woods, a inquiry under some Establishment puppet and if that fails a GNU and hey, has that Civil Contingency Act been repealed yet ?

They`ll permit change enough to maintain the status quo.

Anonymous said...

That's a chilling photograph, Mr I. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the famous scene in the film 'The Shining', where Jack Nicholson's character manically announces 'Heeeere's Johnny!'