Sunday 13 March 2022

The Sunday Ishmael 13/03/2022

 Well, fancy that - John Bercow a bully - who'da thought it?

Strange place, China. Artificially created popular digital celebrities which originated in Japan but are now generating huge commercial value in China are the Chinese version of the West's influencers. They don't seem to mind that Mr Tiny Speaker is now disgraced as a renowned serial bully and destroyer of mobile phones. Well, I suppose it fits right into the culture. Anyway, Bercow has made a bob or two by his birthday message for Chinese virtual idol Jiaran - and it is an online sensation. The 92-second video clip, in which Bercow sang 'happy birthday' to the, er, fictitious creature, has been watched nearly 3.9 million times on Bilibili, Jiaran’s main platform. I always thought he had a sense of fun. Rod Liddle, though, never liked him. Writing in the Sunday Times today, he described the former Mr Tiny Speaker as: "thin-skinned, smug, pompous, arrogant, dissembling, nowhere near as clever as he thought and puffed up with a grandeur his abilities did not merit." Don't hold back, Rod. He makes the interesting point, though - that bullying is the go-to charge these days to disgrace and negate the outsiders that the establishment wants rid. Bercow was the son of a taxi driver, and attended a state comprehensive school in Essex. He pushed his weight about as Speaker in the House of Commons for 10 years - 2009 to 2019, creating many hilarious moments. As Liddle said; "The establishment hates being told what to do by its inferiors, and it especially hates people who rock the boat a little."

Here's a good dwarfist anecdote. Health Minister Simon Burns backed his ministerial car into the Speaker’s limo. An angry Bercow shouted ‘I’m not Happy!’, To which Burns replied: “Well, which one are you?”

War News

  • Putin still wants his country back. 
  • NATO wants it too. 
  • Zelenskyy prepared for all the males in Ukraine to be killed: a sacrifice he is willing to make in pursuance of the United States' global economic strategy
  • Michael Gove launches "Adopt a Ukrainian" scheme. Pop one into your spare room and he will pay you £350 per month for 6 months - well, that's the staffing crisis in care sorted, and the fruit picking, the minimum-pay bar and waitressing work, and the live-in nannie jobs. Give me your poor, your huddled masses, your tempest-tossed homeless -- and we'll find a way to exploit them.

25th April 2014 ishmael smith

 The Filth-o-Graph is predicting apocalypse over this Back In The USSR stuff, down there in whatever shithole it is, some horse-drawn economy, some invented five minutes ago nation-state or other, as if Barry* and Vlad* are going to run to the bunkers over it all.  Dave Wisteria*, mind you,  the lardy, slab-faced moron,  is prob'ly  going in, boldly, to chair a meeting of COBRA, y'know, chumps and nincompoops, like BillyBum Hague and Phil Clausewitz Hammond, closeted with dozens  of Field Marshals Rupert Golightly-Jockstrap, all wondering where to send H.M.'s one working tank or H.M.'s one working helicopter, wondering how quickly they can mobilise a platoon of untrained, overweight, part-time Territorial cowboys.  Fuck me, be a laugh a minute in there,  doubt that Vlad'll be shitting his Cossack pantaloons.
It may be that their - Barry and Vlad's - respective financial masters can wring a few dollar-roubles out of a bit of cross-border shooting but World War Three? Not a chance. Or is there?
The odd thing about this latest Obama misadventure is that Telegraph readers, who you would reasonably expect  to be pro-Uncle Sam and anti-Russian are overwhelmingly cynical about the role of the Leader of the Free World, as some still call him, comments run at about ten to one in favour of Putin over GlobaDeath.  The MediaMinster arm of GlobaCorp will be rattled that it can no longer so easily brainwash its own, native constituency. Maybe its due to the graffiti in the streets of  cyberspace, maybe to the M.P.'s exes scandal, maybe part of it is due to UKIP, maybe it is the exposure of the PBC as a hotbed of beasting and corruption, maybe it is  the hatred now widely felt for whoever is Nonce Protector General in the Vatican but there has certainly been a change in the weather.  Seems that many now think  it is we who populate the Evil Empire, we who, in the form of Blair and Co  are the Great Satan.
For me, the best, if the hollowest laugh of the month was prompted by the Veep, Joe Bum*, 
Vice President Joe Bum, lecturing Foreigners
insisting that you just can't roll into countries and take them over. Joe, if he can read, and there's no reason to suspect he can, obviously hasn't read the ten-volume Smithsonian History of the US, the study of which currently occupies a lot of my time.
'In 1825 the federal government prohibited pioneers from settling in Oklahoma and reserved the land as Indian Territory, a place to relocate Indians who blocked the march of American civilisation (sic) east of the Mississippi.  Cherokee, Creek, Chocktaw, Chickasaw and some of the Florida Seminole - known as the five Civilised Tribes - owned fertile lands for growing cotton and crops, lands which the white settlers coveted.   So they were the first to be removed to Oklahoma, forcibly escorted by troops. Government forces burned houses and farms, shot resisters, drove away livestock and even opened  Cherokee graves to loot silver jewellery.  "I fought in the Civil War," a militiaman recounted much later "and have seen men shot to pieces and slaughtered by the thousands but the Cherokee removal was the cruelest work I ever knew."  Faced with hunger, insanitary conditions, extreme weather, disease  and heartbreak, about 4,000 of the 16,000 who started the journey perished and were buried along the way.  The Indians called the route to Oklahoma the Trail of Tears.  Cholera ravaged the Choctaw and some Creek walked to Oklahoma in chains.'  pp 339-340, The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America - Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, 1990.
This collection contains hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of such pages as those above; at every turn, in every century, in every state, at every opportunity, white America has been monstrously criminal,  the vicious gutter dregs of Europe murdering, raping, robbing, enslaving and torturing in ways they could only dream of in the back streets of Glasgow and the bogs of  Killarney and the tenement swamps of  Antwerp and Munich and Paris and Madrid.  In a million years you would never wash the blood from the StarSpangled Banner.
Home of the Brave, land of the Free, eh, Mr Vice President Bum?
These people, the injuns, had occupied these lands for twenty-thousand years, through an ice age, originally surviving by killing mammoth with flint-tipped  spears until, in an act of - for then -  unprecedented Earthcrime, Uncle Sam* turned his Gatling guns on their buffalo, with whom they had lived in harmless symbiosis since God was a boy, and wiped them out.  People like Vice President Bum's monstrous, bastard, fuckpig  ancestors pioneered torture, slavery and ethnic cleansing in a land which their descendants still pollute, ravage  and destroy - as they would the world.  Someone, some stone-mad Apache or Sioux  should kick Joe Biden hard in the face;  it is the only language the sonofafuckingbitch will understand. Leaders of the  free world?  Do fuck off.
A Glorious Seventh U.S. Cavalry Victory: Going into other countries and massacring the natives.

