Sunday 13 December 2015



Now look, lessbeclear about this.  
Our European partners, of which we are not whom, have, quite proply in my view, recognised that, insofaraway as the renegotiations are being negotiated, I have them exactly where they want me.  

 I have managed to persuade them of the fact  and left them under no misconfusion that I will do exactly as they tell me. It hasn't been easy but after some hard talking, my opposite number and myselves have agreed that rather than restrict the UK benefits paid  to the immigrant scum, the easiest thing, quite proply, in my view, is to ban them altogether, for everybody, no, no, not particularly the UK citizens, but yes, that's right, them especially.

I think that  this  is a renegotiation which we can  confidently put before the readers of the Daily Mail in the certain knowledge that they will fully and completely not understand it.  

Five more years? 
On the back of these successful renegotiations?  
Well, look, you know what I say in these circumstances,

 never say always. 



Ah, Oui, le monde,  il est come together,  over moi, to preparez vous le grande fudge climatique, et toutes les persons de l'importance dans le monde, ils dits, 

Frankie Hollande, vous etes l'homme qui saved the world and les Frogs, ils should tres certainement votez for vous as M'sieu le President Eternale. 
Et ne pas le baggage, Madame le Pen.


Grabbez-vous votre coat
Et get votre chapeau
Leavez les worries sur le doorstep
Just directez votres pieds
A la sunny side de la street.

Et maintainant, toute le monde, il est sunny
Mais ne too sunny pas.
Just sunny enough, n'est ce pas.

Christ AlfuckingMighty, this little prick can't tie-up his own shoelaces without telling a pack of lies about it;  Obama can't keep a promise, any promise, nor will whoever succeeds him; Merkel can't even clean-up Volkswagen; Cameron has the moral fibre of an earthworm  and the rest of the UN numbskulls4sale  are about as trustworthy as a bunch of Freemasons at  a FIFA piss-up.
This is the best laugh I've had all week, the men and women who saved the world.


Mike said...

Being good world citizens, I guess we signed up for this meaningless bollox as well.

In other news, The Aussie gov recently gave the go ahead for the worlds largest coal mine.

I mean, where else can the chinks get their coal?

call me ishmael said...

They should be building the world's biggest solar panels, shouldn't they, down there? Get those blackfellas off their arses, appreciating what a great country they're being allowed to live in.

Has Obie moved-in his peace forces yet, the 101st. TeenRapists Division? And do the Aussies know that whatever he does in a host nation, GI Joe is immune from civil lawnforcement, whatever he does?

Mike said...

You would think we would be the ideal case for solar, but I don't think its happening. On the other hand we are sitting on a third of the world's uranium supplies, and have coal, oil and gas wherever you want to dig a hole.

The Merkin forces are stationed out of sight in the outback up north somewhere - good luck to the mommas boys surviving that. Oddly we don't see too many yanks in Sydney, or they keep their heads down.

When the brown stuff starts flying, we could easily change sides and join the chinks, if they look like winning. We don't like loosing at anything. Not that our tiny forces could make any real difference, but we like to think we can.

Bungalow Bill said...

More sorry fucking lies. I am finding, if I may strike a personal note, that this latest particular torrent of untruths is threatening my equanimity more than is healthy and the darkness is setting in. My problem, of course, but I need something to take the edge off. Leave it with me and I'll be back in the new year.

Happy Christmas all.

call me ishmael said...

And you, mr bungalow bill. Sorry to bring you down. Au revoir.

Caratacus said...

Mr. Bungalow Bill - I understand and sometimes share your pessimism; but, because I am a simple soul and easily distracted by the laughter of a child or the song of a bird in the morning, I often find these words of Chesterton to be a timely reminder that our inner selves see those things which are hidden from daily view:

And when the pedants bade us mark
What cold mechanic happenings
Must come; our souls said in the dark,
"Belike; but there are likelier things."

SG said...

Take it easy Mr BB. Meanwhile, one of them CCTV cameras spotted you just the other day:

Happy Christmas!

