Saturday 8 May 2021


 Certainly the noise comes from the Nats, the tribesmen are in full throat

mr ishmael, 16/09/2014


ultrapox said...

the latest prediction from labour party mission-control is that "short-hop 5p starmer" has about the same chance of becoming britain's next prime minister as he has falling out of orbit and crashing into hartlepool.

when pressurized for his opinion on the likelihood of starmer-mission-success, lord manglescum opined, "it's amazing the fellow ever got off the bloody launch-pad, really...".

meanwhile, former new labour poster-boy andy burn-up has stated that he is ready for re-entry into the westminster-bubble, but only if it doesn't mess his hair up.

the electorate appears to reckon the whole lot are a waste of space.

frankly, it all makes you want to eat fish-and-chips out of yesterday's news.

Mike said...

I see Gnasher is 1 short. Cruel, n'est pas? Not sure what BoJo is up to, but he should tell her to get lost.

mrs ishmael said...

Good summary, mr ultrapox. It's all very depressing.
Problem is, mr mike, that although Gnasher doesn't have an outright majority, there's an overwhelming number of pro-independence SNPs in this administration. The Greens supported SNP legislation in the last administration, and they will this time around. It very much looks like this is the beginning of the end for the Union. Scottish voters have decided that they want to create the conditions in which a second independence referendum is unavoidable, if Westminster accepts the will of the Scottish peepul, as expressed through the ballot box. The Union is a reserved matter, but the pressure created by this incredible result may lead to Johnson giving way. And if he doesn't, then the SNPs and Greens are entirely capable of calling an illegal referendum. I wonder if they would win?

ultrapox said...

for the labour party to have imposed upon brexit-barmy hartlepool a fanatically pro-eu parliamentary candidate - who as a gp even recommended the closure of local hospital services - displays either huge arrogance, or humongous stupidity.

the moral of this bye-bye-starmer-election is that you can label the british brexit-voting pleb a 'racist' until the cows come home, but it will have about as much effect as lobbing a bucket of cold water over a duck.

the war-mongering neo-liberal snobs and cia-sell-outs, who these days comprise the labour party's mainly middle-class metropolitan membership, evidently believe that the plebs should vote for labour, but not - for heaven's sake - have their views heard by this self-serving bourgeois cocktail-party.

come to think of it, when is the labour party - not just ostracized former leader jeremy corbyn - truly going to apologize for its starring roles in the unconscionable neo-colonial genocides of biafran and iraqi people?

mongoose said...

But the map from last week remains the same, mrs i. Only the wife-beaters of Glasgow want to go. And the Borders are now blue.

The truth is that Brexit has killed Scottish independence, and the Green nonsense will drive a stake through the heart of the corpse. Mr and Mrs Fish know this and they know that they therefore have to ram something through before the penny drops. Boris is so strong now that he has pretty much a free hand. I would imagine that he will play it cool and wait for events to kill the front page shouting. (The BBC is the loudest anti-Union voice out there. So they might get a pasting too.) Meanwhile Le Pen looms, Merkel ages and the EU starts to wobble more with every passing day. Nicola has to get it done pretty much now or it is over - probably forever.

There is an interesting American take on the recent events over on Breitbart. The writer does not get everything right but it as a different viewpoint.

"Sir Keir Starmer KCB", eh, late of the East Surrey Young Socialists. What could possibly go wrong?

ultrapox said...

@ultrapox - 9 may 2021 at 15:23

sorry mrs ishmael, but the final paragraph of the above comment, would have been more politically poignant had i expressed it with the addition of the following emboldened words:

"come to think of it, when is the progressive labour party - and not just ostracized former leader jeremy corbyn - truly going to apologize for its starring socialist rôles in the unconscionable neo-colonial genocides of biafran and iraqi people?"

@ultrapox - 9 may 2021 at 05:44

in the first paragraph of the above comment, the name "starmer" should not of course have been italicized or included within the speech-marks.

now to be clear, the smearing of all brexit-voters as 'racist' has always served as a cynical and distractional smokescreen created, by ardent pro-eu 'progressives', in order to conceal the politically uncomfortable truth that the european union is but a cia-powered reincarnation of the british empire - and the exploitative and oppressive neo-colonial nature of eu-institutions akin to that notoriously possessed by the east india and royal african companies.