And Another One
If Mr Bum knew anything, which he doesn't, the dumbfuck,  he would know that just  rolling into countries and just taking them over is just the founding philosophy, the practice, the custom, the habit and the default setting  of Uncle Sam;  unless you just don't count America as a country, that is, and just don't count its native people as native people, which, of course, Mr Bum just doesn't.
And Another One, in Vietnam, where the massacre's C.0., Lt. William Calley, was all but given a medal for this party.
A demonstration of Uncle Sam fearlessly putting Women and Children First.
I suppose it might just be that now, more than ever widely despised and ridiculed, even amongst his former satraps, Uncle Sam may kick-off; such an economy as he has is, after all, a war economy;  without more wars the rich won't continue getting richer. And the rich stealing from the poor - their land, their labour, their resources - is what Uncle Sam does.
Dramatis Personnae
* Barry - Barak Obama, President of the United States 2009/17
*Dave Wisteria - David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 2010/ 2016, so called because in 2006 he claimed £650 in expenses for the removal of wisteria from his home.
*Vlad the Invader - Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, 2000/2008, 2012 and forever more, amen. And Prime Minister of Russia, 1999/2000 and 2008/2012
* Joe Bum -  Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, born November 1942, Vice President of the United States 2009/17 and President 2022 to present. 
* Uncle Sam - a national personification of the federal government of the United States of America. A sort of death cult.

Exegesis: by ishmael smith

 The context of my rage against Biden, in this instance, is that his words are fatuous, hypocritical, darkly farcical; that some useless piece of shit like he can talk about territorial violations is frankly ludicrous. Whatever U.S. achievements there are, they do not, good as they are, remove the stain of genocide, slavery and the rest. And the Abos, on all continents, lived on the planet for tens of thousands of years without, well, what shall we call it, I call it Earthcrime, pollution, weapons of mass destruction, junk-food cancers, poisoned oceans, the natural balance in retreat on all fronts; eco-vandalism, call it what you want, the so-called savage has little part in it. So much of what I recently termed improvement was the result of organised poor people struggling in the face of the sort of vested interests so close to Uncle Sam's black heart. Despite all his techno and pharma accomplishments he still cannot organise a national health service; how clever is that? I see no conflict in applauding Apollo 11 whilst damning Shock and Awe. Like everyone, I contain multitudes. 

So much is simply a matter of accident, accident of birth. Europe produced the technology which produced the Gutenberg printing press which led us here; those things didn't happen in Australia or Africa. Different things happened in India and China, whilst we were living in mud huts or sheltering in trees. Different things happened in the Caliphate whilst we were still savage. There is no racial superiority. The Abo can survive and navigate and value a wilderness which would kill us in hours; it is contact with the whites which has demeaned him.

I dunno about the Khmer Rouge, I gather they killed a lot of each other, so what, so have we, but the main reason that I don't get vexed about him is that he is not my cousin; Uncle Sam, by definition, is. And he should know better.

Man appearing at two seconds to midnight, that sort of thing, History's clock. Surely we can do better than Dreams of Empire. Is that all there is, my dad's bigger than your dad?

I am a Zen-Presbyterian-Marxist. I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men: that's what these commentaries are about, chiding and reproving those who believe only in the brotherhood of greed.

All I know about Vietnam is the war and even that is limited and biased. Despatches, Apocalypse Now, various war photographers - glamour stuff. I don't, didn't care for Maoist imperialism any more than I cared for Uncle Sam's but I do think it is telling of our own institutionalised racism that we hosanna, sing an endless requiem blues to sixty thousand grunts and ignore what was it, three million slopes?

I don't know how much of Indo China is given over to child prostitution and ladymen, probably as much as in London or New York. But I would guess from family photos I have seen of trips there that it is an extraordinarily different, more connected and grounded a culture than is our current Facebooking Narcissism.

Once they said that Slavery was the only possible system which would enable human progress. Then it was Feudalism, ordained by God, it was, nobleman and churl. The Enclosures, the theft of common land and the Highland clearances, they, too, were the only way that we might all prosper. Choking to death in mines and factories was the next great leap forward. Now, such few improvements as were brought to our lot by the post war social compact are being hewn down and ploughed under by a govament of noblemen spivs, brutes and thieves, ably assisted by a purblind, Mail-reading class of ragged trousered philanthropists, dividing even its own wretched lickspittle squadrons over whether or not the crook, Farage, is better than all the other crooks for no other reason than that he is even more backward than they are.

But fear not, Money's number is up. Bright young people all over the world are positing a world beyond money. We may not see it but we can say for absolute certain that if we do not arrive swiftly and collectively at a resources management system not based upon a tiny few having far more than they could ever need - which is the basis of the Money economy - nothing will matter, all - food, water, land, - will be desolation.

Anyone with a hint of farsightedness who was also interested in planetary/species survival would have taken any and all measures to curb the massive populations of those countries whose consumerisme et totalitarianisme nouvelle we are now supposed to applaud for the CrimeBusiness opportunities they offer our elites. Any and all measures, any and all.

I have a domestic dwelling here which, in my lifetime, was heated by cows brought indoors for winter; what an extra three billion bodies, with their pensions, their cars and dishwashers and barbecues and frantic telecommunications devices will do to the temperature of things, environmentally, politically and militarily, is unimaginable. White supremacy is all very well but I don' t think it will butter too many lychees. I'm convinced. And I can't understand why everyone else isn't convinced, too. Too many people, not enough food, not enough land, not enough water, too much poison, too much heat; simply cannot have infinite growth and infinite consumption in a finite eco-system. 'sobvious, innit? It was the only sensible thing I ever heard Phil the Greek say. Didn't, of course, make him any less of a parasite; still, he does a great job, what with the tourists and everything.

