Thursday, 5 May 2011


The marching yellow columns  of daffodils are all but  keeling over,  here in the North,  but the tulips surprise and delight still,  the whitebeam are in silver leaf,  the willow, the ash and the alder almost curtain the sea views  and the rosa rugosa is  on horticultural amphetamine. It is a sight which every year charms,  which every year - so far -  retains its immunity to events.

I don't know if the late Mr Ian Tomlinson saw much of  Spring's magic but there are parks and gardens in abundance in London and anyway, every year, just like you and I, he would have felt, Ah, just a tee-shirt, today,  that's nice.  He was ill and older than he once was, no reason for him to be used as sport by some sadistic mutant, togged-up in the State's bully clothes;  poor, inconsequential people like us,  who would steal our Springs from us?

I would.

Watching the phoneclips of the assault on Mr Tomlinson I was struck by the failure of the offender's colleagues to arrest him immediately;  he was surrounded by constables, all pledged to uphold the Queen's Peace,  they all saw him do it; whichever pig is snorting around on the top floor of Scotland Yard must have seen him do it;  the DPP must have seen him do it,

State terrorism stooge, Keir Shameless.

skymadeupnewsandfilth saw him do it;    The great ToryLiberalHypocrite Coalition all saw him do it,  Ed Milliband saw him do it, MI5 saw him do it;  the Chiefs of the Defence Staff saw him do it;  the editor of the Filth-O-Graph saw him do it; Prince fucking Gormless saw him do it;  in fact, anyone who is not blind saw him do it; why hasn't this thug been arrested?

Had Mr Tomlinson been engaged in any sort of bad behaviour  then a case might have been made for PC Cunt acting under duress, provocation, but the poor bastard was just walking down the street, and this example of London's finest had already flung several other people to the ground, unchallenged by his mates, freaks in uniform, pissing on democracy, their dicks lovingly held by MediaMinster.  This bloke was a homeless acloholic, why shouldn't the police kill him, doing us all a favour.

Estimates of deaths in UK state custody vary, one a week, one a fortnight, three hundred and fifty over the last ten years, no copper  has ever been convicted, indeed, recently, one sergeant thug, happily throwing a woman around his custody suite, had his brief custodial sentence o'erturned by a sympathetic judge. Increasinglt we see examples of outright criminal police brutality on our streets, as we march, whistling, back to the 'thirties, gangster profits privatised , gangster losses nationalised.  And all in power turn a blind eye, one bad apple-ing. Never mind that, they pontificate, Look over here, at Libya, where the state is attacking its citizens,  here is a chance for the nation to rehabilitate its degenerate foreign seckatry, to elevate its wretched unelected prime minister  to the level of statesman.  And if Mr Tomlinson sees no more Springs, well, that's a price worth paying for having a police force which is rightly the envy of the world.

And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room
About the woodland I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.

Unless, of course, Mr Piggy has other plans for your life.


Outed said...

You're right. I don't have a colleague who hasn't seen the actions of the uniformed bully in that video and not muttered "manslaughter". For all of us though, the question is "would I have locked him up?" and I think for nearly every one of us, the honest answer is no. It shouldn't be but it is and it has always been so. We stick by our own and we leave the judgment of our actions to others. Even so, in this case, so well recorded, every flex, set-up and swing of the strike framed, a swift arrest on the basis of the evidence would have been "a good thing".

We get coercive powers because society needs some people with coercive powers sometimes. Mostly, I think we get it about right in using them. We are mostly responsible as evidenced by the constant flow of people through the cells arriving undamaged and leaving undamaged. What we need is to feel some of that real accountability for our actions. Not the ersatz silliness of Local Commissioners, PACT Forums and "click here to e-mail" websites but the real accountability that if you abuse the power, someone will tell and someone who can investigate properly will investigate you and if there is enough evidence, a proportionate punishment will drop on you.

If Tomlinson was the "one punch manslaughter" of one man by another, the court case would already be over with an early guilty plea. That it has degenerated into a clusterfuck that the Coroner is belatedly trying to unravel is both corrosive for public trust in the police and indicative that for all the fine words on accountability, we are not there yet, not by a long way.

Anonymous said...

The Police will never be accountable: not to the People, anyway. For them to be accountable is not in the interests of those that the Police actually do protect.

mongoose said...

It is almost a truism, Mr Outed, that all coppers are bastards except for the ones you know. Round here we say "All coppers are bastards except for Gemma." Because we know Gemma. And except for those two who scooped my wife and kids off the bypass that time when she wrecked her car. But all other coppers are bastards because, look, they can kill people on TV and nobody does anything. And some cunt makes up a load of toss about the-prospects-of-a-successful-conviction-not-in-the-public-interest- Awww, fuck off. I watched it on the telly. My cat knows that the bastard should did it. ANd I don't necessarily want him to go to jail; he was just being a cunt. I just want the fuckers to say "Yes, he did it and we have sacked the fucker."

Outed said...

Mongoose, so do I.

yardarm said...

Who shall guard us from the guardians ?

Verge said...

At a slight (though not that slight, really) tangent, I for one am sleeping sounder than ever in my bed now that DFA Inc has righteously slotted Qadhafi's grandchildren. Proper Sicilian/Calabrian old school shit, that job. For NATO is an angry God, yea, even unto the twinkle in your houseboy's eye...kill all the brutes, innit?

call me ishmael said...

It was at least the fourth time that day, that he did it, and I want him to go to jail, just as you would, if you did it, mr mongoose.