Mike said...

Mr BB. Have a good one; look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.

call me ishmael said...

Nearly midwinter's day, here, mr mike, must be high summer, down there; how do you do Christmas in shorts? No, never mind, I guess we'll find out soon enough, no matter what Frankie says. But there'll be snow in Aberdeen, tomorrow, wlhen I arrive, brighten-up the miserable stoney shithole, full of angry, Merc-driving oiks, spitting feathers about the declining oil bonanza; more Range Rooneys than anywhere else in Britain, up to now. It's an ill wind, that blows no good.

Mike said...

It nudging 30 deg at the moment (11.30 am). Just been down the beach to give Mr Pug a swim. Quite pleasant with a mild sea breeze.

Shorts is the norm for at least 6 months of the year down here. I don't think I've seen snow for 20 years.

Re the aged care comments: my wife's mother is in a aged care place costing a thousand a week in Sheffield. Bloody rip-off. As you say, its all designed to releive the old of their hard-earned. We have just decided this is unsustainable and she's coming to settle here in January.

mongoose said...

The point about it all isn't the money, I hope. I do recall my thought about the repeal of civilisation. It wasn't a hymn to taxation as such - 'cos I is a liberal and not a socialist, innit - but more a view that there are some things which define us, and cutting the fivepence that funds those things therefore defines those who cut it. So I would rather we structured the world so that - and for instance - if we must grasp back money from graduates, I would rather that we built libraries with it than that we throw it into the general money pit - even electronic libraries if we must.

Some link between cause and effect is useful to human beings I think. And if for instance 2, a supermarket was required to dispose of its past-sell-by food via a levy of £1000 per hundredweight, we should very soon see such food given away to poor and homeless people would we not? Diane Abbot could whine about the indignity of it all, the air-freighting of strawberries would have a lesser imapct on the polar bears and poor people would get free food.

call me ishmael said...

Good for you, mr mike, and for her. Here, the illusion of upward social mobility largely precludes the care of ageing parents, unless an inheritance hinges upon it. We have not had a parent between us for most of our lives and I do recoil, perhaps abnormally, from the abandonment of their elderly which distinguishes my g-g-g-g-g-generation, baby.

call me ishmael said...

It is a nuance a micron thick, between us, mr mongoose. My Aberdonian Asian taxi driver, today, made conversation by saying Isn't we lucky in this country, cuz ov not 'avin to pay as much tax, innit, as what they do in them places like Norway, right, an' 'Olland? It was quite a long journey, and when we parted he was enthusiastically voicing a different point of view.

mongoose said...

It's a bit thicker than a micron, mon vieux, because my default position is that when push comes to shove, the state shouldn't and yours - if I may represent it so - is that it should. Take the supermarket idea of yesterday. People don't really understand that supermarkets exist to take money and not to feed people. Mr Tesco doesn't care if you eat the damn food, only that it is purchased. If all the date-stamping bollocks can be perverted so that you can be separated from your cash only to take the food home, chuck it in the bin, and then come back and buy more, well so much the better! That the state thinks it's being helfpful with its sponsored date stickers is an indicator of the something-must-be-done disease. This corned beef is off, I tell you!

So if we set a waste levy at a level that was so horrible it was never activated but sufficiently reasonable that they didn't cheat, the spare food would seemlessly pass to the needy and the state would never actually do anything other than pin the Supermarket House Rules on the wall. And that perhaps is what I think the state should be looking to achieve in more of its interventions. And while profit and care homes should not live in the same sentence, nor does a degree in PPE equip a body to run the energy policy of a major nation. (Have you noticed BTW that the new wheeze is not - old house of decent size = retirement home but old house of decent size = has garden the size of a solar energy farm?) And at its end we find "this tuck box has beeen inspected, measured and passed by Big Brother as chocolate bar free". There are a million things such that are best just left undone because added up they hamstring and pervert the structure of ordinary life in a way which has become ruinously expensive and risibly illiberal. And then when times are hard the fuckers close the libraries instead of ceasing some of their box-ticking.

call me ishmael said...

