Thursday, 15 July 2010



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 Don't know, so I don't,  why these young men are out rioting 
when they could be doing something useful,
like gangbanging my dear wife, Iris,
so they could. 

Aye, Peter, right enough, so you are, is the old slapper off suicide watch, then....and by the way,  is this the new Chief Constable of my police service? 

thinks.....If I was a real copper I'd nick both of these cunts.

Thrown out by his Westminster electorate a few weeks back, cuckolded, guttersnipe buffoon, Pete Robinson, clings to his post as MLA and First Angry Orangeman of Northern Ireland; the decent thing, of course, would be for him to resign in shame and embarrassment but rather like his mainland mentors, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelstein, Gobby Pete's ethical spectrum ranges from Greed to Greed completely by-passing Honesty; the horrible fuckpig has made himself a millionaitre several times over out of the Ulster Jamboree and he's not going to give up his lucrative position voluntarily and, in any event, without his stern, sanctimoniou presence, the fucking wanker, the whole Peace Proh-cess'll collapse in a pile of shit, apres moi le deluge de merde, he might boast, if he could speak anything other than Gutter-Presbyterian.

Torturer, arsonist, extortionist, pimp, protection-racketeer, serial mass murderer and Pete's Deputy in the ghastly, wee  Ulster Parliament of Freed Terrorists, Marty Kneecaps McGuinness has devoted his life to peace and public  service, burying women alive, savagely crippling naughty teenagers and blowing innocent citizens to fucking pieces.  So he's very concerned about the current spate of rioting in Belfast, undemocratic he calls it,  flanked by the howling ghosts of thousands, men, women and children, slaughtered at his hand or at his command, despatched to their Maker, in flames and sharp metals, entombed in rubble, gutted and flayed,  blinded and maimed that this unspeakable monster might strut his wicked, patriotic shit down the corridors of Power. 

Usually so sensitive to the ire of taxpayers, unelected PM, CallHimDave and his bumslave, Nicky the Gimp,  have so far failed to comment on either Robinson's larceny or McGuinness's total unsuitability to be an elected representative, both, surely a shocking example of the public sector gone stark, raving mad. Gosh, if only they were poor and ill, such heroism would they incite from the public school frontbenchers; as it is, the thought of wee Marty probably makes them shit themselves.

This  Ulster stuff, this wilderness of betrayal, this dogshit justice, these pampered, protected chauffeured gangsters, this is what they call democracy in progress, the people who would, pious and futile,  nation-build among Afghanistan's scattered, doped-up, illiterate, tribal belligerents.


PT Barnum said...

Is the waxworkman in the middle the same fellow who called it 'recreational rioting'? With that level of insight into the nature of cause and effect, we can all sleep soundly in our beds.

Dick the Prick said...

It's as if the peace proh-cess being a bag of shite is the great unmentionable and let's just blame the riots on reactionary recalcitrants, pissed up on buckfast, doped up on scag and generally itching for a scrap. The fact that they've been royally fucked is irrelevant.

Oldrightie said...

"unspeakable monster might strut his wicked, patriotic shit down the corridors of Power."

Indeed, this Devil incarnate doesn't sup so much as gorge with Satan.

Dick the Prick said...

OT - but may be of very little interest. Quit working for the Tories on Tuesday - surprised I lasted so long really. The level of petty venality, duplicity, mendacity and deceit finally got too much so accidently got pissed up and had a rant and in the process quit. Very liberating.

Will try and get a proper job now. Cheers Mr Ishmael for helping to keep some level of sanity whilst selling my soul to the lowest bidder. Almost went Bertie Basset for a bit then but have got a day of golf on teevee in the best part of England to enjoy and, if I do say so myself, i've blinking well earned it. Best to you & yours, as always.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks Mr DTP, I understand there's a vacancy in the People's Party.

The enthronement, mr OR, of Marty Kneecaps as joint first minister must be the darkest of Tony and Imelda's manouvres, its widespread acceptance the strongest possible signal of Ruin, commentators screeching about Raoul Moat's little foibles wretchedly silent about mass murderers lecturing us on Peace.