Friday, 16 July 2010


Environmentalists in the US were today hopeful that the pollution leaking from the uncapped Barack Obama had finally been halted. Good ole boys have been listenin' to that shit fer ninety fuckin' days and we thought it wasn't never  gonna stop, we thought that cocksucker'd carry on spillin' shit out  until Kingdom fuckin' Come, said the Reverend Beauregard Coonbasher  the Third, pastor of the Louisianna branch of the Southern Church of Christ the Shrimphishin' Motherfucker, Inc.

Hallelujah and Yes We Can shut that motherfucker the fuck up, was the refrain all around the Gulf Coast as Merkin fishermen and their bitches rejoiced at the capping of Obama, Y'know, first Hurricane Katrina and now the disaster of Obama, sometimes folks round here think that God got it in fer us, but I blame the nigras, never shoulda freed them sonsafuckinbitches, look, we even got us a nigger in the White House, continued Reverend Coonbasher.  But now they done put a cap in his mouth, mebbe we can get back to some decent Merkin pastimes.

Southern States Americans at worship.


Oldrightie said...

great news, indeed, Ishmael!

lilith said...

Praise be!

Anonymous said...

God bless the Klan!

mongoose said...

Are those wee targets pinned to their chests?