As I said, a micron. We both believe that it all should be done, the regulating and incentivising, you think that the interventions which you urge upon the state are the correct ones but yours and mine depend upon the existence of the state in the first place, and thus on its improvability. mr richard, on the previous thread, for instance, and mr jgm2, when he was here, and others, believe in something else.

It isn't just our former friend, Dr Bob, Obama's Court Jester, who opines that Y'know, it Costs more to store the food than it do to give it.....but you and I, too. we are all in the path of the Slow Train Coming, I just see it freighted with more ills than do you, preventable lung cancer, cirhossis, obesity and fatal laziness; the only conceiveable Engineer of Redemption, the only brakeman is government.

Mike said...

Down Here we have somewhat of a half way position.

I used to think our 3 year electoral cycle was a recipe for inaction; now, its clear that it keeps the maggots on their toes as they cannot ignore public opinion - that's democracy, innit? The electorate can be very fickle - upset me and I vote the other way next time. No party loyalty here.

We have the concept down here that the 'user pays' - so you pay to see a GP, have an X-ray, see the dentist, have physio, travel in an ambulance etc, although these are partially offset by Medicare the state insurer. On the other hand, I can see a GP, get scans, get the results and then any treatment all within 24 hours. As I've said before, down here we regard heath professionals as we would car mechanics - they get paid to fix stuff. Generally, I would say the standards of our health care are a lot higher than the NHS.

Individuals and families can take out health insurance to cover the gap between Medicare and the total cost. We pay about AUD$5000 for a family of 4 adults which covers everything, even chiro and massage. There is a tax offset for this, I believe.

We have toll roads, but some state subsidies (usually opaque) are involved, but it does mean some level of private investment in infrastructure.

The public school system is very good, I would say better than the UK. There is also much more availability of private school education, for those who want to pay, which is also of a high standard. In my observation, the universities have gone the way of the UK - charging high fees for dumbded down courses, particularly for chinks who regard this as a backdoor into Australia.

Our aged pension is means tested, though at a reasonably generous level. Oddly, I will be getting 2 pensions from the UK (one occupational, one the old age pension), but do not qualify for any aged pension in Australia where I have lived for 22 years - actually, I think this is a good thing.

Old buggers are well looked after here. In NSW we have seniors cards at 60. This gets you all sorts of discounts on stuff, and you can travel anywhere you want on public transport for $2 a day. Also all prescriptions are heavily discounted. We also have the great institution known as the RSL (returned servicemen's league). These are not-for-profit clubs providing food and drink at discounted prices - all locals will be a member of at least one RSL. As a senior (over 60) a roast dinner is $6 - so you wont go hungry down here.

As you would expect, we moan down here, but I would say the balance between public/private is better than the UK.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mr mike, that all sounds lovely but not transplantable, I guess, to the UK populace and crumbling landscape but even so it would be worth a try. Unfortunately, that mixture, and the steps necessary to get there are not what Camoeron means by the Big Society, he means a return to the mythical philanthorpy -Quaker-style- of the 19th century and the cheap sale of public assets to his chums, that thye may then sell them back to us selectively and at a huge profit, like the utilitiies companies and the PFI schemes of Gordon Snot.

You would know better than I but I simply don't see that the circle of need for service at time of need and the profits of shareholders can ever be aquared, depending, as it must, upon competition and my own view is that a reasonable universal citizen income might reduce the need for some services in the first place; money is just imaginary, after all, borrowed into existence.

I don't know what a hundred billion pounds is but maybe instead of imagining it into reality for Trident or the nonsensical HS2 we might imagine it into our own pockets, and see what happens.

mongoose said...

I guess that we are trying to travel to the same destination, Mr Ishmael, but it's not Birmingham, is it?.

