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John Taylor,  given a consolatory peerage by Major, because he claimed his local, then Cheltenham,  Tories had no time for nig-nogs,  has done quite nicely from the House of Lords but his eleven grand fraudulent expenses claims have tried the charity of  even the CPS, normally to be found bent over backwards, evading the prosecution of the unGodly and Taylor is to face charges.  It will be, I guess, useless to claim, as he did in the Cheltenham by-election, that people had it in for him because of his race, can't see him down Marylebone Nick saying Is It Because I Is A Black Lord That You Is Nickin'Me? Even though it probably is.

John Taylor, Baron Taylor of Warwick

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Lord Taylor of Warwick
John David Beckett Taylor, Baron Taylor of Warwick (born Birmingham 21 September 1952) is a British politician and Conservative member of the House of Lords.
His father was a professional cricketer from the West Indies and his mother was a nurse. Taylor attended Moseley Grammar School in Birmingham where he was head boy, then Keele University where he studied English Literature and Law, followed by the Inns of Court School of Law in London.
  • 1976 - BA (Hons) Law Degree
  • 1978 - Gray's Inn Advocacy Award winner
  • 1978 - Called to the Bar, Barrister-at-Law
  • 1997 - Appointed by Lord Chancellor as Judge
  • 1999 - Honorary Doctorate in Law, LLD, Warwick University
  • 1986-90 - Solihull Borough Councillor
  • 1990-91 - Special Adviser to the Home Secretary and Ministers of State
  • 1997 - Introduced and carried through the Criminal Evidence Amendment Act 1997
  • 2007 - All Party Parliamentary Information Select Committee
He stood unsuccessfully for the Conservatives in the 1992 general election in Cheltenham, losing to the Liberal Democrats in a campaign influenced by the issue of race, with Taylor's West Indian background causing concern to some members of the local Conservative party.[1]
Concern was also expressed by the way the Liberal Democrats, who overturned a Conservative majority of over 5000 campaigned in the seat, stressing that their candidate (Nigel Jones) was 'local' and that the Conservative candidate was not. However, campaigning on the strength of a candidate being 'local' is normal in elections and does not depend on race.
Taylor was made a Life Peer as Baron Taylor of Warwick, of Warwick in the County of Warwickshire in 1996, as the first black Conservative peer. He was also Chancellor of Bournemouth University.
TV and Radio Presenter, Crime Stalker (Carlton TV), Talk About (BBC1), The John Taylor Programme (BBC Radio2), Powerhouse (Channel 4). In September 2007 Lord Taylor of Warwick was a guest presenter for Talksport while James Whale was on holiday.
  • Non-executive Director, Mottram Holdings plc
  • Consultant, Kleinwort Benson Bank
  • Chancellor, Bournemouth University
  • Chairman, Warwick Communications Ltd
  • Vice President, National Small Business Bureau
  • Vice President, British Board of Film Classification
He has lived in Ealing since 1995. There appear to be questions around the expenses he claimed from the House of Lords. [1]
Lord Taylor is divorced from Jean Katherine Binysh (a pediatrician), (married 1981); and has teenage children: Laura and Alexandra.

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