Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Home, home on the range.

One of the perceived contradictions - perceived here, at any rate - in Obama's pre-election rhetoric was that he and the Mrs delighted in self-righteous lamentation at the State-Of-The-Nigger in modern America, but only insofar as it effected the basically crossover white nigger, such as themselves - as black in daily life experience as, say, our own, repulsive, Diane Lard; the centuries of institutionalised criminalisation of his claimed brothers and sisters, an international low-water mark in human rights, was never mentioned in his campaign, either as  a matter of national shame or as a cause crying out for remedy.  Other career niggers, like Jackson, insisted that Obama's election was enough, never mentioning his silence on the criminal justice system which so discriminated against black people, up to and including the national urge to witness  their eye-poppin' electrocution

or intravenous poisoning or gassing to death,  many of which instances were little more than State-abetted, delayed lynchings, all of which, ten, twenty years after the event were acts of barabarism perpetrated largely against blacks. Only his former pastor came anywhere near describing the scale of the Equality Mission in America and look what happened to him.

It was as though. merely by propelling his hypocrite black ass into the riches of the White House, America would , at a stroke, resurrect, release, rehabiltate, redeem and restore the countless thousands, millions oppressed by Jim Crow; no, Barry, himself , the obnoxious prick, wouldn't have to do anything to upset his handlers, just having a cafe au lait premier would make good the centuries of oppression and cruelty, even though, casually dismissive  of the poor, Obama, earning his pay, set about reinforcing nineteenth century, white capitalism, in the home of Equality. Cunt.
  Obama is one of the most despicable hypocrites  ever to pass the corporate interview for president.  And that's saying something.
I wrote, at the time  about Obama's hypocrisy at some length  and hoped to see it ventilated in the annals of order-order but the piece  was rejected due to it containing the word nigger. Bless.

Since election,  this Harvard  professor  has disappointed on all fronts, bank reform, health care reform, he has just tinkered with these, still in hock to Wall Street.  He held a spurious review into the misadventure in Afghanistan;  he could have pulled out, scaled-down but Bush-like, he went for a miraculous surge, from which he will have to pull out, eventually, hand-over-heart, as more young, poor Americans are freighted back home, boxed and flagged, and as more foreign niggers learn, with good reason, to hate his guts.

Speechifying sincerely from the White House last night  Obama promised blood sweat and tears, the beginning of the beginning of a New Energy Frontier,  a new and lasting compact with the people of Loiusianna and all those other Gulf states but at the same time the beginning of the end of that oil-dependency shit;  I am with you always, motherfuckers and God Bless America.  Jesus, it was pathetic.

Not a word though about all the nigger bruthas crushed down, squeezed-up, flattened-out in some grotesque maximum security lockdown, doing nine hundred and ninety-nine years;

no room in Obama's great white future for redressing the wrongs of the slavery centuries, shit, no, whatchyallthinkIam?

The stats below are from:

Felon Is the New 'Nigger'