And there we are. The moment you turn your back on the bastards and they have decided to build an HS2. To what purpose? So that we can all travel from London to Birmingham ten minutes faster. Just when everyone became equipped with more electronic devices than sticks can be shaken at. Just when I have been running a fledging business in Scotland for five years and have been there maybe six or seven times for a couple of weeks in total. Just when I can skype with my mates around the planet at whim, we must all heave our arses to Birmingham and travel there via the Victorian solution to staffing and distribution of sweatshop manufacture.

And it is pretend money. Invented to be spread as largesse - Keynesian fucking madness - to imaginary beneficiaries but mostly to the greater glory of the politician. If the money wasn't invented, didn't involve the construction of an idiotic white elephant vanity project that has even the cats laughing, and didn't despoil the landscape any further, nobody would notice its non-happening. And, of course, once the Brummies are safely visitable, then we'll have to go the fuck to Manchester too. And you heard it here first, Phase 2 overspend will make the Birmingham Phase 1 overspend look like a toddler's pocket-money.

A much better use of imaginary money would be to instantly remove x% of every mortgage and credit card debt in the nation. Oh. Oops.

call me ishmael said...

It was Galbraith, I think, insisted that the ThatcherSpivCorp squandered North Sea Oil revenue by not doing that very thing, giving everybody fifty grand; some, he argued would pisd it up the wall, but even that would be a boost to the economy, n'est ce pas, and many would either invest or start a business. Instead, the money was used to destroy industry and deregulate Usury; Norman Tebbit, economics genius. There is also the consideration that this, actually, was a people's bonanza, stolen, like so much else.

You are right, our masters are too clever to consult us and that fucking HS2, well, wot mr mongoose said. Leaves me speechless.

yardarm said...

The Great Tits Up of '08 put me on the dole, I apologise for my language, forced by economic circumstances beyond my control to claim social security which I had been funding for over 20 years. Decided to find out why so many fucking rocket scientists, lauded to the fucking high heavens had fucked it up and escaped the consequences of their larcenous folly when I and millions of others had not. Books...blogs, Brummer, Gillian Tette, Mad Max Kaiser; not the least of it was washing up on the shores of Ishmalia.

Discovered Basel II, fractional reserve banking: and quantative easing, the shot from the Grassy Knoll that forever assassinated fucking propaganda bollocks like living within our means, tough choices, prudence, fixing the roof while the sun shines. Can`t print money, Mr Yardarm, we`ll end up like Weimar Germany, barrowload of notes to buy a loaf of bread; like 1975, inflation at 25%....well there`s more artificial money sloshing around the world now, more than ever and we`ve had fucking deflation.

As you say, the big mistake was giving it as dole/handout/entitlements to the banksters, not real people. Not the people who actually do things.

call me ishmael said...

I am sorry, mr yardarm, that you are a workshy skiver, hiding behind your curtains, while your neighbours do the right thing, eh?

I often wonder about the blogging, the alternative voices, like Maxy, the comment threads on the broadsheets, and in darker moments consider them all just a lightning conductor, earthing the righteous anger, keeping the petrol in the car tanks, the paving slabs firmy in the pavement, other times, I do think that stanislav the young Polish plumber, in a strange way, captured and articulated Grievance's then zeitgeist, the drivers of which were Gordon Snot's Sol-you-shuns, MoralCompassings and snot-eating, 'phone-throwing, frenzied masturbatory bullying, the trouble with that was that Clegg and the ShitEaters, together with HamFacePigFucker and Junky George got away with murder, simply by not being Snotty.

I am glad that some, including myself, notably, have found some comfort here, some fellowship and I am always cheered by your own voicings; it is the comments of others, which bring me here.

Woman on a Raft said...

I cannot work out if hamface really believes what he says, or if he just thinks we are stupid enough to do so. It is a tough call because I've met a couple of people in his line of work and they give every indication of sincerely believing the moon is made of green cheese.

yardarm said...

I too find fellowship here, Mr Ishmael, we few clinging to a rock of sanity in a Sea of Ruin. Mr SG reminded us a few threads ago " They lie and we have to be merciful to those nabobs ". Not here we don`t.

