Wednesday, 9 June 2010


God bless her, beseiged by stupid, ignorant, redneck fuckpigs at the Filth-O-Graph, Mary Riddell pleads for a reinvigorated Labour party, no man is an island, she quotes, divorced from the cuts made by indolent trust-funded wankers and she's right,  but she's wrong to expect deliverance at the hands of the NewLabour Project-iles, so to speak.

The current Labour leadership election rivals
their Foot-in-Mouth Manifesto of Suicide 
from 1983 and will be far more damaging;

the election of any of this hideous quartet
of maformed misfits, Blinky Balls-Cooper, 
the bewilderingly  gauche, fish-out-of-water
Milliband Brothers  or AndyPandy Burnham,
the Revlon Boy of modern Westminster
- will consign the very idea of Labour Government
to history,

 completing the Project begun by Mandelstein, 
Blair, Brown and Campbell.  It will be a historic
moment but not  one of regret. 

Whichever of them, or whichever combination 
emerges triumphant, if that's the word, 
will spend leadership in dwindling, irrelevant opposition, 
or routed entirely,  beyond  even that meagre compensation.
And serve them right. All of them, party activist or pampered scumbag parliamentarian. Not worth shit.

It remains possible, in these strange times, that some amalgamation of Kennedy-ite LibDems, disgusted by Clegg, and NewNewLabourites might wrest control of parliament but that would not be the Labour party, just a ragbag of disparate, Not-Really-Tories.  

The Labour Party membership should have risen-up over Ecclestonegate, in 1997, when the ghastly dwarf bribed it with a million quid, only to receive an almost immediate refund  and still have his millionaire sport excused from tobacco-advertising legislation,  the Nannystate sidestepped by the Dirty Old Man. Blair, a pretty, straight guy, could not stand any scrutiny and thus blithely  insisted that Formula One was such an important employer that it should continue to advertise fags. Never mind the bung. Let's just move-on.

Ecclestonegate showed that the British prime minister, at any rate, in Cameron's latest, chilling, CheapLabour4U phrase, was open for business; he still is. The Labour Party membership should have risen up over Lashmi Mittal bribing Tony and Imelda, for steel, over the Hindujah Brothers bribing Tony and Imelda for passports.

I would never do anything wrong, cor, blimey, Sahib.

Instead, rotten, grassroots, peacocking imbeciles like John Burton, Blair's agent in Sedgefield, in the first steps of a long march to betrayal, hosannahed their personal closeness to power. Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we'll stop the red flag flyin' here.

The list of personal and institutional scandals attaching to Labour in office would run down off the page and onto the floor and are chronicled here and elsewhere in vivid profusion;  they are inexcuseable and in a decent society would have resulted in their perpetrators' imprisonment . Perhaps the worst aspect of NewLabour's serial venality is that they have lowered the bar of acceptable behaviour and this current ragbag of lying arseholes will stop at nothing, will feel smugly justified in doing anything  to maintain the government that nobody voted for.

Once in power, of course,career politicians,whatever
their notional allegiance,swiftly forget their
supporters, witness Mr Suit-and-Haircut,
once their sternest critic, elected with a
mandate to oppose them, now  a squeaking,
can't-believe-his-luck, deputy Tory prime minister. Labour haters, of whom there are justifiably many - both those naturally ill-disposed to any socialist-styled movement,  and others, more bitter, betrayed, latch-on to this creep, this pampered, tongue-tied nitwit, little knowing or too frightened to realise that Clegg and not Cameron is the true Blairlite, Cameron will only betray one wing of his party for Power. Cleggy, like Blair, would betray his mother and father, his children and most certainly his voters. Quad erat demonstrandum - as we say at Westminster School.

