Friday, 16 July 2010


ListenToMe McWhirter, of the Glasgow Herald 
and scourge of the workers.

For those dwelling outwith the best part of England, unaware of Scottish, for want of a better word, journalism, this pinstripe prick is Scotland's Mr Politics, a McMuffin of reconstituted yesterday's Radio Four programmes rewritten in Tomorrow's Herald  with a bit of Andrews Neil and Gobsley thrown in - the suit, and the torrent of self-serving, ListenToMe drivel, of course.

  Ian McWhirter is run  by the  US GannetMedia  Filth-o-Corp  which, through a subsidiary, Newsquest,  owns the Glasgow and Sunday Heralds and much else of the UK's opinion-forming rubbish-sheets.

“Newsquest’s purchase of the Herald group was backed by assurances that they would maintain standards and not cut editorial budgets,” the NUJ quoted Cathy Peattie Scottish Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament for Falkirk East as saying. “The Competition Commission may have decided that too much time has passed for it to be able to do anything, but that doesn’t change the fact that Newsquest gave assurances via the commission to the people of Scotland, and those assurances now look worthless,” she added. She was not surprised staff had walked out.
“They have a long list of causes for dissatisfaction - redundancies, staffing shortages, poor working conditions and high stress levels. This is damaging the health of the workers and the health of the paper. Rather than discuss the problems, Newsquest has derecognised the NUJ,” Peattie continued.

It is as one of Newsquest's favoured  sons that McMuffin, once a Brown cheerleader,  dashes, made-up,  from studio to studio, applauding the cuts in the public sector. They've had it too easy, he laments, for too long, time they had some pain, rather like his former colleagues, betrayed  at Newsquest.  This ghastly  spiv  is on record as saying that politicians, like hacks such as he, are all in it only to help people, work terribly hard  and are all decent people.  They all play footba' together up here, the hacks versus the slags, give each other awards and after shitting in our faces presumably use the same bogroll. It is the Scottish media, representeed by Ian  McMuffin which has so ably covered-up the noncing-by-numbers  scandal of Holly Greig which would so embarrass so many  honest lawyers and jolly decent Scottish politicians. McWhirter would sooner expose himself than expose Scotland's mountainous graft and  her criminal-establishment  conspiracies and thus he is  the ubiquitous mouthpiece of the Unspeakable ones, his attack on the workers unremarkable, viewed alongside his determination to shield the noncing Sheriff.

Scotland, being the home of bullying,  hypocritical Brownian Presbyterianism,  is not short of   commentators like McWhirter, indeed, there is nothing in the Herald or the Scotsman, save the readers' letters, worth reading but McWhirter's eager presence across Scots media is an affront to all citizens, nationalist or unionist, his lying gob the truculent, white collar version of SeeYouJimmy? thuggishness, directed not at those who shit in our faces but at their target.

For McWhirter's information, aside from local Chief Execs and Directors of Services, it is a long time since public sector workers lived the same life of Reilly that he does, in exchange for sucking Power's cheesy knob, down on his pinstripe knees.  In all sectors these past few years people's workloads have doubled and tripled, vacant posts remain unfilled, staff expected to cover the work of colleagues absent or simply not replaced after departure,  terms and conditions incessantly cheesepared away until the lowliest, the least well-cushioned are expected virtually to work for nothing, to provide out of hours cover, for nothing, whilst Chief Execs and Directors, useless fucking bastards all of them,  primp and preen their millionaire way upwards, assisted by the likes of McWhirter.

Like so many of them,  McWhirter's dress gives him away, he sees himself not as a mere reporter but  as  some sort of powerbroker, some elegant AlphaMale, wise, smart and well-connected, his every utterance worth money. In a place as institutionally corrupt as New Scotland,  McWhirter, establishment whore, is worth his weight in gold, just as long as it is not from his master's purse but stolen from the people.


Reptilian said...

Do I detect that yer man is not up to much?

Squitch said...

Didn't this lad used to be 'Oor Wullie' of Sunday Post fame?

callmeishmael said...

He is certainly a man of comic ability, Mr squitch, our McMuffin.

triple bypass said...

He wrote a good piece about heart attacks on his blog a few months ago. Unfortunately it was after he'd had a heart attack himself so he was too late to take his own advice. If that makes any sense : )

call me ishmael said...

My young friend, stanislav, the plumber, had an interesting heart attack, I'l see if I can find his memoir cardiac.