HamFace has tried to split the difference, the minimum what he thinks his Euronutters will accept (they won`t) and the minimum the Eurorabble will accept(they won`t). He`s fallen flat on his arse and either has the choice of shouting " Hooray for Brussels "(he won`t) or leading Brexit (he won`t). He has the choice of being mangled by one side or both sides.

He`s kicking a lot of shit into the long grass, Heathrow, the Top Hat Killer in his own ranks. I`m wondering if he has realised neither bullshit nor the old school tie will cause the butler to deliver a favourable outcome on a silver platter, as it has usually done in his life so far and rather than soak up the punishment like a like Johnny Underpants or Snotty he`ll leg it next year and leave it to Pansy Face to sort out.

Anonymous said...

He's shut the last coal mine but imports coal instead, and has just attended a conference to reduce fossil fuels. He then announces that fossil fuels can be extracted from national parks via toxic chemicals forced into the water table.
Mr I, that's why I don't like paying taxes. This isn't governance, it's destruction facilitated by ignorance. If I threw a fag butt into Windemere I'd be fined, but it's OK to run a mining operation.

Woman on a Raft said...

Indeed, the ignorance is astounding.

Here are the few freebie pages which Cameron needs to understand. He will not get treaty change, but even if he did, the chances are he would find it neutralized by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) which interprets the treaty.

There are about 11 pages starting at page 11. That is all anyone needs to get to the nub of it. European law neutralizes the whole structure of any European state which signs up. Even Whiskey Maggie did not seem able to understand this.

Angela Merkel does understand it but does not believe that her empire could crack. She is wrong, too. I am guessing civil war in Germany within five years.

Mike said...

Ms WoaR: You are undoubtedly correct on the legal points, and as you previously pointed out hamface hasn't got a clue.

Nearly 10 years ago my first comment in the Filthograph predicted civil war over the Muslim issue. I was roundly condemned as a racist for even using the Muslim word. Now I think those sentiments are more mainstream.

But I have changed my view. I witnessed first hand a confrontation with new Europeans in Italy this year on a train. I was ready to go all in after they insulted my wife, but the French/German/Italians in the carriage meekly got up and left. (I'm Australian and have no skin in this bigger game, by the way).

Again, at the risk of being flamed, I would say the British and German gene pools were too severly degraded by WW2. Its too late now.

mongoose said...

It is interesting to note all that, Mrs WOAR, but when push comes to shove, I wonder what would happen if Parliament decided to revisit its decisions and its legislation and repealed the necessary clauses. Unless Angela wanted to send the Wehrmacht across the channel, the game might be up. Where resides exactly the ability to coerce? What is the sanction other than that Auntie Angela is disappointed?

And despite the legal basis of it all, and over which I bow to your vastly superior expertise, I sometimes think that the current renegotiation phase - coming as it does likely towards the end of both Cameron and Merkel - might be something wider and darker than we thought. It is certainly playing with matches to offer a referendum at the current time when any damn thing might happen this coming winter and spring to upset the most carefully laid of plans. And it certainly seems that we have two EUs already - so what's to break? Cameron is so used to winning lucky - and is very well advised for the most part - perhaps he has overplayed his cards this one time. Ho hum.

Woman on a Raft said...

Where resides exactly the ability to coerce? That is the key question, as it was at the Reformation. Or the breakdown of the USSR, for that matter.

Treading veeerrry carefully lest I make it sound like I have insight whereas all I have is a spidey sense; the corporations which originally were able to arbitrage the EU states and therefore supported it, are turning against the idea. They still like the ability to move capital around in relative safety but it is beginning to become clear to them that this advantage is being lost; the eurotax authorities are looking hungrily at their profits - and materiel - and will argue that that the EU should be the super-tax assessor and collector, not the states.

Once that happens, they will all be working under the emergent power and will have no more ability to shift round than a sole trader hairdresser in Cologne or Copenhagen or Clithero.

This may even sound like a good idea but it does away with the nation state, or even the local association such as Britain. Goodness knows there is plenty wrong with the nation state but there are worse structures.

