Wednesday, 21 July 2010


In 1940 we were the jumior partner in the fight against the Nazis.

When dealing with criminals, the state should not show compassion;
we should be as bad as them. That's my philosphy.

Unable to win a general election, myself,  I have come to a foreign country 
to   criticise the previous government of my own.  That's how clever I am.

I was elected  and formed the coalition.
(to Diane Sawyer, ABC News) 

Just a slip of the tongue. Being elected as an MP is just the same as being elected PM.


banned said...

In 1940 we were the only partner in the fight against the nazis.

Elby the Beserk said...

@Banned is correct. For a year we stood alone against the Nazis. However, read CiF, and you will discover that we did this to "defend corporate interests". There really are some horribly confused people out there - CiF seems to be Care In The Community for the historically and economically illiterate with severe cases of Kneejerkitis

Anonymous said...

Should have lost at least there might be some industry ub the UK and less Muslims

callmeishmael said...

The easy revisionism of the ruling classes is despicable, without mad old Winston Churchill, the Few and the merchant marine we'd have proper fascism instead of this watered-down shit. Nothing to do with Uncle Sam, the fight against Hitler, not until the Nips kicked his fat arse.

To overlook America's stalwart reluctance to join the fight and in some cases her support for the Nazis and to do it for a cheap soundbite is despicable, CallHimDave at his best.

CIF, Mr elby, it's bad for a man's mental wellbeing.

Dick the Prick said...

Dave's living the fucking dream, politically speaking, natch. There's a lovely quote from Blazing Saddles when a Chinese coolie dies building a railway 'dock that Chink a days pay for napping on the job'. I dunno - this Afghan shit is reaping dividends!

mongoose said...

I was talking to an expat American lady yesterday - educated, politically sophisticated, liberal. "Special relationship?" she snorted, "Most Americans barely know that you exist. You certainly don't register on a political level. Nobody cares." So it is all posturing and bullshit.

It is worth remembering that 1940 was an accidental, Churchillian heroism. Our mates all got knocked down and we had a stretch of water and some fighter pilots to slow the buggers down. And with anyone else but Churchill in charge, a deal would almost certainly have been done with the German Devil. By such details is history formed.

PT Barnum said...

Mr Mongoose's American lady is wholly correct, of course. Only two other countries actually exist to the American imagination: Mexico and Canada. All the rest are a curious, variable hybrid of Ruritania and Hades, of uncertain location and impossible names.

The Americans one meets in Europe are the exception, not least because they are part of the small minority who actually possess a passport. Otherwise, the country seems to suffer from collective amnesia that 99.9% of them originated Somewhere Else.

mrs narcolept said...

Our best American friend seems to regard Britain (or "England" as a faintly amusing yet worryingly communistic anachronism. Everywhere else in Europe is just Europe, as in "I was in Europe last week" when she means France.

Mike said...

The hair looks to be disconnecting from the head in that pic - Dave's got problems. Nobody wants a slaphead in today's politics.

yardarm said...

War between the US and Germany did not start until four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

And then only when Hitler declared war on the U.S

black hole sunset said...

I think you were alluding to this, Mr Ishmael, with the Black Op remark, but it'll probably bear being spelt out, what with NuDave trying to tell it like it most definitely isn't:

Given the timing and names of the corporations jockying to evade liability for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, it seems a most unlikely coincidence that the fate of BP is now in the gift of Washington 'opinion formers' at the exact moment that all the Iran shit is being systematically brought to the boil.

Information of a "personal nature" must have been unavailable, or insufficiently sordid, to have been up to the job.

Multi-billion dollar sabotage and blackmail are the new foundations of the Special Relationship, as it exists in reality.

Not that NuDave or NuCleg'd know either way.

call me ishmael said...

That'sright, mr bhs, when you cut through the smug conceit and clunking, metrosexual cliche, CallHimDave is surprisingly stupid, anyone can talk without notes, talking shit.

Care to elaborate on your second paragraph?

black hole sunset said...

Certainly, Mr Ishmael. To the extent that the cause of my ramblings might in any be of interest, you're more than welcome to it.

There is some information here on the frequent role of faulty cementing in well faulures - the Deepwater Horizon cementing contractor, Halliburton, Dick Cheney's outfit, supposedly "completed cementing of well 20 hours prior to explosion" and have form in respect of previous well blowouts caused by their shoddy cementing.

Halliburton were in an ideal position to engineer the now well known outcome under cover of BP's equally well known culture of risk taking and cost cutting. Tony Hayward, being an unfortunate amalgam of the most unendearing personal qualities of both Fred Goodwin and Adam Applegarth, has played the role of arrogant, blameworthy prat like the natural he is; incapable of even insincere contrition when it would have been worth more than BP's entire PR budget since year dot.

The result of the Deepwater Horizon blowout is that BP and all those with a direct or indirect financial interest in BP's future are completely beholden to Washington's propagandists. I can't help but feel that those with motive and opportunity have updated their blackmail strategy to match the change of UK Government and that, in the rather likely event that Iran comes under fire, BP's predicament will play no small part in the UK Establishment's renewed and reinvigorated enthusiasm for wog burning, which has been flagging a little, of late.

We might even get to see the Toileteers dance to the Millitary Industrial Complex drum beat, like many a supposed Socialist before them.

black hole sunset said...
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call me ishmael said...

Jesus. Is that like saying, mr ghs, that the vulnerability of UK pension funds to BPs being bullied by Washington will force the UK government to endorse and maybe participate in Shock and Awe 11, Iran, the Sequel, a rendition of the Junior Partner Blues?

black hole sunset said...

That's it, Mr Ishmael, if a lot better put than my own attempt.

I've suspected that BP's American interests might have become the subject of strategic sabotage ever since their Texas refinery went up in smoke.

I can't remember exactly what it coincided with, I've a vague recollection of it being something to do with the release of Gitmo/Rendition documents or a related subject where a few grains of predictably damaging truth had spilt of the Top Table. Either way, the timing provoked lasting suspicion, even if the details currently elude.