Friday 22 December 2023

Mr Mongoose's Christmas Crossword


1 & 29      a Yuletide exercise for cruciverbalists. (9,9)
  6       Non-kosher fare acting for 9 slaughterers. (5)
  9       Biblical native shattered realities. (9)
10       Lows european elk. (5)
11       Iron, carbon and aluminium produce such matter. (5)
12       Cut out attractiveness for speed command. (9)
13       This Knight had pips. (6)
14        Magical beasts damaged feet at College. (8)
17        Hung maps sort of moss (8)
19        Almost "touching" the untouched. (6)
22        Tyrant built from this fuel minus oils. (9)
24        Ground a lust in American city. (5)
26        Pick-me-up acting in a moment. (5)
27        Bundling you might see at the Oval. (4,5)
28        100 ergs/gram input - output receiver. (5)
29        See 1a


 1        A bachelor boy until his dying days. (5)
 2        Undeveloped construction said the psychiatrist. (9)
 3        French girl concealed by coy romantic. (7)
 4        Servant covering setter got hurt. (6)
 5        Inanimate. Like a traffic Policeman. (8)
 6        Magnificent pigeon in charge. (7)
 7      Mother or yours truly came originally from the 
south island. (5)
 8        I heard Redgrave and his lad had a rocket. (9)
13       Oval landmark ground megastore. (9)
15       Musical hunchback. (9)
16       One catsuit developed a disordered spectrum. (8)
18       A club for Marx. (7)
20       Narrow. Strip first and dip without hesitation. (7)
21       Racing body over country embarrassment. (6)
23       Wickedness overdose transmission for the bishops' gig. (5)
25       In this old-fashioned day and age revolutionary pined. (5)

Tip - print out the page and complete the grid by hand.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, mr mongoose, just the right balance of fiendish and doable. I think I've finished, though a couple of answers look right without my being entirely sure how to parse them. I assume 11 Across is the House Filthster special? An honour, if so.

cheers and season's blessings


mongoose said...

That was quick, mr v. Well done!

Bungalow Bill said...

Mr Verge needs to slow down. After my triumph in the Northumberland quiz, I fear this is going to be a chastening experience. Thanks Mr Mongoose and thanks to Mrs I, of course, for the whole thing.

The Bad Men are getting closer but we're holding steady. All the best to everyone who comes here.

inmate said...

Wishing all Ishmaelians a happy Christmas and a peaceful n prosperous new year.

An I haven’t a clue with this bloody crossword.

Mike said...

I'm struggling also. Best wishes to all.

bunglaow bill said...

I've done it, somewhat to my surprise.

I've had a few and my frame is weak so forgive any nonsense but there does always feel like some deep magic is at work in this season. And what do they know of that, the fuckers?

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit, mr BB. And ditto on the bests to all.



mongoose said...

Happy Christmas everyone.

mrs ishmael said...

And a very happy and merry Christmas to all who are kind enough to drop in and loiter here for a while.
'Tis indeed Deep Magic, mr bungalow bill, even if it is only in Aberdeenshire that the snow has fallen, snow on snow.