Oddly, if it had really produced Fortress Europe then it would have easily sold itself to the European population. It is Merkel's determination to open the borders which will lead to the collapse. There are plenty of East Germans who remember what Stasiland was like. They have barely had a generation to get the double glazing, x-box and BMW they dreamed of, and they are not going to take kindly to finding themselves 'occupied' by the order of smug west Germans. The country was split and it could be again by its own hand.

I foresee civil war because the immigrants are neither here nor there; they are just the excuse. The fight which matters will be between brothers. If that happens, what I want is to keep it contained. Germany must not be allowed to divert her internal troubles in to an external (world) war yet again.

call me ishmael said...

Sorry. I have been tired and missed all this. I am actually a good deal better than I was a year ago but it has been exhausting, also, like mr bungalow bill, I just grow weary of the daily deluge of lies and filth, and sometimes simply cannot face it. It does seem, however, that the less I say around here, the better the conversation. I will try to catch up:

The nation state is, I believe, the heart of the matter, and, as we said at the time of the Great Merkel Benificence, unlimited immigration means the end of those nation states in which it takes place, this seems so obvious to me yet is disputed, still; a vote for the free movement of labour can only be seen as a vote for a SuperState, in which laws are framed and enforced by that state's apparatus.

Now, this may be a good thing - workers' rights, defined and equalised across half a billion citizens does limit the power of Oligarchy/GlobaCorp and the Holy Ontrapanooer to set workers against each other in the pursuit of insatiable and planetarily suicidal greed and must redefine and perhaps eliminate what we still call Capitalism and the Free Market but what is actually criminal insider dealing and crooked Usury but what will - or may - happen, given a protected, fluid workforce capable of resettling in any one of twenty eight countries is the collapse of currently predictable, national, public spending figures. I read, today, that in the last decade we have abosrbed the equivalent of two cities, one the size of Birmingham, one that of Glasgow, whilst simultaneously slashing the budgets of public sector service providers - social services, schools, hospitals, cops, transport, housing and infrastructure are robbed of funding which is given to criminal financiers and told that not only must they still fulfill their own, existing statutory duties but stand ready to meet the needs of an almost infinite number of immigrants, most of whom will be of child-bearing age and many of whom will require emergency housing, schooling in their own language, as well as ante and post-natal and subsequent life-long health care, all of them will require policing, many will require imprisonment or depoprtation, the costs of which will soar in respect of the need for translators of countless languages .....and on and on and on and on......continues

SG said...

Time to activate Operation Valkyrie Mr I. Oh bugger - there is no reserve army! Damn Tory cuts eh...

call me ishmael said...

And then there is the cultural impact, or the erosion and ultimate destruction of national cultures, customs, traditions and identities; the braying, crooked halfwits will say that we have always had immigration and that is true, but we have never had it at this proportional rate and it has hitherto resulted in assimilation, not ghettoisation, not in the outrageous demands of contrary and alien and hostile religionists, who are implacably, religiously committed to the Islamicisation of the cityscape, architecturally, educationally and culturally. Previous waves of immigrants, tiny by comparison, have become Britons, - save for the Jews who, post-war, have all become Israelis - currently we have this novel confection, the hyphenated-Briton, the Asian, or Afro-Caribbean Briton, in which the indigenous culture is secondary to the culture of origin; this situation is the antithesis of the nation state, this is colonisation by Commonwealth and Common Market immigrants, too many of whom are not remotely interested in assimilating andf why should they be when an entire industry of self-satisfied. leeching, dunderhead nitwit activists and lawyers exists to assist in the destruction of a cohesive national identity. Media slags, people like the ghastly queer-basher, Portillo, fetch up in Ladypool Road, Sparkbrook, with a camera crew, taste a Balti goatmeat curry and rave about multi-culturalism as though it existed.

