Monday, 21 February 2011


They must hate us fiercely in occupied Palestine, the Gaza Strip, scene of Jewish, this time, Lebensraum;   in Lebanon they really must wonder how we, self-appointed Ambassadors of Democracy have sat still, for years, on Israeli blitzkrieg-atrocity;  the Egyptians have been lectured by us for years that Hosni Mubarak, tyrant, bandit and gangster was  a great man,  this, only a few weeks ago was Hillary Trousers' gabshite refrain. In Iraq, we have distinguished ourselves with indiscriminate bombing, shooting, beating, torture and gangrape, we have seen, even here, in these inconsequential pages, Uncle Sam's helicoptering Wild Bunch shooting civilians to bits with their clever guns, whooping and hollering like Hollywood rodeo riders.

And it's not just the US;  who can forget the unspeakable Geoff Hoon, since revealed  for the cheap, poxy hustler that he always was, announcing that Iraqi women would thank him, one day - when they were as wise as he -  for the death of their children;  who can forget the wretched, dipso bullyboy, Alastair Campbell, all over the airwaves like a madman, inventing a cassus bellus, cooking up evidence, validated, in exchange for a promotion, by the shitbag John Scarlett.  Michael Howard, the smirking, oilybastard hypocrite, nodded  sagely at the need for fiery war on an innocent nation;  the Internationaliste class warriors of NewLabour, marched through the lobbies in favour of WarCrime,  their cheerleader the lumpy, gobby, greedy, shameless Supermum, Imelda Blair, already up to her cavernous Scouse kisser in  Hindujah greed and graft, now sucking Satan's semen like a good 'un, a Haliburton babe,  the filthy, racist baggage.

The fact that so many of these were, time after time re-elected, or remain, like Campbell, celebrated,  suggests many have forgotten or more bleakly that many, most, didn't give a flying fuck. People applaud Campbell, on the telly, it's like post-war  Germans applauding Goebbels.

 Col. Muhamar Gaddafi, street fightin' man.

And best of all, who can forget, who, for God's sake, could invent  the ruinous,  antic,  megalomania of the grinning, intellectually lopsided  and morally counterfeit  pretty, straight guy, himself.  From his triumphant blanket acquittal  of IRA massacres, tortures, embezzlement, racketeering, drug-running, arson, extortion - and calling it a Peace Process - to the welcoming, doubtless for an oliy  post-retirement  consideration, of the monster Gaddafi - Saddam Hussein had to go, Colonel Gaddafi had to stay, and be welcome at the top  table; 


Blair's skewed and impenetrable  bogus morality a mystery to all, save his employers, and they're the ones who count. Quite arbitrarily, one tyrant hangs and his country is holocausted, yet others enjoy billions of aid pounds and dollars to stash with those nice, neutral, high-priced  Swiss cocksuckers, while they continue with starving and torturing their own. Realpolitik, is what the political shits call it, skating now, like whiny spoilt, speech-impaired prat, I'm Not Gay William Miscarriages Hague, on the thin ice of a  regional popular uprising, not a fucking by-election in Richmond, not a lucratuive after-dinner speech to a bunch of drunken Rotarian wankers.

Too little, too late, from the gabshite marionettes of GlobaCorp. Ah, we knew all along that, ah, Mr Mubarak and Colonel  Gaddafi were torturing you but we thought it was the, ah,  best thing, considering our investments, you know, all men of the world.

People chide me here,sometimes.  It's the economy that counts, the defecit, money makes the world go round, you're wrong, it's not really your cynical trickle-up scam, the few pennies of the poor being hoisted into the already bulging strongrooms of the rich, it's not really like that, we need the wealth creators, because otherwise we are too stupid to do things for ourselves. Aye, right. Tell it to the Libyans, the Egyptiansm the Tunisians, the Yemenis and please God , those under the lash of The House of Saud, worshipful brethren in crime to both the House of Bush and the House of Windsor.
Colonise it as they may try - the imbecile Cameron numpty-shirtsleeving hastily in Cairo, We can teach you all about seedy, stitched-up democracy, and Obama Wrongfoot  sending democracy consultants whilst beggaring his own working class for his masters in Wall Street - spin it as they will, this is nothing short of a crisis of Global Capitalism,  that it sparks and crackles in Arabia and Africa should make us wince here, at home;  the new ragged trousered philanthropists, fretting dutifully, like scolded children,   about an imbalance in Greed's profit and loss account. 