posted Friday, 11 June 2010

The Race to Incarcerate

"Felon is the new Nigger. They don’t have to call you a nigger anymore. They just say you’re a felon. The equivalent of a lynching is a felony charge. It's the modern way of saying, ‘I’m going to burn you.’ When your labeled a felon, you’re fucked." What did Obama’s ascendancy really signify for the African American man waiting to be hauled off to the nation’s disproportionately black jails and prisons?
That’s a good question. Consider the following cold facts from the officially “colorblind” United States, self-proclaimed homeland and headquarters of global “freedom”:
* Between 1980 and 2000, thanks primarily to the bipartisan U.S. War on Drugs, the number of people confined in U.S. prisons and jails rose spectacularly, from 300,000 to more than 2 million. Drug incarcerations accounted for the majority of that remarkable increase.
* By the end of 2007, more than 7 million Americans (1 in 31 adults) were under the supervision of the criminal justice system: behind bars or on probation or parole.
* The U.S. has by far and away the world’s highest incarceration rate (750 per 100,000, compared to 93 per 100,000 in, for example, Germany), “dwarfing the rates of nearly every developed country” and “surpassing those in highly repressive regimes like Russia, China, and Iran” (Michelle Alexander).
* Most of the spectacular number of Americans behind bars are incarcerated for non-violent offenses – drug crimes primarily – that most other nations do not view as remotely prison-worthy.
* Illegal drug use is the single leading offense for which U.S. prisoners are doing time.
* Thirty years ago, there were less than 300 arrests for drug crimes for every 100,000 adults in the U.S. There were 2 prison admissions for every 100 drug admissions.
*By 1996, the drug arrest rate more than doubled to nearly 700 arrests per 100,000 adults and there were 8 prison admissions for every 100 drug arrests. The per capital incarceration rate for drug offenses in the U.S. rose by 930 percent between 1980 and 1996.
It gets much worse when you factor in skin color. The people incarcerated and marked by prison histories and criminal records in the world’s leading penal state (the U.S.) are very disproportionately black and male:
* 1 in every 14 black U.S. black man was imprisoned in 2001, compared to 1 in 106 white men
* 1 in 9 black men between the ages of 20 and 35 was behind bars in 2006 and a much larger percentage was under parole, probation or some other form of penal control.
* The U.S. incarcerates a larger share of its black population than did South Africa at the pinnacle of apartheid.
* In Washington D.C., home to the nation’s first black president, 75 percent of young black men can expect to serve time in prisons.
* In the city’s poorest neighborhoods and across the many highly segregated black urban ghettoes that persist across (not-so) “post-racial” America, similar incarceration rates and expectations prevail and time behind bars has become “normative” for young black males.
* In seven states black Americans make up 80 to 90 percent all drug prisoners. In more than fifteen states, blacks are sent to prison on drug convictions at rates from 20 to 57 times greater than those of white men.
* Three fourths of all Americans behind bars for drug crimes are black or Latino.
* On any given day, nearly a third (30 percent) of black males ages 20 to 29 is under some form of correctional supervision.
* Blacks make up 12 percent of the overall U.S. population but account for more than 45 percent of the nation’s prisoners.
* One in three black U.S. adult males carries the crippling lifelong mark of a felony record [1].
Felon is the New 'Nigger'
This last problem – felony marking – is no small problem for social and racial justice in America. The prison experience itself is only the tip of the many-sided mass incarceration iceberg, whose chilling impact on black opportunity spreads across the societal terrain.
A black minister in Waterloo, Mississippi argues:
"Felon is the new Nigger. They don’t have to call you a nigger anymore. They just say you’re a felon. The equivalent of a lynching is a felony charge. It's the modern way of saying, ‘I’m going to burn you.’ When your labeled a felon, you’re fucked."
There’s reason for the preacher’s strong language. Once you’re branded as a felon, all the old forms of discrimination – employment discrimination, housing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, denial of educational opportunity, denial of food stamps and other public benefits, and exclusion from jury service – are suddenly legal.
As a criminal you have scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a black man living in Alabama at the height of Jim Crow.


RantinRab said...

Home of the brave and land of the free.

My arse.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ishmael, I don't disagree with your general thesis regarding the fate of black in the US. But those stats mean nothing. Correlation is not proof of cause and effect. Another equally logical interpretation is that your black is more criminally inclined.

I would guess that those stats relate to poor blacks; poverty and lack of opportunity being a related issue.

mongoose said...

Give me strength. Take thee to a prison. In there you will find poor people, people of disadvantage, people of low educational attainment, and, true, a goodly selection of evil fuckers who should never again see the light of day.

That a perverse proportion of these people are, in the USA, black (and hispanic) is an indication that in the USA, black and hispanic people are poor people, people of disadvantage... and that the odd one is a bastard too.

That America is a place made mad by violence and gun-totin' lunacy is also an issue but look, if you care to, at the disparity of death sentences. HAve a look at the different outcomes for white on black and black on white murder.

call me ishmael said...

I don't thnk there is any disputing the centuries-old disadvantage experienced by blacks facing law enforcement in the US - or the UK for that matter - nor that Obama has not, to my knowledge at any rate, so much as whipsered it, directing his engergies, instead, to the preservation of the fortunes of the good ole bays' families, grown rich on the whipped back of the negro; simpering, sometimes crowing, that Whitey permits him to be a pawn in their game. Any disparity in death sentences, mnr mongoose, comes nowhere near offsetting the historical and current state of US Law Enforcement vis a vis the nigra, nor does it redeem Obama's neglect of the promise -implicit in his every campaigning cliche.

"They're selling postcards of the hanging," you may know, refers to an early twentieth century retailing opportunity and not to a Deep South event, the postcards were of the lynching of an entirely innocent black for a rape he did not commit, way up in the North Country. I think if they fried every piece of homicidal white trash in America it would not wash away the foulness of Uncle Sam's cruel, wicked, vicious history, his treatment of Native Americans of Slave-Blacks, of Vietnamese, Iraqi and Afghani and the implication that Obama's election rights these wrongs is one of the sickest bits of showbusiness I have ever seen. And that, as you know, is saying something.