Portillo, let me just say, is MediaMinster personified. Interviewed after losing his seat, he said that he would just wait and see what offers came in. He has not been disappointed, an inept, squabbling, disloyal cabinet minister, a man too cowardly to run for his party's leadership has achieved perpetual employment with the PBC as a peripatetic railways correspondent, as though no other broadcaster could have made a better fist of it than has Micky, with his stagey, condescending buffoonery, his worthless train series is created for him by the PBC as part of who-knows-what charmed circle quid pro quo; his equally perpetual participation in Andy Neil's This Week show seems equally bizarre for everything he predicts fails to happen, he is neither pundit nor political scientist, just a stooge, a used-to-be, flogging his past existence, as though it was of value. God bless the PBC, eh. Mind you, Portillo's feather-bedding is dwarfed by the scandal that is James Purnell, headhunted by the Corporation from Gordon Snot's cabinet on a salary of a quarter of a million, plus pension and expenses. No other candidates were interviewed for his made-up job of Strategic Director, of which he seems to know sweet fuck all, but never mind, he looks pretty in his rentboy suit and his natty goatee beard, somebody'll be fucking him or eating his shit, the PBC, eh, and its committment to equal opportunities.


call me ishmael said...


But the nation state, any nation state, cannot survive unregulated immigration, not this one, not Germany, especilly not whn it comes freighted with the commitment to resahpe the host nation in iots own image. I was reading Time magazine's piece about Merkel and it was pure showbiz, like the American Dream, only with Krauts, naturally. Her greatness was rooted in her time spent as a kid behind the Wall, which, depending on your grasp of reality, was pulled down by LA Whore, Ronnie Reagan, Whisky Maggie or, actually, Mikhail Gorbachev. And that's about it, her part in the reunification of the two Nazi realms adds some bogus glory to the myth of American Exceptionalism and her Hosannahing of limitless immigration to Germany offsets the inconvenient truth of her wretched nation's historic abomination. The piece could have been written by Steve Spielberg, the great humanitarian of ShowBusiness.

mrs woar, may well be right, whatever MediaMinster tells us about Merkel she has blown on nationalism's tinder and being, as Time soothingly informs us, achingly funny in private, a great mimic, will do nothing to calm those on the German street or in the Hungarian farmyard, besieged by fit, angry young Muslims. And nor should it.

A move to a borderless, nationless planet may very well be in everyone's best interests but being led there by a duplicitous oaf like Cameron, acting purely in his own interests is not the way to do it.

call me ishmael said...

I think the days of identifiable enemy targets are gone, mr sg, there is, for instance, no opposition in the commons to Cameron, save among his own troops and who knows what bribes they will accept, they are all whores, they will all have their price, a job, a boy, a covering-up of Vice, a preferment of niece or nephew.

If a military metaphor is needed I would use Das Boot, with we, the people, under impossible pressure, surviving many trials, displaying much heroism, only to die as we reach home, our war in vain.

call me ishmael said...

But it isn't just Cameron, mr mongoose, it is almost the entirity of
Western media, supporting him; it is Usury, it is the military, it is his own party and much of the opposition, it is my old friend, the Govament of National Unity. It is the same here, in Scotland, the best part of England, where poeple must pay with their jobs for John Swinney's Austerity, the tartan Tories of the SNP merely Junky George Osborne's lickspittles.

If it was just a case of Cameron overreaching his intellect he would have done that the minute he spoke as prime minister; he is, as you say, lucky, inasmuch as he serves Almighty Filth, but he is not gifted, not even a little bit. And if he should stumble another just like him will be appointed, from any wing of the GNU.

Citizen-Suspect Mr SG said...

Agreed Mr I. It was half, half-arsed attempt at irony and half fantasy - a citizen army seizing government buildings, arresting criminally incompetent politicians, speshul advisers et al. I'll take my medication just as soon as Nurse Ratched brings the trolley round.

walter said...

It is said that fat frau merkel is of polish hebee extraction, and that would explain everything, no investment in the future barren coo!

mongoose said...