This coalition of the unwholesome, ironically,  is Labour's accurate and telling legacy; Blair, Brown, Mandelson and Campbell, between them and supported by the parliamentary Labour party and much of skymadeupnewsandfilth  made Westminster a principle-free zone, virtually a party-free zone. Bluster as he may about new govament, Cameron's wool is dyed in the same rubbishy, nineteenth century capitalism as was Gordon Snot's and Tony Blair's. Not a Rizla paper, whatever they say, between them. NewLabour dumped principle like an elephant with diarrhoea, leaving us all with the Kiss-Me-Quick  politics of career legislators; jobsworth prats, idle, thieving, braying layabouts  and nitwits. Who, no, really, honestly, who gives a flying fuck about what Vince Cable says about anything, over-rehearsed, achingly ponderous, I Know Best, silly old man, spinning himself shitless, devising Reasons Why I Changed My Mind But I Assure You It's Settled Now, At Least I Think So. To whom  does this horrid, creepy old fuckwit think he is talking, his fucking grandchildren?  By what yardstick of incompetence is this clown deemed brilliant? Only by comparison with Gordon the Ruiner can this foxtrotting nitwit be deemed capable even of putting on his own shoes. Brown, in finally destroying the Labour party bequeathed us this Last Of The Summer Wine Codger, Cable;  bravo Gordon, son of the fucking manse.  Vince Cable Is  A Star, says CallHimDave, mockingly; go on Vince, show them your one times Tory table,

Oh, alright, then, prime minister, but I'd rather get on with 
the job than show-off, 'cos, you know, that's the sort of man I times one tory makes one liberal,
two times one tory makes seven liberals, 
three times one  tory makes twenty-seven...
And I get a bit stuck after that.
Do-ya do-ya do-ya do-ya
Wanna dance?

It is awful, isn't it, that this old fart is presented to us as salvation, albeit  salvation with a horsewhip;  that he is even given houseroom is down to the national revulsion for newLabour. Consider, never having done a day's work, Ed Balls, first as special adviser and then as  parachuted MP and accelerated cabinet minister, devised all of the financial policies implemented by NewLabour, straight from Oxbridge to the levers of power, no apprenticeship, merely a friendship, or worse, with Gordon Snot.

Snotty made possible, well, all manner of shit, really, but principally he legitimised treachery and betrayal, made his currency blackmail and deceit and bullying, double-counting, hissy-fitting, poison-penning, tractor production statistics, the sort of gigantic hypocrisy rarely found outside police states or organised religion, this sanctimonious cocksucker, this overgrown, snot-eating, cowardly schoolbully and his henchmen embellished the damage wrought by Mandelstein, a man who,  given the brown-nosing awe  he is held in by all at Westminster,  must surely have the QueerDirt on everybody, in high places and low; Labour's  intensely relaxed view of people getting filthy rich was,  pre 1997, as anathemic   to his party as is gangbanging on the Sabbath to Brown's  dire, sourfaced Presbyterian brethren, the horrible fucking bastard. It didn't matter that he shat on the Hunger Marchers, all that mattered to Brown was getting power and hanging-on to it. Come Hell or High Water. A tragedy  born of massive personal shortcomings, Brown's,  bad parenting and overweaning ego, destined to doom the party which made him, destined to usher in that which he claimed to loathe but so acutely imitated - a natural ruling class.

Brown's rotten behaviour made possible the continuance on the Labour benches of those who should in decenCy have resigned the whip, those who whispered betrayal at every opportunity, but why should they go when traitor-in-chief, Snotty, showed no sign of leaving but clung-on, briefing against the PM, blackmailing and bullying, undermining. Snotty set the tone.

  The chilly, sour Jesuitical motherfucker, Frank Field, now  working for this unelected  prime minister, should have left the Labour party years ago, anyone in his position with any balls would have done so.  The current Labour Party, if IT had any balls, would throw him out on his scabby arse, as he prepares to legitimise the workhouse on behalf of the Tories. Corbyn, the conscience of Islington, Marshall-Andrews, Q fucking C, the conscience of the Inner Temple; Diane Lard;  these people were against the wars, why didn't they resign and form another party, do something constructive? Useless fucking bastards. Oh, it's  my party, too, why should I leave, best stay and fight for change from the inside. Broad church. All that gutless bollocks. Too late now. Google left wing MPs and who do you get? Yes, Diane fucking Abbott.

