Wednesday, 23 June 2010


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Where is his fusilade of tractor statistics, his towering intellect, his metronoming Claw of Doom punctuating each flight of bumptious, bnullyboy doggerel;  where is his incisive, hot-housed mind, his grasp of detail, his complete mastery, as they call it, - the reptiles at skymadeupnewsandfilth - of his brief; where is his Prudence, now;  where is his promised fighting for his party, for the poor and the sick, where is his snotty, raging tumult of I-Know-Bestisms?

Why was he not present as the SpivULikes,  all dressed-up in their SpivUlike suits and ties and SpivULike haircuts, a credit to their SpivULike public schools, trashed not only his history but that of so many wicked enough to work in the public sector,  scorned their miserable contribution to the nation, as though the dinner lady and the probation officer wrote all these mad instruments of greed - or the Credit Crunch, as SpivULike criminality is helpfully described - as though the streetsweeper himself artificially inflated the value of his home and, as for that bloke in the library, well, what a liberty, what do people want with books, now they've got porn?

Chancellor Gideon Spiv got in one of what will be many neo-Nazi jibes, as the poor become nigger, become Jew, become the enemy within  - as you walk off to work, he said,  past the drawn blinds of your sleeping benefits-dependant neighbour..... etc - but of Poverty's Champion there was no sign; the Slayer of Boom and Bust had no platform, no word of rebuttal,  as  war was declared on the weak; all his works, for which, for so long, there was cross-party agreement, were dragged in the shit and he did not lift a finger towards their extrication. So feeble was the Opposition response to the budget that it may as well have been delivered by carrier pigeon but Brown's absence, his failure to comment,  draped the Opposition benches in  shame, their unelected leader relieving himself of any responsibility whatsoever for defending his policies and -and here's the rub-  by his cowardice reinforcing the SpivULike govament's Year Zero wholesale revision of recent history, the one which makes clear that actually it wasn't the bankers' fault, or the civil servants' fault, or the economists' fault or the journalists' fault and fuck me, it wasn't the politicians' fault - the expenses crimes unpunished or self-punished, scapegoated off to an ill-connected minority -  no, it was all the fault of the Untermenschen; all the real culprits remain in position, pampered and pensioned,  the same crooks still running Wall Street and the City,  the think tanks of the New Blitzkrieg peopled by those who have already wrought Ruin for so many.

Despite his awfulness, a little courage from Mr Snot might have redeemed him somewhat in History's chill gaze and most importantly might have challenged the smooth, glaring, brutish hypocrisy of the Coalition of the Unwholesome - two down, the simpering dwarf Laws and the virtuous hypocrite, Huhne -  as it set about rabble-rousing,  vandalising the lives of millions. If he was so confident of his shit six weeks ago, why was here not there to defend it?

The concert group of NewLabour, Blair, Mandelstein and that prick, wotsisname, Campbell, have escaped, filthy rich and unscathed; to Brown, viirtually alone,  falls the disgrace, the obliquoy, the scandal and to judge by recent events - his only sighting being him sermonising a bunch  of, as usual, defenceless schoolchildren  - a craven reluctance to appear before those whom he so-recently lectured, barracked, harangued and conspired against.
Rather than standing up to a bit of parliamentary ragging - surely nowhere near as noisesome as his internal, resentful choir -  and some beasting by skymadeupnewsandfilth, Brown quits the field, defeated, decried and despised.  Here was a moment, an opportunity he didn't really deserve, to redeem if not his lunatic conduct at least his moral fibre; rotten, cowardly bully, he bottled it, his record one of Ruin, his legacy the rise of SpivULike. Again.



mongoose said...

Rumour has it, Mr Ishmael, that McDoom is under the doctor up at the madhouse. And if he is, well, spare a little thought, if not for him, the unscrupulous thieving lying streak of misery and shite that he is, spare a thought for his poor missus who now reaps her own particular whirlwind.

As for the budget, or the Fucking Budget, as we call it. The collective view seems to be that "it could have been worse". And indeed it could - but not much. The freezing of things, eh? Have they looked at the numbers, these people who think it could have been worse? I think not.