My only Cameron point, Mr Ishmael, was that the referendum risk is at the moment an unnecessary one, possibly brought on by hubris. Why is it happening just now? You may not like Cameron, and I know that it is irritating, but he has smashed every opponent thus far. Yes, I agree that the field has not been a strong one but you can only beat the bloke the other side of the net.

Is Germany a real country? No, I don't see a good ending for them, Mrs Raft, nor for the EU. Indeed, I think the EU is already ending, has already ended. It's undead. Politicians - who all seem to think that everything lasts forever, until one day it hasn't - should read more history.

And in other news - I see that we are going to have a go at The Afghan War 5. Or is it 6? One loses count.

tdg said...

Reason merely colours a surface shaped by emotion, which decades of peace and prosperity have dissolved into sentimentality. Destruction is the only route to salvation.

yardarm said...

Mass immigration.....the rise of headchopperism...the future of nation states: vital issues that will affect the destiny of millions for decades at least are being handled by bone idle fuckwits I wouldn`t trust the hand the biros around at a parish council meeting.

Merkel and Hollande are bullshitting morons out of their depth in a dried up wadi in the Sahara. Ham Face is a thick lazy fool, his advisers are the same breed and probably the same people who gave us the Great Tits Up of `08 and two humiliating military defeats; vain, flatulent nincompoops, not fit to shovel shit. His potential successors, Pansy Face and Boris Cock are the same stamp as Call Me Top Hat; lazy, entitled and dim. They will fuck everything up because its impossible for them to do, or be, any different.

In or out of the EU we`ll still be part of Banksteristan. Whoever is in government will be handing the fragments of the private sector to them, employing their clerks at public expense, wiping their arses with light taxation and regulation, creating however many billions it takes to keep them in luxury. Fuck the EU, fuck I.S.: the real terrorists are among us, wearing suits and ties, sitting behind desks, fucking our businesses and jobs, ruining proper capitalism, ruining lives.

As Dr Zaius nearly said, reading from the 17th(?) Scroll: " Shun them, drive them into the wilderness, for they are harbingers of Ruin ".

call me ishmael said...

Given a chair to repair, my old friend, Colin, mr tdg, howevermuch I railed, would only reach for his mallet, knock it to bits, and start as from scratch. He was correct, re-fixing a failed spindle or stretcher, a loosened rail or splat would result in other joints failing, elsewhere, as they shrank, better to strike another match, go start anew, than bugger about, half-assed, bodging thing up.

call me ishmael said...

Many in MediaMinster are so, mr walter, childless, both Mr Trump's wee boy, Salmond and his bint, Gnasher Sturgeon, up here, for instance. Whether or not they are so by choice is a moot point, although I would always suspect the very worst, the most anti-human behasviour in all such individuals. I don't claim that to have chosen childlessness is wrong or mistaken just that it is so often a decision wedded to ruthless ambition.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, and I suppose, mr sg, that recent events in Greece and Spain and threatened events in Germany and France, are programmed into Ruin and will be effectively dealt with, neutralised by process and propaganda, like so much frivolous Ukippery and that you, too, are as correct as is the comment preceding your own.

call me ishmael said...

As ever, all that's right, mr mongoose but it wasn't when he called the referendum, at which point he was fretful about Poundland and was seeking to undermine it. Now, I don't think he needs to worry about it, Farage looks ever more the buffoon, the massive numbers disappointed by the general election are unlikely to enthusiastically stay the course,another four years, are unlikely to be re-galvanised by every passing by-election, likely to grow weary of Diane and Paul and the rest urging them ever onwards, and democracy is not gouing to be redefined in order to let their voices be heard. All of that being said, Cameron cannot now renege on this promise as he has on so many others and one of his boy-lovers, maybe Dr Liam, may yet try to unhorse him.

I guess we have strangled, more or less at birth, the infant Corbyn-Revival and that HamFace's enemies will be of his own house.

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

Sorry, mr sg....... "you, too, are as correct as is the comment preceding your own."

I meant as fearfully correct in your comment as was mr tdg, in his.