Wednesday, 23 February 2011


"For us, he is a personal family friend. I first met him around four years ago at Number 10. Since then I've met him several times in Libya where he stays with my father. He has come to Libya many, many times."

Thus spake Saif al wotsit Gaddafi, the Colonel's jumped-up thieving bastard son, of his friend Tony Blair;  is "personal family friend " the same thing as being on the dictator's  bloody payroll?  Might Tony and Imelda now spend even more time airborne, suffering the international criminal's well-known Fear of Landing?

 Got any free stuff? Her Honour Judge Booth-Blair.
Cheerleader for the Iraq Invasion and rich men's groupie.

The best that can be said for the former first couple of Cool Britannia is that pimping for Gaddafi is not quite as bad as pimping for Dubya. Not much of a ringing, historical endorsement.

And where is Mandy, cocksucker-architect of NewLabour and close friend of Saif al wotsit al wotsit, tiger-keeper, playboy and more recently ranting demagogue.

                                                      Both have holidayed together, once with the ghastly Mr George Osbum and Saif describes Mandy as " a killer of a man." Shooting  animals together - how very NewLabour -  at a weekend do,  thrown by famous humatarian, Baron von Rothschild von Cunt, the two are said to have discussed  the fate of  fitted-up Libyan, Mr al Megrahi, although Mandy's spokesperson insists airily that the conversation only lasted a few sentences.

 And what about royal cretin number two, Andy, aka Duke of York, a regular visitor to Saif?  The useless gobby fuckpig of a prince has entertained Gaddafi junior more than once, in Buckingham Palace. Probably in the national interest.

And finally, for now, what about this gang? Salmond, to be sure, can count on directorships with a grateful Donald Trump, to whom he has gifted a Scottish site of special scientific interest and an even more grateful Brian Souter of Stagecoach Travel, to whom he has delegated Scottish transport policy;  does he really need a bung, also,  from Gaddafi, not, of course that he is now likely to get one ?

Straw is a bumptious, worthless lying turd, so far up his own arse that neither daylight nor truth can illuminate his dark doings, torture and infanticide, lying, with his cock out, before the entire United Nations, Jesus, how do they sleep, these people? Justice minister McKaskill is or was or will be again a member of the law firm instrumental in quoshing all interest in the Hollie Greig Establishment PaedoRing, Socttish lawyers the scum of the Earth. What really went on here, with Mr al Megrahi;  would one believe a word that any of these people said about their various dealings with Libya, with GlobaCorp, even with each other?

As events unfold it gets harder and harder to peddle the old line that politicians have to deal with nasty people and it becomes clearer that, especially with our recent and current crop, politicans are the nasty people.

The Blair confection has been melting now for some time, the mayhem in Libya has resurrected images and positions which can but embarrass him further. But he did not act alone, nor in a particularly partisan way, Blair never, in any event. served party, just Greed.  As Ruin slithers away from it's servant, Gaddafi, we must follow its slime trail; it may yet lead to the Hague, and an imprisonment, at least, of the Vanities.


the noblest prospect said...

Yes, Mr Smith. The appeal. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

call me ishmael said...

I had actually been thinking more widely than that but you're right, mr tnp, God knows what the Megrahi appeal would have revealed. CIA-paid witnesses, diplomats' families yanked from the plane at the last minute, false-flag black opps and a stitch-up involving Scotland's senior judges, couldn't have that.

But in addition to that, the stench of wider graft and corruption now blows irremovably in our faces, from Cairo, Tripoli and Westminster.

Mike said...

The old addage: follow the money.

Everything else is bollocks.

mongoose said...

Oil and arms are the new money, Mr Mike.