Thursday 2 February 2023

More What Fresh Hell is This?

 There's been a feeding frenzy in the British press, this week, as they stick their pickling forks into wee Nicola, over the utter foolishness of her stance on transgender persons, the Gender Recognition Reform Bill and allowing male rapists to serve their sentences in the female prison estate. Here in Ishmaelia, mr mongoose said "I saw Mrs Fish getting into a terrible tangle yesterday about the meat-and-two-veg matter. (She's looking tired, I thought)" and mr mike expressed his honest Aussie bewilderment: "I'm curious about this tranny stuff. Seems another Western phenomenon, fin de siècle sort of thing. Another excuse for laziness, and academic failure. Victim culture; somebody else's fault".  Just as a matter of interest, mr mike, is Australia part of the "global south" that has replaced the term  "Third World countries" in politically correct circles?

Anyway, as we reported on Sunday in What Fresh Hell is This? there are three violent male offenders in the Scottish criminal justice system, one a paedophile, one a double rapist and one convicted of multiple appalling crimes of violence against women. All three have adopted female names, choose to cross dress and to say they are women, although they are biologically male. All three wish to be housed in the female prison estate, where they will have access to female prisoners, most of whom have been multiply victimised by men prior to their own incarceration. Because Scotland's prison system has been operating the principle of accepting gender self-identification, two of them, now known as Isla Bryson (the tattoed double rapist with the birth name of Adam Graham) and Katie Dolatowski (the paedophile), have ben housed in Scotland's women's prison, Cornton Vale.

In 2014, the SPS published its gender identity policy which works to ensure that the prison accommodation chosen ‘should reflect the gender in which the person in custody is currently living’. The guidance to prison officers was unambiguous: ‘People in custody should be rubbed down and body-searched in accordance with the social gender in which they are living, rather than according to their physical body’. Stonewall and the Trans Alliance had convinced the SPS that this would pave the way for self-declaration across all public services. 

Andrew Burns, who now calls himself Tiffany Scott, the other member of this unholy trinity, applied for transfer to Cornton Vale, in 2016, but was prevented due to the courage and intransigence of the then governor, Rhona Hotchkiss, a staunch defender of women's rights, common sense, and deeply experienced in the drive, ability and manipulative strategies of imprisoned men in pursuit of their goals. Writing in the Spectator, Rhona Hotchkiss states: "this was an individual who, over his years of offending, had committed multiple acts of serious violence, including to prison and health care staff. From prison, he stalked a 13 year-old girl and intimidated a female member of staff so completely she left her job. He was so dangerous and disruptive that, on one occasion, he couldn’t be taken into court to be sentenced for an attack on an officer. He even tried to change his name to ‘God Almighty’, so he could humiliate the staff around him whom he thought would have to address him as such."

Sturgeon's cack-handed attempts at social engineering have failed: the GRR Bill has been blocked and she has now, in the light of outraged public opinion, performed a complete U-turn, and stated that male sex-offenders will not serve their sentences nor be remanded in a women's prison. As Debbie Hayton, a transwoman writer and teacher, says,  Sturgeon's policies have done the greatest damage to  "transgender people themselves. They have now been indelibly linked in the public mind with sex criminals and ‘trans rapists’.... trans people are more vulnerable to suspicion and mistrust than we were in 2016 – but it is not the fault of JK Rowling, or anyone else grounded in reality. The responsibility lies squarely with those who were so naïve they thought they could sweep away safeguards, and that selfish and abusive men would not take advantage."

So, is this the issue that will unseat Sturgeon, who has been as entrenched in power as the head of a corrupt African State or, indeed, of Russia? She has survived the embarrassment of her schemes becoming widely known to blacken the character and see off her predecessor, Salmond, the trousering of many thousands of pounds donated for a supposedly ring-fenced  campaign for Scottish independence (they kind of got lost in the general pot of SNP funding), presiding over a state which has the ignominy of being the drug-death capital of Europe, the appalling performance of NHS Scotland, and destroying the Scottish Education system, which used to be quite highly regarded. She sailed over the Scottish ferry-building fiasco, (remember, they painted windows onto one ferry to make it look completed for its 'launching'), where the costs mounted to dizzying heights. 

Probably not. As long as she stands firm and gives out the emotional Braveheart rhetoric, there's no unseating her.


mongoose said...

The even stranger nonsense of trannie-dating has arisen again, I see. Some poor lad in the US is on the skewer for saying that he didn't want to date across the trans-gender divide, or rather the lack of one. It would have been much wiser to say that he didn't fancy the err, bonnie lassie.

mrs ishmael said...

Mad, isn't it, mr mongoose? Lesbians are traduced for transphobia because they don't want to have sex with a self-declared "woman" who still has his meat and two veg. It is all fashionable nonsense. Trans people are numerically tiny, but incredibly vocal and disproportionately influential. And it is really not a popular cause. Not where I live, anyway, and I suspect not in rural Britain nor in the (former) industrial north. I really don't know why Sturgeon has espoused this cause - it won't get her any more votes, I shouldn't think.

mongoose said...

It is all very silly, mrs i. Our generation has raised the next one as the most socially and sexually liberal generation there has ever been. They - literally, as the children say - don't give a monkey's what you are or call yourself nor who you share a bed with. And now this is being undermined by a mad zealotry, almost an extremism. It's as if they want to stir us to a backlash so that they can say "See? I told you all along they were all bigots."

The dating bit is a complete stupidity. How can anyone possibly try to police interpersonal attraction? The notion itself is absurd. I guess that having got away with so much other absurdity, they have lost focus, lost their grip on reality. There's a lad in jail down here who identifies as a baby and wears nappy, and the Prison Service panders to it.

mongoose said...

There is a word for it all btw that I recommend that we all use - "cockwaffle"!

Mike said...

Mrs I: re your question: we are physically in the South, part of SE Asia, apparently, when it suits us; also part of the Western "coalition"; also a US vassal. So take your pick. I have long said that we can jump ship as we see fit and, for example, become one of China's valued allies. Being a sporty nation, we like to be with the winners.

Re the tranny thingy, I really don't see much evidence of it down here. Lesbians and gays is about as far as we go. It is said Australia is 20 years behind the times.

Poor Mrs fish has made a fool of herself trying to ally with trendy stuff; but as you say, she will move on to other foolish stuff and this will be forgotten. It really is turning very bad.

Dick the Prick said...

Good evening Mrs Smith. Mr Swiss Bob sent the latest book and can only imagine your loss xx. Cleverest guy me knowst. SB asked me to write a book review. Reckon I can do that.

Dick the Prick said...

Good Morning Mrs Smith

Crikey, what a whirlwind. I miss your lover deeply and mourn his loss. We lost a niece all of 11 that torpedoed my family. No suicides but inevitable divorce. Brother is shagging secretary. Caravans have been mentioned which I massively question.

mrs ishmael said...

Hi, mr Dick the Prick, thank you for your sympathy. The blog keeps his memory and his writing alive for all of us, but coping with the loss is so very hard as is living alone after 35 years of companionship. He was a very clever man, intellectually courageous - even reckless-and a tremendous writer, funny, analytical, with the political memory of an elephant. He had a long life, though, unlike your poor little niece. Life is so cruel. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
It would be nice if you could write a book review. mr verge is working on the fourth book, and it is great to have reviews for the book cover and for Amazon. Did you stay up all night reading it?

Mike said...

Condolences, Mr DtP. All the best.