Now, I will be alright, Jack. A bit cashflow poorer, a bit wiser but the kids will eat and the roof over their wee heads is safe. Not for us a two-year-old, 110% mortgage and a 75% house. Sold into slavery at twenty-five. Been there (almost) and did that (almost) last time around. The slaughter will be mostly of the innocents. Yes, a load of wasters will hit the dole office but the vast majority of people undone will be just folk about their business. Perhaps a bit less able to protect themselves, perhaps a little less prudent, bought SkySports for the footie and will forgot to cancel it. Inertia, social and inclusive marketing beggaring and raping your children even after you're in the grave.

And the freezings of which we speak will include some OAPs come the winter. But, hey, we'all elected the government again. Oh, no, we didn't, did we? Oops.

call me ishmael said...
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call me ishmael said...

She sowed it herself, mr mongoose, the whirlwind.

I don't worry too much about the young, they have youth and vigour, they can learn a new reality; the old though have but pain and fear and weakness. And now they have more.

When people need comfort and familiarity and certainty we visit on them upheaval, distress, cold and the ruinous sanctimonious penny-pinching of the Super-rich.

Oldrightie said...

"When people need comfort and familiarity and certainty we visit on them upheaval, distress, cold and the ruinous sanctimonious penny-pinching of the Super-rich."

I do like enormously your style and your rage, Ishmael. We agree on much, especially the deserving subject of this excellent rant. However, sadly, the poor will always be with us. Most undeserving, some very deserving. Criminality thrives as much amongst the downtrodden as the rich and powerful. The latter can afford better defenses. For some of us our God given acuity is all we have and now blogs to try to use it. Not all is gloom and doom. We can live under almost any government if we care to. Natural human compassion does not allow that, in some of us but we must have a little optimism or hope is no longer sprung eternal! There still exist good rich people and their influence is quietly applied. Unlike that of the Blair ilk!!

ragarse said...

Balls,interviewed on tv, was asked if he'd seen or spoken to Brown. He answered that he had spoken to him by telephone about a week ago. He said Brown was at home in Scotland doing various things, mainly, writing, and that he was missing terribly his children who were still at school in London(presumably with Sarah George).

Why would a man who says, upon relinquishing the post of PM, that he looks forward to spending more time with his kids (brandishing them shroudlike in his final tv appearance)spend time in Scotland when they are in London? There is presumably a house or flat in which they live so accomodation is not a problem nor would security be a problem. Travel would be paid for by the taxpayer.

Loving husband and father my arse.

mongoose said...

It is the cynicism that is breathtaking, Mr Ishmael. Take for instance the much-trumpeted link of state pensions to earnings, prices or 2.5%, whichever is the highest. The only vaguely decent part of this is the 2.5%; the other two doom state pensioners to the eternal poverty of where we are now. Splash that 95 quid around as much as you like! Fuck me, £95 per week. I wonder how far that goes in London.

Even the 2.5%, once it is net of inflation, will see the spending power of a state pension grow glacially. The numbers mean fuck all extra to anyone but the posture and the preening in their cloaks of generosity make me sick. They are concreting the feet of OAPs into eternal poverty. You stay down there, you fuckers, forever. And BTW, we have a super wheeze that will see you lose another five year's or so of that too. Net cash outflow from old, poor people to HM Treasury Ltd? Billions and billions and billions. Every year, forever.

McDoom meanwhile watches the footie in the best part of England. MI5-protected security for life, his MP's salary, his ex-PM's pension neat and ever-growing bundles of crisp new tenners. Stacked in the corner of his padded cell.

yardarm said...

Since when has that pasty faced glassback Osborne been qualified to lecture anyone on work ? All he and that other pair of pampered ninnies Cameron and Clegg understand is sliming his way to power. Like the Milibands and Ed Bollox, the professional political class, good as you would say, for fuck all.

But they are just the puppets, worked by the likes of Ashcroft and Murdoch. Some are more in this than others, my Lord Tax Dodger.

The ridiculous Brown and the Blairite careerists of Nu Lab should be hauled before a Truth and Reconciliation Committee. With Truth, no Reconciliation and a fair bit of pelting with rubble.

mrs narcolept said...