There was a woman here a while back, quite a senior HR person, in charge of the welfare, personal development and sustainable exploitation of lots of employees. Her kid was looking at the flames in my Rayburn. It's stored-up sunshine, I offered. What Do you mean? enquired Mum. I explained that long ago the Sun had made trees grow and when they had died, over a very long time the dead trees became compressed so hard that they turned into coal and so what we were watching in the fire was stored-up sunshine being released. Is that really where coal comes from, said the Director of Human Resources. I thought it came in bags to Tesco. Where from? Oh, I dunno. Somewhere. You know. Wherever.

Never mind imaginary money, we are beset by imaginary intelligence.


SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has denied rumours that he is considering quitting the post.

Mr Blackford told BBC Scotland there was "nothing in it".

Shame, that.

There's been quite the stramash about the SNP position on the payment of pensions in an independent Scotland (The Sunday Ishmael 6/2/22, passim). Basically, the SNP won't pay the State Pension to their pensioners because they would prefer that a foreign country pays it. This is just one of the issues that the SNP will have to fudge in its referendum campaign. Other, not-insignificant matters are the border with England, 

"R.T. Keedwell has been delighting customers with excellence of service in transport, general haulage and distribution since 1969" website.

which, should an independent Scotland succeed in joining the E.U. will require to be established, and  a new currency policy after the UK government rejected its proposal to share the pound in a currency union in 2014. The SNP now proposes to continue using the pound, without consent if necessary, and to switch to a new Scottish currency as soon as practicable. Could take a while, that one.

Madam Sturgeon has set out her extensive and ambitious legislative programme, which includes a Gender Recognition Reform Bill (I had to state how I identified my gender in the Scottish on-line Census. Another organisation asked me for my preferred pronouns); establishing a National Care Service; changes to the Scottish Judicial System (and not before time, too) and, of course, working on the independence referendum.

 Guy Opperman, the current UK pensions minister, quoted in the Mail on Sunday, said that "working English, Welsh and Northern Irish taxpayers should not pay for a foreign country's pension liabilities" and accused the SNP of "misleading" the public. But that's the SNP's stock in trade. If they actually told the truth, they'd be out on their ear.
Winner of the Caption Contest:
Not many entries to our competition - but they were strong ones. I liked mr verge's comment, which was clean for once, mr sam cooke's fisting contribution and mr mike captured the dynamism thrilling through the bodies of Trudeau and Rutte as they prepare to swing at Boris. mr ultrapox captured lots of lovely little thoughts and mr tennessee bud laid bare the latent homoeroticism captured in the moment. However, for sheer pithiness, the contest winner is mr mongoose, and here it is:
"Idiot! We're only supposed to wear our gimp masks in private!"
Especial thanks go to our new contributors - unless they're the usual suspects, all dressed up in new names. In which case, thank you for your ongoing support to the Commentariat. Cheers. Za nashu druzjbu!

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Please show me your fangs, Master



ultrapox said...

yeah, thanks uncle joe and blinken for engineering yet another never-ending war...

who wudda guessed?

i mean, it wasn't as if they had any form or anyfink...?

oh well, all is not lost: i hear nato are now sending in secret weapons 'harry' and 'meghan'...

to whinge the russians to death

mongoose said...

The Blinken creature, mr u, suckered me the first day. There he was - articulate, quiet, modest, sensible. Reading from his script like a proper grown-up - not somebody's doddering grandad nor a giggling central Valley airhead. But now he's been let out without a proper script, he is running off at the mouth every which way.

It actually seems to me some days that the Yanks actively want a full-blown European war. The mad bastards.

Rod is wrong on this occasion, mrs i, and some of his Sunday columns are not only funny but achingly to the point. Bercow is a little bastard who desperately needs stringing up somewhere public, pour encouraging the rest, preferably by his bollocks. A cheating, lying, weaselly cocksucker is what we have there. If there is any justice, he will indeed end up on the pantomime circuit. Fart jokes and 'he's behind you!' are just about his level.

As for our Ukrainian friends. All the bollocks about taking in refugees into your spare room is all very nice and lovey-dovey but Ukranians largely want to live in Ukraine. They don't want to fuck off to Orkney to eat mutton pies and to swig Buckie shandy. The refugees from the west of Ukraine need to be housed and looked after in eastern Europe so that they can get home again once MBV has got his meds sorted out.

mongoose said...

Also, one is very grateful for this prestigious Caption Competition Award, darlings, and one thanks the Academy from the bottom of one's wotsit. One has though decided that no sacrifice is to great to make for the great people of the Ukraine, and therefore one hereby promises to pop the gong onto ebay as soon as one gets home. Thereafter we will buy lots and lots of wool and will spend the week knitting warm wooly socks for our great heroes. I was going to get a refugee one for the spare room but they're a bit smelly, aren't they, and anyway I've got the harpsichord in there.

While I am here, and on a more serious note, loves. I understand, that some Ukrainians identify as lovely smiling beautiful Polis-. Oops, I mean, Ukrainian Ukranians and some identify as evil, baby-gassing, the fat little vodka-sodden toadies, cabbage-eating Roosky Ukranians. Of just the most awful kind. I saw some on the telly dancing up and down in their silly smocks. To hell with their jigging and reeling, I say. This cannot be allowed to stand, we cannot let people just wander around the world identifying as things. I mean, loves, where would it all end?

mrs ishmael said...

On form, mr mongoose, well on form.
We had some Middle Eastern refugee families here in Orkney, twa, three years back, and they didna like it, either. Fucked off somewhere less bracing.

Anonymous said...

White America was pretty nasty to White America, as well. Americans are very proud of their rebellion, i.e. treason, against the (of course) filthy English despotic King. When my ancestors tried to do the same against rather nasty Northern hegemony, and seceded, the North was unwilling to humor any ideas about independence. Indeed, when it appeared that England and France might recognize the Confederate States of America as an independent nation, the war ceased to be about 'preserving the Union' and magically became about 'freeing the slaves', something about which only a radical bunch called Abolitionists had cared only a bit before.
Some of us have neither forgotten nor forgiven this. When I think of America, I also think of the last stanza of 'A Pict Song'.
--Tennessee Budd

Mike said...

Did you take a knee, Mr mongoose?

ultrapox said...

it will all end, mr mongoose, with a man in a grass-skirt who, as leader of the free world, nukes the planet in order to achieve net-zero carbon-emissions, yet somehow still self-identifies as a humanitarian beacon of progressive peace and hope...

although i should add that, on a more parochial plane, ideological fixation with ethnic identity inevitably results in bitter and bloody civil war.

now, whatever masochistic inclination possessed you to watch the bafta awards for undiluted bourgeois boredom, i just cannot imagine...?

for in my view, as they secrete their trademark slime-trail of self-obsession, the shallow-end celebrity-slags slithering on show at stuck-up stardom's ceremonies of serially ejaculated sanctimony are all just cosmetically-enhanced cia-cocksucking genocide-enabling establishment-fucking-monsters - absolutely no sexism intended.