PT Barnum said...

Yes, tis so, our state-sanctioned fretting shaped and chosen for us by the engines of Greed. How clear a juxtaposition we've been given - our own shoddy 'democracy' creaking in outrage over petty set-piece spectacles of prisoners' votes and AV, compared with those who turn their faces to the machine guns, anti-aircraft guns and say No, who know it is a case of either "Finish this now" or wait another ten or twenty generations under the yoke of the megalithic weapons-and-oil biz.

Oldrightie said...

Stirring stuff! There is a growing momentum capable of changing things at least from the grasp the fucking elitist crooks. Great, great post.

yardarm said...

WTF is Wisteria doing in Cairo ? Bullingdon reunion in the King Farouk Casino ? Was he invited ? Is he going as Obama`s bumboy, as Blair was bumboy to Dubya and Spunkstain. Maybe there`s another domestic disaster on the way and he`s leaving it to Clegg to cop the flak.

All those ageing dictators doing a runner, all those certainties shattered. How do you like them apples, Rupert ?

Rufus said...

When is it going to start here?....and what is going to stop it?

call me ishmael said...

I don't know if it will, mr rufus, and I sort of doubt it. But I hope I'm wrong. If things do kick-off people must watch that events are not hi-jacked by the likes of Aaron Porter and Brendan Barber, union leaders with their eyes ever on the Lords, on Quangos, flogging their poxy arses 'round MediaMinster like crack whores, apple-carting. Unison, Amicus, people like Dave Prentiss and Tony Woodleigh, they're hundred grand a year men, they won't lead a revolution.

Would British troops fire on the citizenry, fuck, just give 'em half a chance. And if they didn't then Govament could assuredly call on the services of the Professional Association of Bouncers, Baillifs, Car Clampers and Security Operatives and the likes, of course, of fat Simon Heffer, born too late to be a General Strike breaker first time around.

The thing with revolutions, though, is that once they start, they develop momentum far beyond the control of their originators; Scotland, best part of England, that's the place to watch. That's where we might find mr ptb's "those who turn their faces to the machine guns."

mongoose said...

As mentioned last week, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh. That Cameron has gone to Egypt to kiss the arse of Generalissimo Dictator MkV should not surprise us. How's it going out east there with the hopey-changey thing?

That Gaddahfi (sp?) will act like a ruthless fucker and slaughter a bunch of folk should not surprise us. Even if he is a done deal, all of these bastards will away to Saudi and such places to live out their autumn years in fantastic wealth. When, if there were an allah, they would swinging from palm trees, bloated black from the unforgiving sun. But there is nothing to rejoice here. New al-Boss being the same as the old al-Boss. Fuck them all.

I look forward to a new Bannockburn, Mr Ishmael, but would expect more of a new Culloden if the laddies get unruly.

call me ishmael said...

Talking of despots, I learned from a recent Scottish history, that after Culloden there were six thousand Highlanders raring to have another go, but they were left leaderless and disorganised, Prince Charlie Stewart having scarpered, sharpish, to Europe, there to drink and whine and pox his life away.

By the way - and it is, of course, a multi-faceted event - it was the Glasgow riot which buried the poll tax and probbaly the heroine of the Belgrano Massacree, or Whisky Maggie, as she is affectionately known here. The coalition of the unwholesome is much more precariously squatting in MediaMinster. The breeze from a swirling kilt might blow it away tae fuck.

jgm2 said...

Laughable to see the yanks flip-flopping between support for Mubarak, support for the protesters, support for Mubarak, support for the protesters.

