Thursday, 22 July 2010



 Conrad Black's gang of slimy,  moneygrubbing supporters has - apart from Mr Hague, of JCB, who, it must be said, Mr Tiny Speaker, conferred ay very useful peerage on ay great journalist and ay most successful thieving fucking bastard - all but left the stage; Kissinger and Thatcher, directors of his company,  in exchange for a few grand,  used to sign-off his bent accounts and the last gang of braying pinstripe  Tory spivs, Tebbit and Co - great man, tells it like it is, racist, sexist, bent as a nine-bob note get on yer bike, Norm, only not, like him, the whining guttersnipe,  onto  the board of Telecoms which he privatised; former employee of al Fayed, now gobby bumboy to the freakish Barclay Twins -  spin out their meagre years filibustering for filth in the shitrags; hard to see how, their paid slags dead or dying,  Black and Babs could re-establish their  loathsome partying lifestyles on this side of the pond.  But you never know, maybe he could bring his great historian's skills to the task of entrenching CallHimDave in the Myth of Elected  Premiership;  these right-wing demagogues, Truth doesn't figure, does it, no more than it troubled the Gang of Four. Maybe, as a Coalition peer, Black might help CallHimDave address the  problems of Broken Britain, as they proceed to smash it up completely.

The Supreme Court, though, rewriting the law and letting the old tosser out on bail, what's all that about?

Seems to me that anyone who can count to ten on their fingers can see that Black, at Babs's urging, was spensing money he didn't have, somebody else's money, little people's money.  As the entire working class of the developed world is now chastised and impoverished for the sins of Capital, is the release of this turd just a piece of icing on  its shitty, immune from prosecution cake, first Goldman Sachs, then Fred Goodwin, now this cunt? Answers, please, in the usual form.


Anonymous said...

How does that saying go again?
Ok got it, crime doesn't pay.

Mike said...

In the pantheon of rogues, Black isn't worthy of the maillot jaune. If you ranked all the bastards in order, by degree of vileness, and I was in the firing squad, I would expect that my firing digit would have cramp before it was Black's turn.

PT Barnum said...

It is odd, isn't it, that this Set Conrad Free moment should arrive now. What curious quid pro quo has been performed behind the Screen of Oz? Conrad Black is, as Mr Mike says, a mere domestique in the pantheon of rogues, so are They testing the waters? Or does he know the location of a corpse or two?

callmeishmael said...

I disagree about him; his crimes, of course, are mere larceny but his corruption of institutions and his wholesale bullying, via his grubby newspapers and his strumpet are coarsening, vulgar and stupid, their influence on national and global affairs out of all proportion to their merits. If the descriptions, in Bowyer's book, of the behaviour of his coterie of political grandees - by no means just Billy Hague - are at all accurate then he should be near the top of the list, pour encourager les autres, no difference in my judgement between Black and Murdoch.

The timing of this business is curious, to say the least. As to corpses, he must know more than it is good for others, high and low, that he know; many must, in the way of these things, wish him a last drive through a Parisienne subway.

Mike said...

Its all a sideshow, until we get his Tonyness in the dock. He's the uber-arsehole. His day will come, but I hope its in his lifetime, and mine. No good some Oxbridge don revealing all 200 years hence.

mongoose said...

God is on the side of the big lawyers, Mr Ishmael. I was astonished that they got him inside in the first place, the thieving fucker. Let us rejoice for the few months he has done.

I can never understand why they do it - the uber-rich, I mean. After you have enough for bubbles and smoked salmon sarnies every lunchtime, and Barbara has as many handbags as she wants, what is the point of finagling more of the shareholders' dosh to buy more, the silly-born bastard?

callmeishmael said...

It wisnae handbags, Mr mongoose, but mink-lined JumboJets which stoked Lady Tits's fire, on permanent stand-by, ready to fly the silly slut across the Atlantic on a whim and party-loving Conrad wasn't anywhere near that league, not legitimately, anyway.

You should get the Bowyer, Bower?? book from the library, the Blacks' really is a marriage made in the sewer.