Unknown said...

I just read this. It seems more than a little sensible.

mongoose said...

Oops, that was me. The cat is nearer the drop every day.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: it seems slowly, slowly the message its filtering through to the West.

But I fear its too late. Russia, China, and Eurasia in general, has turned its back on the West. Its an epochal change; it won't affect our lives, but in 100 years it will be studied as history.

PS it may affect our lives soon. Prepare for a deep recession.

ultrapox said...

blinken - whose grandfather and great-grandfather were both ukrainian born - is, by career, a cia backroom-boy who has been keenly involved in the inception of every major american imperialist aggression since 1994, but who, having been groomed for high office and anti-human crime since a tender age, is now suddenly being pushed out from the shadowy underworld of foreign policy committees and think-tanks, blinking, into the soul-searching white heat of frontline washington-warmongery.

as a consequence of events which unfolded almost a century past, it certainly appears that the blinkens, much like the ukrainian rooted nulands, are indelibly ingrained with an inherent family hatred for all things russian...

and thus one wonders just how such individuals, entrenched as they are in the pursuit of grinding personal vendettas, could have risen, so disastrously, to such elevated positions within the genocidal western establishment.


"in his monograph ally versus ally: america, europe, and the siberian pipeline risis (1987), blinken argued that exerting diplomatic pressure on the soviet union during the siberian pipeline crisis was less significant for american interests than maintaining strong relations between the united states and europe."

source: wikipedia

what a fatal difference a lucrative job in the military industrial complex can make to a man.

Mike said...

Mr ultrapox: Blinken is not just Ukrainian he's also a Jew, as it Nuland - both Ukranian and Jew. Maybe a coincidence? But I have read a lot that this is not just Slavic racism, but also an attack on the Orthodox faith.

ultrapox said...


john bercow was ousted after "frequent run-ins" with state-school educated andrea leadsom, who, as i remember events, effectively sacrificed her own career in order to take him down with her - however, as luck would have it, the former leader of the house has now become a dame, and is not letting sleeping dogs lie.

i understand that close colleagues such as iain duncan smith have always had kind words to say about fellow conservative mp ms leadsom - who represents the constituency of south northamptonshire.

Mike said...

Mr ultrapox: I'm asking for a friend: Is Bercow a Ukranian Jew?

ultrapox said...

no mr mike, bercow's paternal grandparents were in fact jews who arrived in britain from romania in the early 20th century, however the former speaker is known to attend soccer-matches at the arsenal - supporters of which notorious football-club are rumoured to be over-represented in the new world order.

Mike said...

Mr ulrtrapox: the boundaries of Ukraine, Poland, Romania, have been very fluid. For all intents and purposes interchangeable.

inmate said...

...”Once they said that Slavery was the only possible system which would enable human progress. Then it was Feudalism, ordained by God, it was, nobleman and churl. The Enclosures, the theft of common land and the Highland clearances, they, too, were the only way that we might all prosper. Choking to death in mines and factories was the next great leap forward. Now, such few improvements as were brought to our lot by the post war social compact are being hewn down and ploughed under by a govament of noblemen spivs, brutes and thieves,”

The above could have been taken from a book I’ve just finished, The Shortest History of England, James Hawes. Though not word for word it certainly rhymes. The author, Hawes, must be an Ishmaelite.

Bercow, really? Did we expect anything else?

UKColumn did a good piece about the PBC, yesterday, and their 180 about turn of reporting on Ukraine. The Oliver Stone movie, Ukraine on Fire, from 2016, is well worth a watch.

Anonymous said...

Good call, mr Budd. The whole thing is worth a look :


mongoose said...

I didn't watch them, mr u, but there was no need to watch in order to know what went on.

Take a knee, mr mike. My father taught me to stand the fuck up.

I see now that idiotic journalists are having fun asking ministers if they're going to be taking in refugees. Why are these questions entertained? Why are we all so stupid?

mongoose said...

Oh, I get it. Blinken is a spook!

BTW, mr budd, you could take some comfort in the notion that straight lines on a map represent something as yet artificial, something dreamed up by political and merchant types in smoky rooms. Such gross carve-ups do not last forever. The USA could be said to be several countries now joined together by little more than inertia. The loons of California (who are doing their best to destroy their corner), the New South, the Northern Plains, and the old european North East. These places think different things, don't they? And worry different worries. Let's see what the cheating to come in the Midterms does to loosen some ties even further.

mongoose said...

Blinken is one of this lot: West Exec. Parasites to the last man. This is the very definition of the Deep State that OrangeManBad used to bang on about. All politics is a conspiracy against the people, I said that.

ultrapox said...

blinken is not only a harvard-educated ghoul, mr mongoose, he is the anointed one - and no matter how many votes are cast in 2024 for the opposing candidate, this soulless spectre of unchained neo-con avarice will spookily arise from the expedient european graveyard to become the next president of the usa.

as the bringer-of-war, mars bra blinken clearly hates europe with a vengeance, and it is galling to now realize that, whilst the rest of us were struggling to survive a plague of lethal lockdowns, toxic vaccines, and bogus-pcrtesting, the demons-of-democracy - such as he and biden - were arming ukrainian nationalist nutters to the teeth in preparation for american export armageddon.

mongoose said...

Superficial charm, they call it, don't they, mr ultrapox? Reminds me, so he does, of that bastard Macron who similarly rose without trace. Never elected to anything until the top job was carved out just in the nick of time to keep the pesky Le Pen out.

Am I alone in thinking that Mad Bad Vlad is sitting in his dacha laughing his little red socks off. Every Ukrainian who flees his native land is a win for MBV. Every ethnically non-Russian such is a double win, and the further they go, the less likely they are to ever return. So the more refugee/asylum hoo-hah that can be drummed up the better as far as MBV is concerned. He is exporting more of his consent problem with every day that passes.

mongoose said...

Colonel MacGregor has been telling the truth again. 8 minutes of uncomfortable listening.

Mike said...

