Wednesday 5 April 2023

Peter in a Pickle

 Oh dear, yon lassie's hubby is under arrest. Can't say I didn't warn you.

First thing this morning, Police Scotland arrested Peter Murrell, who resigned in March from his post as Chief Executive of the SNP after falsifying the numbers of SNP members. Peter is in custody and under questioning in  connection with the funding and finance investigation into a sum of £630,000 missing from SNP accounts.
Police Officers are carrying out searches at a number of addresses. Looking for the missing cash?

There's a police tent outside the front door of Nicola and Peter's home:

Now, this is a proper, ocean-going scandal.


mongoose said...

One has to suspect that the err, alleged shenanigans are be so blatant that even Mrs Fish's very own polis force cannot but fail to act. Must put popcorn on the shopping list. Who was in charge of the McFinances when all this was happening?

mrs ishmael said...

Kate Forbes was Finance Secretary from 2020 to 2023. John Swinney served as Acting Finance Secretary in addition to his position of Covid Recovery Secretary from July 2022 to March 2023, when Kate Forbes was off on maternity leave. Swinney resigned as Deputy First Minister when Nicola Sturgeon resigned as First Minister.
I wish I could tell you it was the current First Sinister, Humza Useless, but they didnae let him near the money.

mongoose said...

I am bereft, mr i. I had high hopes of a perfect storm.

I ee that Nicola has said that he had no idea that the rozzers were going to come and kick the door in. Her resignation four heartbeat before it happened is therefore jut a coincidence.

Mike said...

Seems a little bit more to this than meets the eye. I don't see even publicity seeking coppers turning up in full gear and camping on the lawn and searching the bins - unless its a re-cycling crime? This is just a matter of simple accountancy. If Mr Fish or whoever has furnished dodgy financial accounts then they are personally liable, and the onus is on them to come up with the missing cash and/or be held accountable. Simple paperwork, no need for the rozzers treading all over the daffodils.

mrs ishmael said...

Did I hear that they were digging up the garden and searching other houses?

mrs ishmael said...

And they've let him go - but the unhappy couple are nowhere to be seen. In the wind. Didnae gae hame to their modest suburban detached wee hoosie, yon dirty stop-outs. Mrs Fish has cancelled her appointments for the day, on the basis that she doesn't want her notoriety to distract from the important business to be discussed.
It isn't over until its over, as the football pundits say.
And it was fun to see the miserable circumstances in which the erstwhile top power couple of Scotland live. No Georgian mansions for them.

mongoose said...

And the SNP accountants have quit.

That's not good.