Thursday, 3 June 2010


On tonight's This Week show with clapped-out Romeo, Jocky Neil, the BBC continues in its mission. And nation shall speak shite unto nation.

THURSDAY 11.35pm (Eng/Wales/Scot) or 12.05am in N Ire

Andrew Neil, Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Quentin Letts and Grayson Perry

Tonight on This Week:
Thursday 3rd June

We'll be joined by the psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos as we discuss whether any lessons can be learnt from yesterday's tragic shootings in Cumbria.

The Mail's Quentin Letts will be rounding up the political week in Westminster as MPs return from their mini-break (their what?!).

And does the resignation of David Laws tell us anything about the pressure on politicians to conform? The artist Grayson Perry will be joining us.

Plus Caroline Flint will be cosying up to Michael Portillo on the sofa

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forthurst said...

I've just checked the bbc website since I obviously can't tell the difference between satire and real life well not exactly real life but what the beeb imagines it aught to be.

Why did the taxi driver have a shotgun; did he own an estate or what? He'd had the gun for 15 years. I hope we will be given the facts in this case unlike the Hamilton shooting where the police officer at the epicentre like that in the Underground shooting was promptly promoted. very suspicious. I think the psychologist aught to be interviewing Grayson Perry to establish why he he is so bloody irritating. I believe the whole nation wants to know. Actually, I'm deeply suspicious of psychology. We had a trainee programmer where I once had a contract called the 'Beauty Queen' who'd spent 2 yrs at Bristol studying this susbject and gave it up as a load of boring rubbish. As apart from being beautiful she was also very sensible and bright, I've always accepted that point of view without further probing. I believe wars have been started on less evidence.

call me ishmael said...

Don't think there's any involvement of MPs or ministers in this one, mr forthurst, or chief constables, as there was at Dunblane, so we might get some approximation of the truth.