Mr mongoose: Mariupol is all but cleaned up. The Chechen special forces are mopping up. Kadyrov is on the ground in charge. That means game over. Reports yesterday that one of the cauldrons in the Donbass (which included a Ukie airborne brigade, one of their best) was annihilated by Russian heavy artillery and bombing. A sign that the Ukie army had its chance to surrender, now times up. Reports also that an amphibious landing in Odessa is imminent. The war is over, and its a war crime for the US to prolong it.

On the economic front, I see BoJo is in Saudi begging for oil. Meanwhile the Suadis are dealing with China. Baldrick would have done better than the US and its poodles.

Mike said...

PS short vid of Chechen special forces - note the beards. The Chechens are part of the Russian order of battle. Kadyrov is their charismatic leader. The history of Chechnya and Russia is complex.

Mike said...

PPS I read that BoJo got nothing from Saudi - all sold to China apparently. This will be a big problem for the UK. Energy price rises and inflation.

ultrapox said...

oh dear, is that right, mr mike? all saudi's black gold sold to china...

better patch things up with putin...

but hang on, hasn't vlad promised all russia's gas and crude to china too?

ah never mind, we'll be cold - but pure as the driven snow.

mmm...maybe we could get warm by digging up some coal?

arthur jarswill said...

fuck my bollocks

ultrapox said...

mr mike, i agree that, if their forefathers were once persecuted as a consequence of faith, blinken and nuland's jewish ethnicity could indeed have a bearing upon their common antagonism towards russians, yet any unholy undercurrent of hostility now directed at the orthodox church is, i sense, driven more by roman catholic ukrainians - and thus originates from the extreme western end of the country.

whilst russian imperialists were historically to blame for pogroms in ukraine, it's evident that, from the early 20th century, ukrainian nationalists were also heavily complicit in such atrocities - especially during the nazi-occupation of soviet ukraine when jews were 'ethnically cleansed' - however, since blinken's great-grandfather emigrated to the united states in 1904, and nuland's grandfather arrived in new york around 1908, the major oppressors of nuland and blinken's ancestors would most likely have been russian imperialists.

ultrapox said...

i was recently asked whether, in light of the conflict in ukraine, the uk should perhaps consider rejoining the european union.

now, my immediate response to this bizarre establishment-appeasing question was to state that the eu is simply social window-dressing for nato and therefore that, in a security context, our membership - or non-membership - of the brussels corruption-exchange comprises little more than cosmetic camaraderie...

however, my actual, but tacit, reaction to this neo-liberally loaded suggestion was: "well, why not just reconstitute the british empire, re-instate the slave-trade, and resurrect the royal african company?".

more-to-the-point, i should have explained that it is actually the european union's slavish support of neo-imperialist nato-aggression which has sucked us into the ultra-vanity of the ukraine war - along with a shameful series of other cia-subsidized genocides - in the first instance.

how has the younger generation become so deeply indoctrinated that it could believe membership of the european blood-mineral-emporium to be in any manner 'part of the solution' - when in fact association with this cia-managed market-place for human-misery has facilitated not only the merciless mercantile murder of cultures on europe's periphery, but also the rape, plunder, and destruction of countries as far afield as resource-rich congo?

why is this up-and-coming generation so dead-set on celebrating an immorally conceived 'european' institution which, in its commercial cultivation of continual blood-mineral-conflict, has been intimately instrumental in extending the historic horror and index-incited savagery of africa's slave-producing wars?

mrs ishmael said...

I'm on my holidays for the next few days, so apologies for neglecting my blogging duties. I'll not be able to post a Sunday Ishmael this week, so just talk amongst yourselves until I get back.

ultrapox said...

mr mongoose, i was, due to his musical adventures in the middle-of-the-road, going to place blinken more in the blair-bracket, yet he seems far more intelligent and better schooled than our long-haired lout from lothian - in fact, i'd class this sugar-coated secretary-of-state as an extremely well educated washington-android, in whom a life of hot-housed hypocrisy in the bouncy-castle-bubble of beltway neo-barbarism has cultivated an altered state of neo-liberal self-deception so hermetically complete that reality will never get a look-in: nice enough chap, apparently, but - with his conscience cocooned in a high-class career and marriage - madame vérité will never come knocking on his door, alas.

["hello, is anybody in there?"]

no, the outlook for the world is not at all good, particularly given that the last rocker in the white house set nato on today's ukraine-crunching collision-course with russia, and then merrily ignited - for the blood-mineral-benefit of his neo-imperialist mates - an african holocaust which spread from rwanda to congo consuming upwards of ten million lives.

yes, mr mike, having shot his mouth off about president pushkin, russia, and ready russian energy-supplies, boris gobbytoff is now schlepping around the middle-east engaged in the politically pathetic spectacle of begging for cheap oil and gas...

meanwhile, sir keir sedater, seeing prat-minister johnson flailing in a predicament caused by the uk goverment's own pyrrhic propaganda-victory, has now snidely attempted to score cheap theatrical points against aforesaid plunging prime plonker...

you see, nato neo-imperialist strafer, it transpires, is absolutely horrified at the thought of our government doing business with oil-producing arab-rights-abusers - and especially those we've not first bombed back to the stone age - nevertheless this lame-brained leader of her majesty's quasi-opposition appears quite content for the same uk government to arm far-right ukrainian nationalists, then in a collective fit of squalid establishment self-righteousness, commit economic suicide by turning off all gas-taps connected to russia.

where does this climate-reversing idiot think our power's gonna come from? ethically sourced fucking windmills...?

oh, and by-the-by, what is russia currently doing which we ain't?

my god, there's no pleasing this loose-moralled labour loon...

and frankly, johnson's dank-stupidity becomes ever more ugly with age...

but will his party wear it much longer?

ultrapox said...

in breaking news, the daily wellygraph has accused sir keir tranquillizer of turning labour into a cult-of-personality, however one suspects that, until the right honourable bleater-of-the-opposition actually develops a recognizable personality, such an admirable endeavour could well prove an existentially unforgiving uphill struggle.

mongoose said...

Please don't do that, mr u, FFS. I will never get rid of the vision. I still wake up screaming with pics of Slick Willy playing his sax. Do you think he played for poor Monica?

Kier still can't get his head around the notion that the jury doesn't have to listen. When he says something terribly clever, the ugly big boys just laugh and shout. He is not equipped for politics in the open but only for politics in the dark.