And I think that mr outed's arguments are the customary urbane and accursed sophistry which so distinguishes our generation. Lesser mortals would eschew talk of coercive power and the fact of "mostly getting things about right" - Jesus, how my late friend, Dick, public sector managerialist to his boots loved that odious phrase - and wouls simply say that this is fucking wrong.

Harwood should have been nicked immediately and if coppering wasn't a sick joke, his mates, too, would have been nicked for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, neglect of their clear duty and with witholding evidence from themselves

call me ishmael said...

Surprised at you, mr verge, NATO - Sarkozy the Dwarf, Hague the Fag and Berlusconi the Pimp - is just an arm of GlobaCorp, as the BBC News operation is the Voice of the CIA.

mongoose said...

Your old mate like my old mate. It is the "do a net good", I-ate-no-cabinboys argument, Mr Ishmael. Gemma though is a nice lady, tender in years and values, and not yet a bastard. And a couple of coppers did what any of us would do and looked after a lady and her kids on a dark night. But they did, and I remember. These are the natural, normal instincts of a human being. Let us have honour and kindness at the front of our minds.

But it is no use having these noble things at the front if at the back lurks a cover-your-arse, turn-a-blind-eye cunthood. It is not good enough to say that this is the way the world is and it mostly works, and that Bobbies see the people at their fucking vilest and most repulsive - although they do. You have to be brave enough to stand in line and say the difficult sentences and not just think them in the canteen. Somebody should go and arrest the bastard. Surely it is the duty of any policeman presented with such evidence to go and arrest the man. No?

call me ishmael said...

Aye, and just imagine what it would have done for police/society relations if another one or two of those yellowjackets had immediately arrested Harwood. A golden PR opportunity for them and they missed it, no wonder they can only clear up a tiny fraction of the tiny fraction of crime which gets reported, and often have to lie about that, too

banned said...

@Outed I have been the guest of the Custody Officer three times; arriving and leaving undamaged each time and with no complaint about my treatment. I'm one of those who does not count my returned money upon release as I consider it rude.

Constable Cunt on the other hand should not even have been there. He was the driver and was told to stay in the van. He was clearly looking for a ruck but is now, rightly, being thrown to the wolves, no more than he deserves but only because of the happenstance of mobile phones and not the (in)action of his colleagues.

Caratacus said...

I am a simple sod and it seems to me that it doesn't matter if one is wearing black/hi-viz yellow or sky-blue pink - if one has acted like a cunt and been caught out, one should be treated accordingly. PC Cunt hasn't and there's the rub.

jgm2 said...


Mr Ishmael. Are you not the teensiest bit worried now that the Braveheart cult has taken over?

Woman on a Raft said...

I'm surprised they held out so long. Somebody made him the driver in the first place. Somebody knew he was a wildcard and tried to keep him in the pack, but failed.

What I think I see in the clip is a certain amount of "WTF?" in the stance of the other officers.

Leaving aside any of the prime issues of justice and the purpose of the police, Harwood caused an immediate danger for his fellow officers. There they were, shuffling down in the approved manner of a line to tighten a ring around a area, and SH goes out of his way to step out of that line, breaking it, swinging to his right and instantly causing a road-block right in front of the line. Bloody show-off. What was the point of that?

Bugger. Now they have to stop and deal with that, increasing the theoretical risk to themselves.

We've all met 'em, the golden boy who seems to enjoy the protection of bosses such that if you complain about them your own job will soon be history.

My question to the Ismaelites is "Who was protecting Harwood such that he was supposed to sit tight in the van? Did they want him not causing a scene or did they want to keep his pretty face safe?"

Find the person who allocated him to the van and they will be able to explain a great deal. Apart from why wasn't he arrested afterwards, why wasn't he sacked way before that day? He's an obvious liabiity.

yardarm said...

If Harwood was more senior, and more importantly unfilmed in his act of murder then he`d probably be promoted; the Met blowing a fart in our face or ' doing a Cressida'.

That twerp who chucked a fire extinguisher off a roof during the tuition fees riot is already doing time and this cunt is still walking around free as you or I. Yeah, right.

Dunno about Braveheart cult, more like a Fatguts cult.Salmond increasingly resembles a bloated oily toad, smirking as his fetid dreams of power come closer to realisation. Already you could tuck in his arms and legs and roll the fucker down the slopes of Ben Nevis like a ball.

Eventually all in Scotland will end up eating grass as he ferments in Holyrood, the MacMobutu of the North, swollen to Jabba the Hut proportions by the sacrifices of his voters, or by then, subjects.

Mike said...

I've been suspicious for a time that some of the "police officers" doing riot control were in fact soldiers. Not this particular odious git, but others.

black hole sunset said...

Today, via The Independent, IPCC: No cover-up by G20 police.

"... our investigation found no evidence that any press officer, or any police officer responsible for agreeing media lines, set out to mislead anyone. Nor have we seen any evidence that the police attempted to cover up the circumstances of Mr Tomlinson's death."

Good God, these people are bloody infuriating, they're the unstoppable Zombie Apocalypse of lying bastards, upon whom the most robust and widely credited facts have no bearing.

call me ishmael said...

A full and far-reaching cover-up, mr bhs, in the best traditions of the force. Mr outed, at the top of the hour, seems a reasonable bloke, but it's hard to reconcile the institutionalised "No Cover Up" shit with reasonableness. Why isn't the Police Federation questioning this outcome, he enquired,hollowly.