Not a clue.

Like Murdoch trying to position himself so that he can proclaim 'It woz the Sun Wot Wun it'.

The only correct policy on all this North African nonsense is the Chinese policy.

Fuck all to do with us and we'll deal with whichever government you choose.

Iraq teaches even the most die-hard interventionist that you will get fuck-all thanks for 'saving' the locals from the tender mercies of their neighbourhood dictator.

In foreign policy (as in domestic policy) doing the 'right thing' is best achieved by doing 'fuck all'. Keep your nose out and leave 'em to it.

jgm2 said...

Scotland, best part of England, that's the place to watch.

Not a chance Mr I. Bought and sold with English gold. Their gobs stuffed with free money from down south. Not for them worrying about balancing their budget. A big fat cheque every year regardless of how UK Plc is doing.

Salmond and that useless cunt before him, that red-faced fat fucker McConnell, Salmond's twin, separated at birth, the pair of them pretending they've got a clue about running a country when their toughest decision is how will they squander all the free money.

Free this? Or free that? Or free everything.

Scotland? Revolt?

Over what? A thousand quid a year extra (compared to England) to each to ease the pain of living in the fucking awful place. Revolt? On what grounds?

If they don't like it they can always, like generations before them, just leave the fucking awful place.

call me ishmael said...

An amending, therefore, of the Barnett Formula, is all the more likely to aggravate Jock, among whose ranks lurk more than the average numbers of potentially seriously violent individuals, that's whay they have been the backbone of the English Army for so long.

In a week or two there will be an announcement that free university tuition must go; public sector cuts will fall more harshly on the Scottish economy, it being more than half PS and there is, still, an entrenched hatred of the Tories.

Whether you like its inhabitants or not, Scotland is certainly, for many of the reasons you cite, mr jgm2, the most likely region of popular revolt in the UK; when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

jgm2 said...

that's whay they have been the backbone of the English Army for so long.

Them. And the Geordies.

And for the same reason. The ones who join the British Army are, bizarrely, the ones with some ambition. The ones who look around their shit, desolate locale and their contemporaries with their I-knew-your-father, cloying, bitter hatred of anybody with any ambition and think to themselves 'fuck this - I'm off - even if I have to get killed I'm not hanging around here'.

I do hope Cameron greets any Scottish revolt with an immediate offer to give them an independence referendum. They, like the arabs, can then drink their oil and eat their fucking scenery in splendid fiscal isolation. Instead of being the perpetually surly teenager at the family table. The Kevin and Perry of the UK.

call me ishmael said...

I think, historically, they joined because there was nothing else, for the same reason that so very many emigrated.

My observation was not an advert for Bonny Scotland, I was just responding to mr rufus who wondered when things might kick off. To the extent that it may upset and maybe remove this Coalition of the Damned I am, in this case, SeeYouJimmy2, entirely pro-Scotland.

jgm2 said...

Whereas I, in the hope that Scotland might get removed (or remove itself) from the UK, am entirely pro-coalition.

There's no bigger Scottish Nationalist than me now that I no longer live there.

mongoose said...

If the Jocks withdraw behind their mental Hadrian's Wall to drown their vile, juvenile, bitter hatred of the English in buckets of Buckie, there will be a thousand year Tory Reich in the south. Not even the bedraggled, wee Welshies in their little red trousers will be able to save us.

call me ishmael said...

That's probably right, mr m, and Cameron would love an independent Scotland, having, anyway, already abandoned Scots Tories to their fate. But there is no Indepenedence referendum planned and none would be won. More likely is a renewed Jock Labour and a renewed Labour in the North of England, a land riven, just as in the halcyon days of Whiskey Maggie.

the noblest prospect said...

What never fails to amuse me, is the willingness of some to swallow any old shite, as long as it fits with their own narrow prejudices.

Even the most cursory of research would find this Barnett-fetish, rubbished conclusively.