The US Press is starting to break ranks over the Junior Biden wastrel and his Ukrainian connections. Biden's midterms diversion is unravelling. He'll need a midsummer event of some kind.

ultrapox said...

mr mongoose, it is generally understood that bill did indeed get his sax out for monica...

but that she played it, whilst he just hummed.

ultrapox said...

i had to go to @montaga in america for a link to bbc-newsnight's 2018 documentary about the far-right's rising influence within the ukrainian establishment - and i sincerely doubt whether, in its rabid right-wing rôle as propagandist for never-ending neo-imperialist war, that broadcasting house's purveyors of barbarity will be repeating this - barely surface-scratching - programme any time soon.

by-the-way, is it just my imagination, or is the newsnight-logo identical to the asov battalion's wolfsangel-insignia?

why is it that us-based black conservative commentators and comedians - such as antoine tucker and the hodgetwins - have an accurate and informed handle on the politico-military situation in ukraine, whilst all the public funds of broadcasting house will not sweeten the lying little tongues of bbc-'journalists' with the enlightened scent of truth?

save for their comedic misapprehension that russia is a 'communist' country, ex-marines the hodgetwins certainly comprehend the hopeless situation in which ukraine now finds itself geo-politically and militarily - and indeed fulsomely express their common american disdain at the united states being begged to intervene in a futile european war which nato should never have incited nor still be inflaming.

needless-to-say, as former military men, the hodgetwins are absolutely appalled at the unfathomable willingness of wicked western politicians to wantonly waste human life by prolonging a conflict which cannot conceivably be won by ukraine:

ukraine ‘cannot’ defeat russia

zelenskyy demands more from biden and congress

why did vladimir putin invade ukraine?

mongoose said...

The signals now, folks, are that the war is over. Tonight. Blinken hintin'. And now everyone beginning to admit that the Ukrainian military is gone as a force in the field. Let us hope it ends before any more grandads with AKs meet the Red Army.

Christ, if mr ultrapox is right about the Blessed Blinken in 2024, I will eat my hat again.

Mike said...

A lot of discussion now of where Russia will stop. One commenter (German) said she hoped they wouldn't stop before Berlin.

The world has changed.

Xi just told Biden to get stuffed. Ditto India - just placed a big order for Russian oil in Rubles. A "serious" US economic analyst just reported that the .25% increase in interest rates in the US will destroy the US economy. BoJo got nothing from his visit to Saudi and UAE pleading for more oil. A German minister just stated that Germans "vill haf to eat less meat".

Same old....Every 100 years or so the West tries to have a go at Russia, only to get its arse handed to it.

ultrapox said...

if mr mongoose's report proves to be accurate, then it may well transpire that the russian military has already more-or-less achieved its objectives, and will now sit tight until such time as the chancer zelensky - or an authority-figure who actually cares for ukrainian life - is prepared to enter into sensible discussions.

mr mike, there is also a lot of talk, amongst western leaders, about 'war-crimes'...

however it is my sincere and honest belief that seasoned war-criminals, such as gordon brown and joe biden, should shut their big fat gobs about 'war-crimes', for when the ukrainians - and also british - begin the inordinately chilling task of counting their many dead, it will soon become apparent that the major crime committed in this instant brew-of-brutality has been the barbaric alacrity with which our western leadership has encouraged the ukrainians to even fight a war against russia.

Mike said...

Mr U: re war crimes - classic projection by the collective West. Lets put aside for the moment: N Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Belgrade, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen - to name but a few.

Once the facts are published - and they will - about the bio-labs and the torture centers in Ukraine, and the neo-Nazi atrocities, then we will hear about war crimes. There is the mother of all war crimes tribunals coming, and it wont be confined to Ukrainians. Many in the West are complicit. And the captured birds are now singing.

mongoose said...

History is written by the winners. War crimes trials are for losers, mr ultrapox.

ultrapox said...

it's now common-knowledge in the astro-physics community that carbon-dioxide-induced global warming is based on completely bogus-science, however - due to his perverse preoccupation with clinton-commanded climate-change which will never happen - our potty prime minister still harbours a self-destructive desire to order a shitload of dodgy froggo-chink nuclear power plants...

now that's what i call an accident waiting to happen...

or hang about, isn't that what they call boris johnson?

well, scarily enough, that's what they call green these days...


ultrapox said...

in other news, bild zeitung reports that putin's popped his head out of the nord stream 2 pipeline and started biting off babies' heads...

what a bastard, eh?

ultrapox said...


german federal health minister calls for 80% cut in meat consumption

must be a commie, mr mike

adolf schnitzler said...

eine sausage-ratzion?

ziss meanz vor

ultrapox said...

i have to admit that my use of a racial epithet to demean chinese people is less than funny in view of the vietnam-war-atrocities depicted in the ishmael-post above...

and therefore let us not forget the consequences of deliberately and systematically dehumanizing an entire ethnicity - as the americans certainly did...

still, let us also not forget that, whilst he happily courts financial aid from the chinese communist party, bullingdon boris, our own dear prime minister, is hardly averse to using such terminology himself...

nor cavorting with russian oligarchs, indeed.

Anonymous said...

On the off chance any ishmaelites have yet to see this :

Yep, Bono have writted a poe-um.

I feel better already.


ultrapox said...

"history is written by the winners. war crimes trials are for losers"

precisely, mr mongoose, the term 'war-crime' is so often nowadays just subjective political sophistry: in war, one side takes violent action, then the opposing side retaliates - and it necessarily constitutes a crime when non-combatants are caught in the cross-fire.

i placed 'war-crimes' in quotes, mr mike, not because i'm under any illusion that the russian military are innocent of such acts, but because our western leadership and its propagandist puppet-media cannot tell the difference, apparently, between a war-crime and a white helmet.

thanks for yet another insanity-inducing insight into the weird-'n-wacky workings of the reality-rinsed washington-establishment, mr verge; putting aside the puffed-up power-invested opinions of mega-minted establishment-musicians, one wonders whether the average irishman is overly chuffed about his government abandoning 100 years of irish neutrality in order to support a war triggered by nato's naked neo-imperialist aggression...?

however what has in fact now become painfully evident is the cia's complete political control of both british and irish establishments alike.

of course, in light of joe biden's recent lauding of anglo-irish unity - forged in support of ukraine's neo-nazi propelled war-effort - is it perhaps a possibility that, to fulfil the promise of his progressive presidency, this promiscuous american arms-dealer is pushing for ireland's unconditional accession to nato?

