Thursday, 17 June 2010


 Unfortunately we cannot blame any overworked, underqualiifed and unsupported young social worker, said Ms Alison SourFace-Career, of Kirklees Social services, but the cuts, very necessary for me to keep my career on track, will give us an opportunity to get rid of some of them.

 A social services enquiry has ruled that no-one could have predicted the abduction of Madeleine McCann.  There was a clear bond of affection between Drs Gerry and Cilla McCann and their defenceless infant daughter and this was why they went out drinking and left her all alone in the dark in  a strange place and didn't report her apparent disappearance until hours after it was discovered.

These people are doctors and have every reason to earn millions of pounds from charitable donations,  we must all remember that they are the victims here, even though they are not.

As for Karen Matthews, continued Dr Carole Sourface-Smith, author of the Cover-up Report: No-one Is To Blame, Again; well  all she wanted to do was make money out of the staged disappearance of her child, which she had arranged.  Who do these people think they are, doctors?????


banned said...

On a lighter note, seems fifty or so families whose children have been kidnapped by Social Services are launching a class action against the UK Family Court at the ECHR citing Crimes Against Humanity.

call me ishmael said...

The trouble is, mr banned, that if they hadn't been taken into care and died or were tortured at the hands of their families, and it IS nearly always families, then the poor social worker would be damned for that, too.

It is a minefield, child protection, and inquiry after inquiry has indicated that it is the career manager in the cops or education or health or social services, rather than the individual practitioner, who is to blame for procedural failures resulting in fatalities and worse.

I dunno what the answer is but a move away from greedy fuckpig professional managerialism towards the recognition and rewarding of frontline practitioners would be a step forward. I could tell you stories to make a strong man squirm of hundred-grand-a-year arseholes running personal harems, employing nonce friends in child services, of elected members and chief executives up each others arses to the detriment of the taxpayer. And maybe I will.

As to your report of the class action, your whoreson nonce is adept, skilled at enlisting his victims, incorporating them in his deception and fooling all and sundry, your average nonce, you see, is not your average burglar or car thief, but often a well-educated, well-respected member of society, sadly, some of his victims are groomed to become complicit in their own abuse, resentful of measures to protect them - witness the so-called Orkney Satanic Abuse case. As I said, it's a minefield, watch where you step.

banned said...

I was not 'taking sides' Mr Ishmael but it will be interesting to see what the ECHR has to say about it.

call me ishmael said...

No, I know you weren't, mr banned, is there a link to this story, please?

banned said...

This was initially in the Daily Telegraph under "Class Action against the UK Family Courts" but I can't find it on their site.

All I can find under that title is a link to David Ike!

lilith said...

Well I know one thing, I wouldn't leave my child in the McCann's care. One would hope that they could be trusted to keep the remaining two physically safe, even if they have nothing to offer them morally.