Thursday 25 March 2021

scandals and selfies in australia's government

Damn it, the very building looks like a tumescent bloke - well, if you engage your Picasso sensibility, that is, and squint at it through surrealist eyes: if swans can reflect elephants
Canberra's Parliament House needs to put its trousers on. No wonder this priapic building has generated a sex magic that has shocked and disgusted Australia's prime minister,  Scott Morrison. The very reporting of the latest sex scandal to rock Morrison's government is heavy with innuendo. No, really, honest, not invent - the Prime Minister  said: " a lawmaker's staff member at the center of the latest allegations of sexual misconduct had been terminated "  
 In case you haven't caught up with this story, which casts the Scottish saga into the shade, and, anyway, they are no fun anymore, now they've broken up to hand out leaflets; apparently there is or was a Jerk Off Club at the heart of the Australian Government. Chaps filmed themselves masturbating and proudly shared them with other chaps on a Facebook Messenger group set up for the purpose. Whistle blower Tom, an erstwhile masturbateur manqué, leaked to
Ten Network television news, to national glee - sorry, shock and disgust, providing videos and photos, including one of a man exposing his bits with a copy of the Parliament House rule book seen in the background. A video shows a man who, after  pointing to the desk of a female Liberal MP, got busy on top of it.
Whistleblower Tom allegedly claimed that male and female sex workers have been brought into the building on multiple occasions “for the pleasure of coalition MPs.” 
 A former staffer, Brittany Higgins, alleged last month that she had been raped by a senior colleague in a minister's office in Parliament House two years ago. The Defence Minister, Linda Reynolds, who, according to mr mike, looks like Nicola Sturgeon would if she got really unrestrained with the pies, called Higgins a "lying cow". Reynolds is off sick, but has dragged herself from her sick bed to post an apology on social media, pay compensation to Higgins and make a donation to a sexual assault charity.
is mr mike right?

Prime Minister Morrison, Shocked and Disgusted of Canberra, says it has been a very traumatic month and
"I want to see more women in this place," Morrison said, referring to Parliament House."I've done many things to get more women in this place and I intend to do more," 
Why? What else do you want to do to them?
Thanks to mr mike for the story - chapeau.


Mike said...

For those who don't know, Australia only became a formal nation in 1901 - hitherto there were 6 separate colonies under British rule; it is now the Commonwealth of Australia comprising State and Territories which have their own Parliaments and a lot of autonomy.

When Australia became a Federation it needed a Federal capital. The two power bases of Sydney and Melbourne could not agree that each other should have it, so a compromise was formed and a new location equidistant from Sydney and Melbourne was chosen. At that point it was a cabbage farm. The city of Canberra was then built. It was an inspired decision, as it keeps all the creepy politicians and bureaucrats at arms length.

Political life in Australia has always been colourful; the latest goings on are likely the tip of a big iceberg, and won't be the last. All I would add is that we are somewhat less hypocritical than those in Westminster and Hollyrood - there is no real pretension of saintliness, and the public have low expectations.

Mike said...

Mrs I: on the theme of general political sleaze: here's one for your picture archives

Makes Cyril Smith look svelte.

PS more rape allegations in the last couple of days against a NSW MP. The NSW Premier (Gladys Berejiklian) says she is positively shocked and knew nothing - that's the same Gladys who was recently called before our Independent Commission Into Corruption (ICAC) and has to fess up to a 5 year affair with another MP who was being investigated, plus other stuff she couldn't recall. And Gladys was generally regarded as a cleanskin. She's had a good Covid.

mrs ishmael said...

Bloody hell,mr mike, that Frank Zumbo is a chap who likes his pies. Thanks for the photo - he certainly has a twinkle in his eye and whatever it was in his trousers. It was the comment about him giggling as he emerged from the conference room that cracked me up. You can't take a chap seriously wot giggles.
Maybe it is all the sunshine that has your politicians at it like rabbits. At least they are doing it with other adults, whereas (allegedly) the predilections of Scottish lawyers, (Holyrood is stuffed with lawyers etc) teachers, and the professional classes are for younger sexual partners. No wonder Paedophilia is known as "the British Disease" around the world.