We Scots need to abandon the myths that make us special or unique and realise that we are as good as anyone, but better than no-one. This itself gives us the right to self-determination.

We need to find what John Macalion has called the "wisdom of anger", instead we are stuck in a situation where the most extreme of the Nationalists blame everything on London and the worst of Labour blame it all on Edinburgh.

I've read elsewhere that the May election isn’t a choice between political parties, it’s a choice between political futures.

The thought of Gray's Labour winning in May is too depressing to dwell upon and, if it happens, it might confirm the deepest fears of some nationalists that the Scots are indeed a defeated people.

yardarm said...

It might be that what happens is a small event, barely noticed, that snowballs into a mighty avalanche. Didn`t this whole business kick off with a bloke burning himself to death as a protest in Tunisia ? Police in Milan in `92 caught the manager of a old people`s home trying to flush money down the bog:two years later the main parties have collapsed, Prime Ministers in court, but look who they ended up with.

So a little cloud like a man`s hand can arise from the sea and when everything changes, it can end up remaining the same.

call me ishmael said...

I think Barnett is quite deliberately misunderstood on all sides and that there is nothing unfair about it, 25% more is paid in settlement because geography and relative sparsity of populations dictate that it costs as least that much more to provide the same level of services as in England and Wales; that, of course, does not justify the demands of - mainly stupid, intolerable, English Quality Of Life merchant - settlers, who insist upon their right to metropolitan level services whilst perched on some tiny, rocky wilderness in the North Sea, knitting seaweed jumpers for gullible tourists and offering unimaginably dire bed and breakfast services.

As to Scottish identity, mr tnp, the US-owned Glasgow Herald's editorial team must burn the midnight oil figuring out new ways to frame the same question, What Is Scotland, What Does It Mean To Be Scottish, How Can We Best Be Scottish and on and on and fucking on. My mother was Scottish, I now live in Scotland, does that make me Scottish and does it matter? Not to me, it oesn't. Should taxes paid here and elsewhere in the UK be spent on providing employment for smug and sanctimonious arty eejits to sing Scots or Gaelic songs which, like the Delta Blues, should survive or not on their own worth; should Scotlandishness, in short, be subsidised.

I am impatient with Edinburgh's MediaMinster dangling first one and then another option before a - I suggest - largely uninterested population, the unworthy careers of Tavish McHooter, Annabel Ghoulish, Iain Gray and the unspeakable lardman, Salmond are predicated on this endless, infernal debate. The Auld Enemy is planetary, not lurking malevolently across the border, the enemy is Globacorp, WarCrime, EarthCrime Inc, how they must laugh at us, beating our wee drums, scowling at each other.

the noblest prospect said...

A bit late in the thread I know, Mr Smith, but still...

Yes to a' that, but I think you'll agree - most Scots have few problems with their identity -whatever the Alasdairs and Archies in the KeechPress in Glasgow or Edinburgh would have us believe. Both appalling- I suppose there's always DC Thomson.

There was a reference earlier to young Scots becoming Tommys purely as a means of escape. Since 1900, Scottish Regiments have poured blood far in excess of other UK Regiments. Most of Scotland's old folk remember this.

There is no stomach in Scotland for independence, and Fat Eck knows this. Most are rightly concerned about the rape that is taking place throughout the whole of the UK.

Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979 with 22 Scottish MPs. Cameron should have spent the last 5 years promising concrete and secure jobs for Scotland. Instead he has been forced to validate the Dog-shooters and Shite-eaters. Failed.

It won't be the Scots who will take independence - rather the English - who'll decide to give it to them whether they want it or not.

Then there's Ulster...

call me ishmael said...

We stay open late here, mr tnp.A sobering thought, expulsion from the Union, and maybe Salmond's trump card. Certainly, if tabloid opinion in England was to prevail that would happen, would have happened long ago. The rape of the UK may yet, however, prompt cross-border amity, Scotland, as I suggested earlier, setting the tone for civil unrest; fingers crossed. We must all do what we can to clear the fog of defecit fetishism.