That sums it up neatly, for the People's Party, a showy, pushy cheap entertainer,  who sends her spawn to private school, Labour's Left Wing.

You have to hand it to them, the people of The Project, they have secured the longed-for destruction of an ailing workers' movement, and its replacement with an indivisible, political careerist elite,  ruthlessly bent on self-advancement-but-with-a-conscience, reflecting, perhaps, it's remaining media supporters. Maybe that was always Mandelson's mission, a black-op against the only democratic movement which might hinder the smooth gangsterism of he and his ilk. Whoever is the eminence gris or the prime suspect, the Labour party sold itself to Money, Power, Celebrity and War. And now, serve them right, the envelope stuffers, the doorknockers and shopstewards, now,  the Labour Party is dead, long live the New World Order.


Anonymous said...

why should I leave, best stay and fight for change from the inside."Besides the money and odd TVee appearance they can console themselves with what LBJ said "Better have them on the inside pissing out than on the outside pissing in" The people who fought in the International Brigade one of whom I know lost a leg fighting the facists, came back founded the broad left would benefit fron a rev,counter if they could see the shower of shit that passes for the Labour Party now.

call me ishmael said...

But they could still have had the money and the teevee, maybe even more of them, if only they'd had some balls. Pising-in is exactly what they should have done. No use now, all that.

mongoose said...

I fear, unless someone somehow can bring the LibCons down, that the Luvvies are done. The Millitwats? Balls? Don't even know who Burnham is. None of these arseholes have anything about them that would bring anyone to any flag, Red or not. Balls at least should have been hanged years ago.

It becomes difficult to avoid the view that it is the Tories wot won it. The devastating cuts that will occur over the next year or two will make Maggie look like Santa Claus. Half of the supposed opposition will be painted helpless into a corner of silence and acquiescence. The LibDumbs have made their bed, they have their bride, and now they will have the chance to repent, for a while at least, on the leisurely Front Benches. Come the disasters of maybe not this but certainly next winter, they will fracture and break - along the old SDP/Liberal fault line - and then both the centre-left and the left will be in ruins.

And not just in the UK. Europe will be in flames. Strikes. Riots. Nationalism. A coup in Greece or Spain, do you think? One of the PIGS certainly will go down so that the debt can be shovelled silently off the stage into a bucket called the Dead Euro.

God help us all. And nobody under twenty-five has any idea of the shit-fest about to happen. Freedom just around the corner for you.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see the final nail going in the coffin take a glimpse of Diane Lard who has thrown her hat in the ring for the leadershit of the Labour party.

Dick the Prick said...

Never look down, never explain, just take the money and bag the whores, snort the coke, fit up the house with expensive shite, take the holidays and then come back and lecture the fuck out of honest people toiling their bollox off, mired in incompefuckingtense and then gesture as if compassion reined forth, get in the car and retire on fucking millions. Lifestyle of the Labour gnat - unfortunately, lasts about 70 years and they fucking breed like nympho rabbits. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party were complicit, with the Tories, in 'modernising' this country - in moving away from the production of things visible and tangible into an economy based on economic roulette and the emergent phenomena of networks of gossip. Work that defined people to a great extent became work that stifles them. With no population that can identify with respectable work, what is the use of a Workers' Party?

It is one of the many tragedies, Mr Ishmael, that so many seem not even to realise what has been lost.

call me ishmael said...

"Work that defined people to a great extent became work that stifles them."

I've mentioned before that sometimes the commenters get it righter than the blogger; that's a good one, mr squitch.

It was where I was going with Towards An Erudite Artisanry, a while back, the workshy, Dreaming Spires elite, even though they knew nothing of work, by hand and eye and eventually by intuition, they were happy to trade it, on our behalf, for call-centres, check-outs and counting houses.

I think it was Mrs narcolept who mentioned that young men, in learning respect for their tools and their instructors, their Elders, learnt respect for everything. Now, distraught at their violence, we agonise over the price of their booze, instead of over the angry purposelessness of their lives.