Saturday 30 December 2023

Mr Mongoose's Christmas Answers



Mike said...

Well done, Mr mongoose. I was nearly there. Starting to doubt my cognitive faculties.

Anonymous said...

Now I can ask me mongoose to, please, parse 12 across - where/what is the speed command? I got it but didn't get it, if you see what I mean? And thanks again.

btw, if 15 D was a trap, it worked. Having filled in Christmas Crossword, giving me the O to end "musical hunchback", I smugly wrote in Quasimodo and then agonised over an answer for 14A that would accommodate the required Q. Nicely done.

I think it's when you stop doubting them that you really have to worry, mr mike.



mongoose said...

Well done, fellas. Yes, I tried to have a good few gettable ones so that folk could get started. And you are correct there are only two hunchbacks in crosswords, mr v, and not everyone knows Rigoletto as well as they they know Quasimodo. You see this ruse all the time in the Times and the Grauniad.

Parsing 12a? Err, just a sec: Cut out attractiveness for speed command. I was trying to lull the unwary and draw them to thinking abut all those musical terms for the various speeds. But it is just EXCISE with PERT in it instead of C (speed of light).

Mea culpa: pert is attractive rather than attractiveness, and normally I'd have found that and fixed it. Alas, mrs i was on my case like Ghengis Khan, at her front door with her holiday bag tapping her foot and pointing at her watch, and so it slipped by.

Glad you enjoyed it.

BTM am compiling a political one for the GE - let's hope it does not come this spring because I won't be ready.

Genghis Khan said...

Very excited to learn there is a General Election Crossword in the making, mr mongoose, and thank you for this one - very much appreciated!

mngoose said...

You're most welcome, mrs gk.