If ony a fraction of what is said about him is true, his whole world must have imploded. I can't blame him alone, mr ishmael; deluded and destructive as he undoubtedly was, he should have been put a stop to earlier by people who easily could have. I will never feel sorry for Tony Blair, but there is something tragic about Gordon Brown despite his awfulness, like Caliban or the Quatermass Experiment. Sorry if this sounds a bit Cardiganish.

The narcolept Olds seem remarkably cheerful about the budget, but they know, both sides, that we will do all we can if they need anything extra. If a person gets to 65 without the prospect of a comfortable retirement income I don't see what is wrong with expecting their family to help out.

call me ishmael said...

Thanks, mrs n, your compassion is never superfluous. My young friend, stanislav, argued similarly, mrs n, in Come Out Gordon, at Col Fawkes's HQ a couple of years back - in short that he must be entirely friendless for so many to let him labour under his delusions, to their advantage, to the detriment of us all; I have never blamed him alone, either, and as I said, I think the major culprits have escaped Scot-free, so to speak.

The disappearing Mr TDG argued that as Brown was patient, rather than agent, our mewlings and pukings were misplaced and he was right but nevertheless the voices of mr mongoose and mr yardarm and mr ragarse and mr oldrightie and, indeed, your correspondent articulate the rage of those betrayed, offended, insulted, abused and in many cases tortured and killed, each of them far more tragic and comfortless than is the awful Brown.

If he was, as he insisted all his life, a great man, then great should be his fall, infinite his sorrow.

St. Phariann said...

He should be put in a cage with all his cohorts and we should all be paid to go and spit at them.

Mothers Ruin said...

If he had any courage or dignity, there would only be one way out.
But, this is a politician we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what is wrong with expecting their family to help out." What happens if you manage to get to 65 and you have no family? As for Brown just you wait till the medication wears off and he gets out of that strait jacket.

jgm2 said...

If he was, as he insisted all his life, a great man, then great should be his fall, infinite his sorrow.

Towards the end of the Maximum Imbecile's Reign of Idiocy I expressed one main wish - that the scales would fall from his eyes and he would re-enter the same, boring old world of reality as the rest of us. The better to understand the utter devastation his arrogance and idiocy had wrought upon the country.

Is it too much to hope that he has entered reality? Although reports that he is sulking in Scotland while his wife and kids - the ones he hid behind with his self-serving departure speech from Downing Street 'Spend more time with my kids' kind of shit and then promptly abandoned them in London while he fled to Fucking Scotland suggests that the nasty cunt is still up to his old tricks or at least away in the same fantasy land as he spent the last 13 years.

Woman on a Raft said...

An old game; was he mad or bad? They used to ask much the same question about Lady Macbeth.

The answer, then as now, is to distinguish "tragedy" from "disaster".

Tragedy requires an element of human agency, that a bad choice has been deliberately and consciously made, and that the decision-maker could have chosen otherwise. Underneath is a scaffold of a grisly joke, tragedy is the punch-line, the fall of the angel because of their own choices. The higher the angel was, the further it falls and the bigger the tragedy.

That's why Blair isn't a tragedy - the punchline hasn't been delivered. Yet. Here's hoping.

The other things are just shit, and it happens. So the tsunami was a disaster but not a tragedy. The word 'tragedy' is dobbed about thoughtlessly. It means more than 'How Sad!' and it should be grabbed back because it is an important word, distilling an essence of moral philosophy.

Much depends on when one regards Brown as having lost it. If it was when he was a kid in his ghastly parents' house, then we are looking at a national disaster.

If it was that night in Granita, when he chose his deal, then it's a tragedy. The size of the tragedy - remember it is about him, not us - depends on whether you thought he was all he was cracked-up to be in the first place.

PT Barnum said...

Less Macbeth than The Winter's Tale, I'd say. This is not your classical tragic hero of the Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy mould, who, with faulty information and human weakness, makes the Wrong Choice. Much more akin to one who, having great power, chooses to believe the prompting of their own delusional beliefs over and above objective reality and who precedes to wreak havoc on those whom they are supposed to protect and serve, acting in all righteous certainty even up to the moment when their world implodes.