Friday, 4 June 2010



The Government should consider asking relatives, neighbours and workmates whether people are fit to hold a gun licence, the former head of Scotland Yard has said.

Sir Ian Blair said policy-makers could spread the net of people consulted on the suitability of those who want to own lethal weapons.

The retired senior officer said seeking the approval of doctors, firearms officers and magistrates is "rather limited". His comments came as it emerged that Derrick Bird was a licensed shotgun owner with a previous criminal conviction.

If it had have been my officers they would have shot him dead with fifteen rounds to his dago head  and it would have been promotions all around. And he would have been the wrong bloke. But never mind, eh, grinned his Lordship. I have my pension and some retirement opportunities and a peerage. Which is more than many have. Especially that Juan Charles de Menendes.


forthurst said...

Sadly, in a minority of cases people who have attended grammar schools can become socially disoriented and either gratingly left wing or as in the case of Heffer fogyishly reactionary.

As to Blair, quis custodiet ipsos custodes might apply; however I believe the police in that case were not culpable but being used as a lethal weapon to dispatch a witness to the preparation for the Underground explosions: just like in war films or 9/11s, high explosives are preplanted to ensure a satisfactory first take.

It is a pity though that Lordhoods are awarded to people from whom we have have already heard too much, I agree.

P.T. Barnum said...

I was struck this week by the reporting of the Wimbledon Common murder apologia. The woman in charge of reviewing the Met's useless investigation into a serial rapist and triple murderer? Cressida Dick, Gold Watch Commander on de Menendes' last day on earth. Stupidity and incompetence aren't punished. They are rewarded.

call me ishmael said...

Dick's elevation is one of the most telling recent examples of the New Establishment's shit-in-their-faces policy. Blair's peerage and Mandelstein's unelected return to office are two other ones. Readers will have their own favourites, there is no shortage, mr ptb, but the peerages are a hard act of vandalism to follow. At least Imelda didn't get one. This time.

I would believe anything about the Underground bombs, mr forthurst. Apart from the official version.

yardarm said...

Cressida Dick and Ian Blair: never was the term The Filth more richly merited.