Sunday, 13 September 2015


Lord Blind Boy Blunkett,  
elderly, cock-waving Murdoch stooge and  the unacceptable face of disability, said the other day, through gritted teeth, No, I'm not saying that Jeremy Corbyn is a thug, cos he's not, I'm just saying that many of the people around him are.....

Blunkett, readers may recall, when home seckatry, set home office spooks on his recalcitrant mistress, Kimberly Bicycle; hoped to celebrate the death of serial killer, Harold Shipman, with a bottle of champagne, doubtless to be purchased by us, and raged at being unable to turn machine guns on rioting prisoners.  A bit of an authority, therefore, Blind Boy, on thuggish behaviour, as are most of his kind, not blind  people,
 NewLabour filthsters..

Tonight he is probably dictating a piece for some RedTop ShitSheet,  Blunkett, predicting the ruination of everything he and his clan of thieves and bullies and pimps and slags achieved, i.e. a minimum wage which officially wasn't enough to live on;  war, torture and kidnap; the deregulation of Usury;  licensing the Muslim  Brotherhood of Noncing Labour Voters; the Private Finance Illusion;  the pardoning of the IRA and the UDA  and the valiant but failed attempt to introduce us to the reforming effect of Identity Cards and ninety-day detention.

I am not  quite sure why but I do expect better from disabled people, something along the lines of those who have suffered the most being the best-connected; Blunkett, however, a bully and a moron, an industrial strength hypocrite, reprehensible and unwholesome in his personal life, is a contemptible bastard. 
The other, misunderstood and misrepresented  aspect of Blunkettism is that, like his fellow cock-waver, 
Lord John  Pies, 
Tellya what, chuck, just finish us chips 
an' I'll gi' ya one, on't desk of deputy prime minister, like

Dave thinks that he was appointed on merit, when he was, in fact,  just a token blind man, one of Blair's Babes,  but with a beard, and a seeing-eye dog;  Prescott there to reassure the working class, Blunkett there to represent Otherness. 
No places on Tony's Sofa of Swing for Dave and John.
They were just there as window dressing.

 Even by the dismal standards of NewLabour,  Dave was spectacularly incompetent and most of his work, at Education, the Home Office, from which he was sacked,  and Work and Pensions, from which he was sacked, simply must have been overseen by others.  There is only so much a blind person can do, and running national security couldn't - and certainly shouldn't - have been left to him. 
 He was and remains an oaf, Blunkett, a greedy, immature, disreputable, unpleasant buffoon, only granted a platform because of his disability, something which, sadly, he has never risen above, being as mean, nasty and self-regarding as Mandelson, Hain, Straw, Miliband, Brown and the rest of them, probably worse.  The only thing which can be said in his defence is that despite his endless policy gobbing-off he was only ever allowed to do what Blair told him, how would he know when the wool was being pulled over his eyes, when his colleagues were mocking him, with gestures he couldn't see; when his staff were rolling their eyes at his incompetence, his disability?
Blunkett has no political achievements to his credit, he was a laughing-stock, an amusement to which he enthusiastically added; his paranoia, his priapism, his delusional grandeur, his fictitious friendship with Tony'n'Imelda, as if they gave a fuck about a dozy old blind geezer.
Not the stuff of statesmanship, Blunkett, not even of middling-fair ministership, a clown, comical yet pitiful.
His bullying of Kimberley, his reactionary outbursts, his work for Murdoch and his dodgy business ventures, these are Blunkett's legacy, he is very welcome to it.

As for me, on this night of upheaval,  I shall part-fill a nice glass from my only bottle of good brandy, and raise it to Blind Boy Blunkett's continued distress.

Eat shit, and die, 


lilith said...


Caratacus said...

I always felt slightly let down by Blunkett's dog. One would have thought that once - just once - we could have rejoiced in the sight of it scraping its fundament along the carpet in front of the Govament benches. Paddling along, leaving a shitty trail in a silent but devastatingly accurate commentary on Blair's goons and sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Cruel of fate to signpost his moral blindness by physical blindness and then make him the ugly plaything of a bored publisher. That was a hard kick in the balls which he deserved, considering the way he shucked his ex-wife when she was of no further use to him.