ultrapox said...

mr mongoose,

my guess is that the daft old duffer at the helm of the good ship genocide is insisting upon standing for re-election in 2024, but that, given his severe decline in cognitive function, the washington-establishment simply cannot contemplate further international embarrassment - hence a belated move to bring against his incurably corrupt son, hustler biden, serious criminal charges which will extinguish the biden-presidency at a time and date convenient to all cia-conspirators concerned.

of course, by rights - and in the best of all possible worlds - humper biden should have been prosecuted before the 2020 us presidential election, thus allowing tweetie-guy trump to romp home to a resounding maga-masturbating victory, however as fate and deep-state democracy would have it, nato already had a proxy-war with russia pencilled into its globadeath-diary, and tragically, in the firm knowledge that neither trump nor his fsb first lady would have countenanced such a neurotic neo-imperialist outrage, the pentagon took the subversive steps necessary to prevent the news-network of neo-liberal puppet-papers from publishing the carnal catalogue-of-corruption which the biden-family business truly comprises.

you know, quite frankly, i consider the pentagon's anti-democratic actions in suppressing media free speech, in this case, to constitute a tragedy for digitally-challenged petrol-pumps around the world.

yes, "brain-fog" biden just has to go, i'm afraid, because, before his mental marbles rolled merrily away into the soothing sunset of state-subsidized senility, this nasty war-mongering racist was actually capable of the odd semi-rational thought, and for members of the hysterical history-wiping washington-establishment, there consequently exists the constant nagging fear that the silly old sod might suddenly 'suffer' a flashback during which he inopportunely - or even 'inappropriately' - remembers his former reasoned stance against nato-expansion into the baltic states...

now that, naturally, would never do.

as for a diversionary 'midsummer event' designed to ease bombing biden through the mid-term elections, mr mongoose...

how about the perpetration, by cia-backed islamists, of another false-flag chemical attack in syria - followed in short order by an electorally expedient us cruise-missile attack on assad's presidential palace?

mongoose said...

I suppose that we must take at face value the notion of a Ukrainian counterattack to take back territory. Likewise the idea that the Rooskies are so desperate they are about to unleash a chemical war on their brother Russian-speakers. I guess that this really means is that the Azov boys have ceased to exist and the coastline is pretty much secure up to - but as yet not including - Odessa.

In other news, the Beeb are excelling themselves with their green wokery. I expect any moment to be issued with a wind-driven telly.

Unknown said...

Perhaps the penny has dropped: Putin's Bombers Could Devastate Ukraine But He's Holding Back. Here's Why.

mongoose said...

Fucking cat! That was me.

Mike said...

Some good news to brighten the day: Madeleine Albright is dead.

Mr mongoose: why is the cat typing your posts?

mongoose said...

A bit harsh on Albright there, mr mike. Mind, we are a heartbeat away from Pres Kamala.

The blasted cat sleeps on my keyboard and somehow - I have no idea how - manages to clear the keyboard history of my browser. This is deeply irritating - not least because I don't know how to do that myself. Although I daresay that it cannot be that hard.

Mike said...

Albright: "the death of half a million Iraqi children was a price worth paying".

Difficult to be too hard on her.

ultrapox said...

mr mongoose,

given our self-inflicted fossil-fuel crisis - and the british bull-shitting corporation's manic russo-phobic quest for alternative energy-sources - i have to confess that it's the poor old gerbils for whom i feel most sorry.

ultrapox said...

has ukraine won the war yet?

ultrapox - part one said...

no, not as far as i've heard, mr ultrapox...

but when we do receive the good news, we'll certainly pop open the lemonade, bust out the petits fours, and massacre a manse-sized mountain of cucumber-sandwiches, my lad.

now, with respect to nato's neo-imperialist nazi-nurturing aggression against the russian people, what really does keep me awake at night is wondering how the five-star-fuck admiral sir anthony rodskin kcb bsm adc llb ma - chief of the uk's defence staff - will ever manage to explain the untimely deaths in ukraine of so bloody many serving - or supposedly retired - members of the british armed forces?

of course, since this current chief of the defence staff has well-publicized previous experience of driving chaps to suicide, then i suppose that actually sending men on a top-secret suicide-mission - and having to justify such action - should not, in any politico-ethical sense, prove particularly problematic for him.

in time-honoured custom, the daily smell has the low-down on the antagonistic admiral's malicious man-management techniques - as seen hereunder:

new head of the armed forces admiral sir tony radakin is accused of 'undermining' a marines general who killed himself after bitter fallout over changes to the navy corps

ex-head of the royal marines, 54, who was found hanged at home after losing his job and marriage breakdown was ‘sacked by email’, friends claim

former head of the royal marines was struggling to cope with britain’s withdrawal from afghanistan in weeks before suicide, friends say

interestingly, although it is reported that state-educated admiral sir anthony rodakin and comp-schooled major-general matt holmes once considered themselves 'close friends', they were in professional terms about alike as shit-'n-sugar - an unfortunately divisive factor which, ultimately, caused them to fall out fatally over matters military...

indeed, it appears that, whilst the sadly missed major-general saw his fair share of service in active arenas such as northern ireland, kosovo, iraq, and afghanistan - and was 'well-liked by marines' - the arse-headed admiral spent much of his initial naval-career either studying to become a barrister or completing a masters-degree in international relations and defence - and with academic qualifications firing ferociously from his backside, actually amounted to no more than a double-decorated desk-warrior who subsequently sailed his boat about a bit, before being rocketed up the establishment-rigging to the cushy air-con comfort of a tin-pot top-brass desk-job.

(continued in part two below)

ultrapox - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

yes, the enduring, yet rather unendearing, impression one garners of this tennis-playing toughnut-toff - both from his fatality-prone press-profile and big-shot bully-beef-bio - is not exactly that of a soldier's soldier - nor even, quite frankly, a sailor's sailor...

but in fact that of an insincerely scented psychopathic snob...

or - as mr ishmael might habitually have dubbed the incompetent upper-crust bastard - a right rupert.

finally, permit me to pose just one salient question on the sorry subject of the amorally-anchored admiral:

given his manifest rôle as a teat-seeking crypto-russki saboteur, why-on-earth hasn't sir "roubles" russiankin already been sanctioned?

ultrapox said...

with respect to my previous comment - which concerns the strained relationship between the late major-general of the royal marines and the uk's current chief of defence staff - i feel obliged to draw especial attention to newspaper-reports that the two men 'had been close friends' and that the major-general had 'had a very complicated private life'.

now, whilst i've already laid out the the bare bones of the matter - and am certainly not in the business of casting cheap aspersions on a respected major-general who, in full command of a conscience, bravely served his country in several bloody battle-zones - i do however, in the case of the chief of defence staff, consider it to be in the public interest to examine any national security issues raised by a great big russian pansy being in charge of the british armed forces.

i wonder what other people think about this?

mrs ishmael said...