Mr anonymous, it is widely accepted that poverty plays a significant part in criminality; if you add to that poverty centuries of illegal imprisonment, beatings, rapes, forced labour, brandings, whippings and then, when these benfits of America are withdrawn, substitute poor housing, poor wages, poor education, segregation, poor or non-existent health care, and then all across the South an oppressive bigoted cocksucking good ole boys masqerading as Justices of The Peace, bent cops, bent sherrifs, bent judges, governors, state attorneys then it is fair to assume that those so treated will be , as you put it, criminally inclined. Wouldn't you?

mongoose said...

Sorry, Mr Ishmael, I pasted the wrong link - which one posted was a hopeless yatter. The truth is that white life is worth much more than black life in the US. And so consequently, the taking of these brings a disproportionately arrived at penalty. Then when a black person takes a white life, the chance of death penalty sentence or enforcement is a world away from the opposite.

Here is a meaningful link.

call me ishmael said...

It is a curiosity, isn't it, mr mongoose, that we, now, in dotage, more or less, self-effacing and diffident, disregard the climate of protest which blew around our youth. Those wholly noble Mississippi Civil Rights activists buried alive in the swamps by Redneck fuckpigs, the firebombing of churches and sunday schools, the indifferent, nonchalant beatings of black men women and children and the angry tumult of rhyme and melody and chorus which these events unleashed, which broadcast to the world, the true State of the Nation.

Now, as Obama sidesteps his responibilities, misses his opportunity, we wonder not about civil rights but about the financial stimulus package. Now is the time for your tears.

mongoose said...

When my father died, long years ago now, I found two things. One, the death notice of my grandfather from the Wild West of Connemara. It was a cutting from the Tuam Bugle (or whatever), folded and carried in my dad's wallet all those days - and they estranged by Irish Stuff. "An upright and honourable man..." I can well undertsand how a man would carry that by his heart. I share with you, for fellowship, that going through my just-gone dad's wallet was the most mournful thing I have ever done.

The second was a mad LP of Martin Luther King's - around the time of his "Dream" speeches. At the time they matched to me not a jot but as my dotage, indeed, Sir, engulfs me, I understand more that honour and kindness is the point. It is a fantastic commentary - from hope to despair to foreboding. "James Cheney, Andy Goodman, Mickey Schwerner. And others who have given their lives in this struggle. We come here tonight because we have had mighty pilots." Who would guess that a bog-trotting paddy would have such a connection and compassion. The LP is a treasure I guard with my life, and my old dad's ownership of it is a comfort to me now, and is a window to him that I wished I had opened while he was yet alive.

I will find the mp3 for you all. It is magnificent.

call me ishmael said...

Aye, King's I Have A Dream speech is magnificent, that's why I so often pastiche it in the My Fellow Motherfuckers.... essays.

I think our fathers had so much less than we that they were able to identify, recognise treasure when they saw it; my dad knew not a fraction of what I know, yet he could, a working class Belfast mechaninc, recite - and understand - everyword of Grey's Elegy. Where I have the Internet, he had the Everyman Library; sometimes more is less.

Anyway, two hours into my birthday, I will sip a wee dram, to my dad and yours, and bid you Goodnight.

mongoose said...

Honour matins, Mr Ishmael... Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

If there is some happiness lurking around today, Mr Ishmael, I hope you catch it. And that is why I wish 'Many Happy Returns of The Day!'

call me ishmael said...

Thanks very much, mr anonymous, I have more than my share, but good wishes are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

In the course of an 1855 journey up the Alabama River on the steamboat Fashion, Frederic Law
Olmsted, the landscape architect who designed New York’s Central Park, observed bales of cotton
being thrown from a considerable height into a cargo ship’s hold. The men tossing the bales some-
what recklessly into the hold were negroes, the men in the hold were Irish. Olmsted inquired about
this to a mate on the ship. ‘Oh, said the mate, ‘the niggers are worth too much to be risked here; if the
Paddies are knocked overboard or get their backs broke, nobody loses anything.” (Frederic Law Olm-
sted, A Journey to the Seaboard Slave States, pp. 100-101; G.E.M. de Ste. Croix, Slavery and Other
Forms of Unfree Labor, p. 27).