OTOH, if Mrs Blunkett No1 hadn't been so kindly Christian and furthered his career by looking after his children and his house, perhaps we would have been spared the dolt, so I dunno, maybe she deserved what she was happy to dollop on the rest of us. Caring, aye, the new Devil, as you said before.

Mrs Raft

Dick the Prick said...

He's just been on that Marr gazette and I swear he was having a wank in public. So fucked up is he that he compared Corbyn's victory as a lesser achievement than his rabble rousing, invective and spittle fuelled rants that also filled halls in the 80's, seemlessly forgetting that in Sheff at that time there was a genuine philosophical requirement to convene even if the guy on stage happened to be a moronic cunt.

As you mentioned, the fuck never achieved anything other than risible failure so maybe there is some small relief that His Master's Voice hasn't coaxed anyone serious out to piss on Jeremy's chips quite yet. How on planet fuck he can accuse Corbyn supporters of being 'thuggish' really takes some revisionist chutzpah - ffs, even now if I go to Sheff, I put on body armour just to walk out alive because I may accidently bump into someone with..err...what's the word, principles? What an utter pathetic shit for brains.

I obviously disagree with most of what Corbyn says but there are quite a few redeeming factors, namely; Cameron's a cunt, the other 3 candidates make an iceberg lettuce look stimulating, Osborne's gonna be coronated and the guy obviously believes what he's saying. I wish him well, I think it's nigh on impossible but I think I've always respected the Labour Party a bit more than its recent leadership has and many of my socialist chums feel a bit energized - had a few text conversations yesterday which sort of covered renaissance so good luck to the guy, genuinely. If they have to throw out Swampy Fallon to predict we're all gonna be Muzzies by 2020 then it kinda feels that CCHQ is rattled too - not like they've had 2 months to prepare vaguely plausible attack lines, eh - those wanks won't perform themselves.

yardarm said...

Basically a nasty town hall little Hitler who got lucky. As Mr DTP says back in the eighties Blind Spew ran Sheffield Council, AKA the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire so what the fuck Blindie`s slagging Corbyn off for I don`t know. And when he found out Rupe`s minions were phone hacking him Rupe bribed him with a column in one of his rags: bought and sold like a sack of manure. And even Boris Johnson didn't ride that right wing bike Kimberley Quinn

Bungalow Bill said...

How long will Power give Jeremy? If it sees him as a valuable monster, capable of being used to scare the children then he may have a decent span. Let us pray he knows what he is up against, really up against, and that he can do some liberating damage. Not sure he has what it takes but he' s pure fresh air after Blunkett and his kind and I have an atom of hope.

I'm waiting for the Kinnock dynasty to pronounce, surely they can't stand for this sort of lese-majeste?

Alphons said...

As I have said before, the scum always rises to the top.

mongoose said...

How can it be that the people who have voted for St Jeremy - and who are now skipping about the place trilling like teenagers - have also voted for Tom Fucking Watson? Ghastly, ghastly, horrible bastard.

call me ishmael said...

I would usually agree with that, mr alphons, the scum also rises, but there may be something else, something marginally different in this CorbynEvent.

I dunno much about Watson, mr mongoose, save that he was active in the time of the great expenses cover-up but I will accept your verdict on him, although had Caroline Crack won, instead of Tommy, I should have been forced to take narcotics.

He may, also, mr bungalow bill, prosper from the same disillusion with media which so boosted Wee Gnasher, up here; it seemed to be the case, during the election, that the more that Power rubbished Corbyn, the higher rose his star. His election, incidentally, seems to have rattled our Queen Rodent, up here.

I was wondering about joining the lovcal Labour party, what do you think?

call me ishmael said...

