Friday, 13 May 2011

one of our submarines is missing

More than one, actually. Stuff has gone. Posts and comments and ree-plies to comments. Blogger was unavailable this morning, maybe o'erloaded with people blogging about the foxtrotting nincompoop Vince Mabel, I mean Cable, silly old woman, Cable the Unstable on QT last night - which was certainly a topic vexing your correspondent - together with some mad Tory bint, his partner in crime; also there was Blind Boy Blunkett, talking about his wife -is that his wife as in his wife or his wife as in LittleLadsRUs, in which the silly old fucker manages to impregnate someone else's wife, just as though she was his wife and then, when spurned, set MI5 on the silly slut, who was, by all accounts, a bit of a Westminster bicycle?  I think we should be told, whenever Blunky is waxing lyrical about wives, just whose wife he's on about, the horrible fucking git, gives disability a bad name, that cunt. Spanky Max Mosley,was on, too, grinning and chortling like he was sitting on a seat with no bottom and someone was underneath, dressed in an SS uniform, flogging his arse with a bullwhip,  he was a waste of space, actually, one expects better from a rich flagellant than that,  and there was some  cliche-spouting fuckwit nobody, off Radio London or something, one almost felt sorry for Dimbles, surrounded by pouting, moist, talking arseholes, like he was in The Naked Lunch and not on the BBC, or the CIA Broadcasting Authority.

Saw that huge, fat fuck, Mark Mardell, last night, too, the BBC's North America - ie Washington - correspondent or editor or whatever these wankers call themselves, when they're not all queueing-up to play Pantomime Dames on This Week, with Jocky Neil, and he must have tripled in avoirdupois since he got Justin Webb's job as mouthpiece for  WhiteHouseInc, just blethering, unquestioningly, the latest press release from Uncle Sam's gang of organised criminals, it was as though he was reading it from an autocue, Anyone we kill is legally killed because the Attorney General says so.  Thisnis the greatest nation on |Earth, ever, because we say so. I  bet we're paying this cunt a a hundred grand a year for this nonsense, and supporting his family of fat children and fat wife in some luxury, could have been worse, though, could have been Jon Sox, Channel Four's Job-for-lifer, and he would have been down on his knees fellating any passing Democrat Congressman, the worthless piece of shit .

Mabel Cable, anyway, the shameless, worthless old cocksucker, was  telling us how great it would be if David Laws could find his way back into public life.  And there was the rest of us thinking that being an MP was, sto all intents and purposes, being in public life.  I suppose, when you don't ever turn up for work but stay at home, sulking like Gordon Snot or sulking  and counting your stolen money like this revolting shithead,  Laws, then actually all you are in is receipt of state benefits, awarded once every four or five years, in the festival of competitive promising. Proper public life, according to Cable,  means being in the cabinet of doom, regularly humiliated and demoted. Or being on Strictly Come Dancing.

If anyone can explain the doings of Blogger - I am sure I posted on Laws and mr ptb responded, and sure that I answered several earlier comments -  please send a message in a bottle. And herewith my apologioes to those whose comments prompted ree-plies, now disappeared. Off, now, to search the garden for little Maaaahdlin McCann;  she has to be out here somewhere, that's what Gerry and Cilla say, and they should know.


Dick the Prick said...

Ooooh, it's been irritating - days wiped off the calendar!

mrs narcolept said...

What a relief, I was afraid Blogger had just picked on you specially.

Spartacus said...

This Law's story needs sorting out.
Ok he kidded on he was a lodger and his boyfriend was his landlord. He did this because he didn't want people to know he was queer with the landlord.
So why then was he also claiming thousands in maintenance and repair if he was claiming to be the lodger ? What lodger would spend thousands repairing a rented house ?
Time for the old Bill to be called in.

I've noticed numerous blogs have some comments mysteriously deleted. Maybe they have to scattergun the deletions so we don't know who they're really after. Crafty beggers.

PT Barnum said...

Well, the PropaMeeja keep damning the bloggers to hell and pimpled onanism in a basement, so perhaps they're trying to speed the process up because reality is refusing to conform. But given the whole of Blogger seems to have fallen over,it was probably just some techie who tweaked something and forgot how to tweak it back when it all went horribly wrong.

call me ishmael said...

You did comment, though, didncha, mr ptb? I am not imagining things, well, not everything, anyway.

(Kelvin McK, scion of skymadeupnewsandfilth, is on Newswank, just now, promising to depthcharge a cabinet minister, in his column next week, with some juicy info. Aiout time the rotten fat fuck did something useful.)

A microbiologist, walking in Dorset said...

Yes, yes, it was all there, not a figment of your imagination Mr Ish.... Then, poof!, or shall we say, hague!....

yardarm said...

It`s been highly enjoyable to watch that hand wringing old twat Mince Cable whimpering that the Tories ate the Liberals babies. And still the worthless old fart, out of love for office, continues to aid them in their handiwork of bending over for the markets and shitting on the poor.

Why is this thieving twat Laws regarded by his colleagues as the greatest statesman since Churchill ? Why are they all whining about the fact he hasn`t been able to slime his way back into office ?

Thanks to Clegg` desire to serve the damned markets and pretend he`s in government his party will be going home in Jo Grimond`s taxi come the next election so most of them will be down the Job Centre where they are so keen to send everyone else. Try that one about protecting the privacy of your partner down there Laws and see what happens.

And Cameron has ' ordered ' the Met to investigate the Madelaine case. Is he in a legal position to issue direct orders to police officers ? Dave of the Yard didn`t order them to charge Laws. Scum, all of them.

call me ishmael said...

Nice to see you on such good form, mr yardarm.