That's your oeuvre tidied up now, mr ultrapox. Hope I got all your rejects in my administrator's net.

ultrapox said...

wow, what a wonderful improvement in thread-aesthetics, mrs ishmael.

thank you kindly for your admiral effort.

of course, it probably won't make any human difference in the grand-and-gruesome scheme-of-things - however one never knows.

have you, by-the-way, ever considered taking up the restoration of paintings?

yes, the page was a mess, i'll grant you, but nowhere near the shambles which formerly pleasant ukrainian cities, such as mariupol, have now become; the destruction of folk's cherished homes seems catastrophic enough, let alone the casual carnage caused by career-and-power-obsessed politicians now terminally addicted to the not only casual, but careless, and calculated, waste of civilian, conscripted, and professionally-uniformed, life.

ultrapox said...

regarding your editorial interventions, mrs ishmael, may i make three small observations?

1. you chose to keep the comment which i entered on 15th march 2022 at 06:48hrs, rather than my revised version - quoted below:

"no mr mike, bercow's paternal grandparents were not ukrainian, but in fact "jews who arrived in britain from romania in the early 20th century", however the former speaker is known to attend soccer-matches at the arsenal - supporters of which notorious football-club are rumoured to be over-represented in the new world order.

of course, bercow's most evil trait is exemplified by the fact that in 2016 he voted for the uk to retain membership of the european union."

would you please therefore consider re-instating, instead, the revized - and above-quoted - comment?

2. you deleted my comment containing the racial epithet - and so, assuming that this edit was intentional, i have re-entered this comment further down this page - but using my more habitually preferred terminology.

3. you have retained my original comment - entered 28th march 2022 at 01:06hrs - but deleted the revized version - quoted below:

"with respect to my previous comment - which concerns the strained relationship between the late major-general of the royal marines and the uk's current chief of defence staff - i feel obliged to draw especial attention to newspaper-reports that the two men 'had been close friends' and that the major-general had 'had a very complicated private life'.

now, whilst i've already laid out the the bare bones of the matter - and am certainly not in the business of casting cheap aspersions upon a respected major-general who, in full command of a conscience, bravely served his country in several bloody battle-zones - i do however, in the case of the chief of defence staff, consider it in the public interest to examine the national security implications of putting a great big russian pansy in charge of the british armed forces."

and so, on the assumption that you might have taken this action in error, i have re-entered the revized version further down this page - leaving you to decide which version should better be kept.

thank you for your assistance


oh, what infinite degree of fun will be derived by editing-students from the dedicated perusal of these delightful little discourses...

ultrapox said...

with respect to my earlier comment - which concerns the strained relationship between the late major-general of the royal marines and the uk's current chief of defence staff - i feel obliged to draw especial attention to newspaper-reports that the two men 'had been close friends' and that the major-general had 'had a very complicated private life'.

now, whilst i've already laid out the the bare bones of the matter - and am certainly not in the business of casting cheap aspersions upon a respected major-general who, in full command of a conscience, bravely served his country in several bloody battle-zones - i do however, in the case of the chief of defence staff, consider it in the public interest to examine the national security implications of putting a great big russian pansy in charge of the british armed forces.

i wonder how other people feel about this?

ultrapox said...

mr mike,

it's currently common-knowledge in the astro-physics community that the theory of carbon-dioxide-induced global warming is based on completely bogus-science, however - due to his perverse preoccupation with clinton-commanded climate-change which will never happen - our potty prime minister still harbours the self-destructive net-zero desire to order a shitload of danger-dribbling sino-froggy nuclear power plants, which, due to their incorporation of historically dodgy froggy technology, will almost certainly pose a humongous, but gloriously carbon-free, health-hazard...

now that's what i call an accident waiting to happen...

oh hang about, isn't that what they called boris johnson?

well you know, scarily enough, that's what they call green these days...


mrs ishmael said...

Sorry, mr ultrapox - none of my administrator errors were intentional - it is actually quite difficult to identify the comments you wanted deleted because the deletions can only be done in a separate part of blogger, which doesn't carry the time of the comment, nor the whole of the comment - so I have to identify it from the blog post comment stream itself, make a note of the opening words, then go into page where the deletions can be made and try to identify the comment for deletion in that page. As there were so many comments you requested to be deleted,with similar opening words, it is not surprising I made a bit of a mess. Sorry, deleted comments cannot be reinstated - they are gone forever. Maybe it is best not to engage in this exercise again.

ultrapox said...

no problem, mrs ishmael: all's well - i re-entered the comments myself.

you see, i thought, once logged in as administrator, that you could simply delete time-stamped comments from the blog-page itself...

nevertheless, please feel free to delete the long comment containing the editorial discussion-points and also the comment which i entered on 28th march 2022 at 01:06hrs - and which begins with the words "with respect to my previous comment".

thanks again for your great efforts

ultrapox said...

no mr mike, bercow's paternal grandparents were not ukrainian, but in fact "jews who arrived in britain from romania in the early 20th century", however the former speaker is known to attend soccer-matches at the arsenal - supporters of which notorious football-club are rumoured to be over-represented in the new world order.

of course, bercow's most evil trait is exemplified by the fact that in 2016 he voted for the uk to retain membership of the european union.

ultrapox said...

no, really, mrs ishmael, thanks...

i don't think you understand how delighted i was yesterday, when i arose from my deep vision-disturbed slumber-pit - from the creepy jangling jungle of the unconscious - to find that the confusion of my laboured expression had been but a mad bad-grammar-filled dream - and all cleaned away, thank god.


indeed, of course, it is i who should apologize for at first failing to craft work coherently - however, despite our having now presented a far more polished cadre de communication, i fear, as i have already stated, that such an uppity œuvre of outrage will sadly not save a single human life - even if it improves the quality of our own existence somewhat.

great job with the vim


28th march 2022 at 20:01hrs - second paragraph: "admiral" should obviously read "admirable".