I don't mean to sound condescending, mr dick, but are you sure that you disagree with most everything he says? I would've thought that members of any political party would welcome the opportunity to determine policy, that a rebalancing of PMQs, away from Music Hall towards accountability would also be welcome, that the proposed nationalising of rail and energy should at least be given a fair hearing, I mean, they are both black farce, aren't they, the proof that Tebbit and SpivCo should all be in jail. I wish, in passing, that mr jgm2 was still here, he would put the privatisation case most ably. Lifetime learning seems a productive and progressive ideal, and, as you say, if Dee-fence is in the hands of nutcases like red-faced, masturbating loony, Swampy Fallon, then, who the fuck wants people like him brandishing Trident about; if, in about fgive minutes' time nobody gets a grip of health and social care our society will progress to Mediaevalism, beggars and amputees in the streets, this stuff is deadly serious, ikt's not for airhead idle spivs, like MediaMinster, Age Concern and KidsCo to fuck about with.

Fuck me, in living memory we have had Blunkett as minister for health, John Reid as home seckatry, Jack Straw as foreign seckatry, Malcolm Shouty as Select committee chairman; Andy Lansley as health seckatry, Liam Fox in Defence, George Osborne in the Exchequer and Tracey May in the home office and Nick Clegg as DPM; how much worse could a Corbyn cabinet be?

Bungalow Bill said...

I voted here for the Nellist Kamikaze Squad in the election, my local Labour MP, Louise Ellman, being entirely dull. I think all those of us on the Left who moan about the corporate death of intelligent and humane politics should put our commitment where our mouths are and I will be backing Corbyn by re-joining the party which I left in disgust in the Hatton era and with everything that followed. I don't agree with Jezza on everything (I oppose his views on abortion for example) and I have great doubts, as I say, that he will be given time but he he is by a very big margin our best hope.

call me ishmael said...

It is not the dog's fault, king caratacus, leave him or her out of it,lest I set my legions on you, like I did before, down Colchester way.

An interesting angle, mrs woar, which I hadn't thought of, well, not articulated, anyway, the first Mrs Blind Boy as succubus but yes, she is as much to blame as he for what we are told to term his rise. Surprisingly he is re-wed, to a GP, takes one to know one, she smiles.

I heard Peter Oborne, the last of the Filth-o-Graphers, a while back, generally an astute commentator, commending BBB's ennoblement, on the grounds of his outstanding public service. I think he was inebriated, he often seems to be so.

call me ishmael said...

Mrs woar, mr yardarm, casts BBB as Kimberly Bicycle's victim, his plaything but what I have learned about the affair is that while it is true that Davey was sharing Kimberley with both her husband and the repulsive Simon Hoggart of the Guardian, it was Blunkett who misused his position by deploying spooks to persuade her of her vulnerability to the home seckatry of the UK. A little bit more sinsiter, I think, than being a Town Hall Hitler. I don't doubt that he was, it's just that I think he was much worse than that and that his elevation, for cosmetic, PC reasons, might have proven disastrous, in a Strangelove sort of way, for the nation, had he not been stopped by his cock,his greed and his delusions.

Alphons said...

"Blogger call me ishmael said...

I would usually agree with that, mr alphons, the scum also rises, but there may be something else, something marginally different in this CorbynEvent."

May be it is simply that the other scums involved had specific gravities high then the specific gravity of the one in question.

blackholesunset said...

I for one wish Mr Corbyn the very best, whatever he decides to do, and find it almost impossible to conceive of him doing a worse job than the laughable shower of hustlers and Bennies he ran against.

BBB is on the beeb website saying something along the lines of "Give JC time to adapt" but it's nothing more than a squalid attempt to head off a deselection purge. Priceless.

Unlike Mr Corbyn's left-field inclusion in the leadership race, the list of candidates for deputy leader was almost certainly the fit up it was always intended to be. Those disenfranchised by the ascent of Citizen Corbyn may view Watson as a way to shape the process in their favour.

I hope a Corbynista-themed Renaissance Labour is suitably atune to the risk of Blairite Fifth Columnist elements.

call me ishmael said...

I expect that they are and I should think that they need to be fleet of foot, mr bhs, maybe by moving as much as they can away from Westminster and into the public fora not necessarily the town hall, maybe the workplace or the shopping mall or the village green, people are hungry for whistle-stop speaking tours and Corbyn is one of its few exponents, who gives a fuck, any longer, for Dimbleby-orchestrated pantomime shows?